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How to Make a Thin or Patchy Beard Look Fuller

Let’s be honest, growing a beard is tough. Many men desire the thick, full, luscious bearded look, but not many beards get the memo and deliver on these expectations. Thin or patchy beards have long frustrated the world of men who appreciate some fine facial hair. And although every beard should be celebrated, patchy or not, it is understandable to want to be proactive in your beard-growing journey and take control of the ride.

You should never let a “thin” or patchy beard worry you or cause you any stress, but if you’re looking for a good way to change the appearance of your beard and get the coveted full-beard look, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s begin by asking the question that many have asked when searching for a way to grow a thicker beard.

“Why Is My Beard Patchy?”

There are many variables when it comes to a person’s beard growth. Some of these include age, diet, exercise, and hormones, but the largest and most dominant of these factors is a person’s genetic code. Your genetics control a very high degree of your beard color, thickness, density, and even length. Unfortunately, we have virtually no control over our genetics, and can’t enhance our natural beards without having implants or hair cloning, leaving only a few cosmetic options left for filling in those pesky empty spots in our beards.

Here is a helpful article on ways to enhance beard growth over the long-term, but today we will be talking about an excellent way to enhance and “fill out” a patchy or thin beard without sacrificing much time and energy.

Tools for Filling “Patchy” Beards

Volt Instant Beard Color

Making a thin or patchy beard appear fuller is much simpler than it might seem at first. In fact, it can be done in a matter of minutes! “HOW?!” you might scream. The answer is simple. Think of it this way, whether you are fixing a wobbly table or changing a spark-plug, the job is always made easier when you have the right tools.

Generally, there are two main types of beard filler tools as categorized below:

Beard Pencils: Usually wax-based colored pencils that are best for defining general beard shapes.

Beard Pens: Mascara-style brushes used for naturally blending and adding fine hair-like lines to patchy or thin areas of your beard.

Put simply, you need the tools that will make your life way easier when maximizing your beard’s appearance. This is where VOLT natural instant beard color comes into play. VOLT natural beard color is a dye-free hypoallergenic beard color applicator that aids you in getting a much fuller, refined, and custom beard appearance.

Filling a Patchy Beard with VOLT

VOLT is an extremely effective and customizable solution to the thin/patchy beard problem. Most single-tip beard pencils and pens often leave broad flat strokes of color, which naturally clash with the thin hairs in your beard, making it obvious that something is unnatural, especially in large patchy areas. These beard pencils are better left for defining a general beard shape instead of filling a beard in.

VOLT, on the other hand, uses an applicator brush with hundreds of thin fibers to ensure good coverage and natural blending of color onto your skin. Ultimately, these tiny fibers are better at adding texture and volume to your beard and naturally filling patches. This way, you can use VOLT to shape, style, and fill your beard in, all at once.

As seen in the video, to achieve a fuller beard look, use your VOLT instant beard color applicator and follow the proceeding steps:

  1. Shake your VOLT applicator for the recommended 20 seconds to ensure the ingredients are well-blended.
  2. Remove the VOLT applicator brush and begin by lightly marking the outer areas of your beard that you will be filling to ensure that you stay within the natural boundaries of your beard.
  3. Lightly brush the VOLT applicator downward on your skin (with the direction of your hair) until the thin or patchy areas have been well-blended and filled.

The best part is that VOLT beard color is fully customizable with over 10 shades to choose from. This means that you can rock the salt and pepper look, go full-coverage, or change shades whenever you choose without having to wait for messy dyes to cure or deal with any harsh ingredients. With VOLT, you can completely color, shape, and fill out your beard in less than a minute!



Overall, a beard’s shape and general thickness will be defined mainly by genetics, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive about your beard style and appearance! VOLT is a unique, quick, and fully customizable solution to the thin beard problem and provides the most natural results. No waiting for messy dyes and no more of that noticeable “colored-in” look that many beard pencils have. You can pick up your VOLT instant beard color by following the link: VOLT Instant Beard Color.


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