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Make VOLT Instant Beard Color a part of your grooming regimen in just four simple steps.


Instant Lasting Color

Play ArrowHow to get natural-looking beard color in 4 easy steps.


Salt Pepper Beard

Play ArrowInstant Beard Color’s precise, brush-on application lets you cover as much or as little gray as you want.


Fast Beard Dye

Play ArrowTrue beardsmen, meet your match for natural-looking, all-over color.


Whereas dye deposits pigment molecules inside the hair shaft, VOLT Instant Beard Color coats the hair shaft in a conditioning, waterproof, tinted solution. The result is durable coverage that can withstand the demands of the day but that can ultimately wash out when you want.

We recommend that your hair be at least .20 in. / 5 mm. long to use VOLT Instant Beard Color

It’s easy! We created a 10-second quiz to help you find your perfect shade. Take it here.

Every order of Instant Beard Color comes with a small dropper of our VOLT Prep + Clean solution. Dab a little on a cotton bud and use it to touch up any areas you’ve colored outside the lines.

VOLT Instant Beard Color washes off with lathered shampoo and warm water.

Up to 48 hours of waterproof, sweatproof, lifeproof wear.

You’ll get at least 35 applications from one tube of Instant Beard Color based on a full, half-inch beard.

We recommend applying products such as oils, balms or lotions at night so that they have time to fully sink into your skin and hair without disturbing Instant Beard Color’s performance. In the morning, apply our product to clean, completely dried hair.

Instant Beard Color does not contain any dyes or harsh chemicals and thus it is safe to use. Still, as with any new skin or hair care product, doing a small patch test prior to application is recommended.

Since dyed beards or mustaches start growing out in three to four days, Instant Beard Color is a perfect supplemental touch-up color to keep your facial hair looking fresh between dyes.

When applied, Instant Beard Color not only deposits pigment on the finest of hairs, but also on your skin to give the illusion of a fuller beard. The result is natural-looking beard color and volume.

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