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What Makes Volt Hair Combs and Brushes Unique?

Introducing All-New VOLT Combs and Brushes

We here at Volt are now introducing an awesome new line of men’s grooming products! More specifically, a line of eco-friendly and sustainable combs and brushes meant specifically for all your grooming needs!

Many men are switching to dedicated beard brushes and utility combs for TONS of cool reasons, many of which we’ll be discussing just shortly! But before we get there, let’s talk about what you can expect from our line of combs and brushes!

Before you read on, watch this quick and informative video on the topic at hand!

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Benefits of VOLT Combs and Brushes

VOLT combs and brushes are specialized grooming tools meant specifically to maintain and control a pesky head of hair, mustache, or beard! Sounds simple enough, right? You may be wondering what makes them different from normal hair combs or brushes, and why they are more suited for beard and mustache use.

VOLT combs and brushes are unique for various reasons, most notably:

  • Smaller Form Factors: A smaller brush or comb allows you the ability to maneuver it anywhere there may be tight spaces. (i.e. under your nose, beneath your chin, behind your jaw etc.)
  • Specialized Bristle Tension: Brushes with bristles that are too soft won’t help your rough beard hair, but brushes with bristles that are too tense will scratch your skin.
  • Non-Static: Natural anti-static materials reduce those nasty little electric shocks that plastic and other materials have.
  • Styling AND straightening capabilities: Multiple tine-densities allows you to both straighten your hair AND style it depending on the side of the comb you use!
  • Better Beard Health and Moisture: Beard brushes and combs are meant to evenly distribute the oils and moisture in your beard throughout! Promoting a healthy beard, and brushing away dead skin cells and flakes.

So, without further adieu, let’s dive into the awesome new line of VOLT combs and brushes for your hair, mustache, and beard

VOLT Beard and Mustache Comb

Let’s start with our classic beard and mustache comb!

Volt Comb

This volt beard and mustache comb is the smallest of the bunch! Meant specifically for travel or on-the-go touch-up situations, this little comb is perfect for mustaches or shorter beards. It’s small and lightweight form factors allows you to easily move it about and style your beard exactly the way you wish.

This comb is extremely helpful when trimming your mustache because it is small enough to use alongside a pair of trimmers, clippers, or scissors, without getting in the way or causing any kind of beard-grooming slipup. This little comb can even fit into the coin pocket in a pair of jeans! Use it alongside some beard oil or beard balm to give your beard an extremely detailed and controlled look, especially with shorter beards.


  • Travel Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect For Detailed-Beard Grooming
  • Use Alongside Scissors or Other Grooming Tools

VOLT Twin Comb

Another piece in the lineup of Volt beard combs is the all-new Volt Twin Comb!

Beard Comb Angled

The Volt Twin comb offers the flexibility of having two different sides to offer a variety of uses. We recommend using the less-dense side to untangle and prep your hair/mustache/beard before using the finer-tooth side to style your hair/mustache/beard and give it a perfectly groomed and controlled look!

The added benefit of this comb is that it is still travel-friendly! Although not quite as small as the single-sided comb above, it is by no means a large or overbearing grooming tool. The Twin comb will fit into your pocket easily, and still retains a good amount of maneuverability throughout your beard or hair!

The Twin Comb is 100% wood! This not only makes it look sleek and stylish, but also helps us keep plastic out of our oceans, and is very sustainable! The hidden benefit of a wooden comb is that you get none of those pesky electric shocks and zaps that you get with a static plastic comb! Let’s keep those beards static-free!

Volt Octo Beard Brush

Beard Brush Angled

The Volt Octo brush is a beard-specialized brush meant to clean and distribute hydration to your beard evenly! It was designed in-house by the Volt team, and is constructed of natural wood and REAL boar bristles!

Not only is the shape ergonomic and beard-friendly, but the bristles of the brush are medium tension. We’ve found in our own experiments that soft bristles on a beard brush aren’t enough to reach the roots of a healthy beard, and hard bristles end up scratching our faces and leaving our skin in tatters. WE obviously didn’t have a pleasant time with other brushes, so we made our own!

The real boar bristles on this brush are the perfect balance between soft and hard tension. This lets you reach deep into your beard to brush away dead skin cells or flakes, helps you hydrate your beard evenly, but NEVER harms your skin like other brushes do.

The size of this brush also makes it perfectly travel friendly unlike other brushes which are simply too large or too bulky for comfortable travel or on-the-go touch-ups.

Volt Utility Brush

The last brush in the VOLT family is called the Volt utility brush.

Round Brush Angled

We’ve named it the Utility brush for many different reasons! What makes this brush special is the combination of boar bristles AND nylon soft-ball tip bristles. By combining the nylon and boar bristles, we’ve effectively created a brush that can do it all!

Easily untangle your hair, beard, or mustache, apply product, and style, ALL with one brush. The spiral design of the bristles allows you to swipe your hair like a normal comb, but also flip and style your beard as well! In fact, we often use this spiral-shaped comb in a rolling action to shape our mustaches into the classic handlebar mustache look!

You can also use this brush in tandem with sea salt spray to style and add volume to your hair as well as a light hold!

Now for the question that you might be asking…

If You Could Only Choose One, Which One?

If you’re stuck wondering which option is going to be the best for you and provide the most amount of styling and value, without a doubt, it will be the utility brush! The combination of boar bristles, nylon soft ball-shaped bristles, and the spiral pattern will provide all the benefits of various controlling, styling, and grooming tools into a single powerhouse package. If we could only choose one of our combs or brushes, the Utility brush would be it! Use it to brush and style your hair, beard, or mustache easily and effectively!


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