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There are many ways to dye a beard ranging from hair dyes and henna to temporary beard color and, for some people, a sharpie (not recommended).  The more traditional way of dyeing a beard is by using over the counter beard dyes or hair dyes such as Just For Men. However, there are many different setbacks to using dyes, some of which, can be quite serious or even permanent.

As society becomes more concerned about the impact the goods we create can have on our health and planet, individuals are becoming more selective about the type of products they use on an everyday basis. More than ever in modern history, we care about the origin of the food we consume, the type of cars we drive and the ingredients in our sunscreens.  The men’s grooming industry, and beard coloring in particular, is by no means an exception to this trend. Men are increasingly more interested in using more natural and organic products and therefore turn to temporary beard color.

When it comes to looking for a hypoallergenic beard dye or beard coloring, there is a lot to consider.

Unlike most permanent or semi-permanent dyes, the “greener” or more natural beard coloring products are free of ammonia and PPD which can cause serious allergic reactions or even permanent damage to skin.  Additionally, when using temporary beard color, the process of covering greys on the beard no longer requires that one takes time off work. It can be done as quickly as brushing your teeth. There is no need for gloves, saving your hands from excessive sweat and sparing our planet from another piece of rubber ending in landfills. Finally, there is no need for mixing components, adding activators, waiting for the dye to kick in and ultimately rinsing off the chemicals. Generally, natural beard coloring kits come with a convenient one step brush in application. The one product that stands out in this category is Volt Instant Beard Color. Volt Instant Beard Color is the fastest drying beard color available on the market that typically takes under 60 seconds to apply and dries instantly.

Lastly, the final results of using temporary brush-on beard color as opposed to beard dyes are significantly different. Dyes typically produce what is called the “shoe polish look” as the beard dye is applied onto the entire beard leaving one solid color after the application. Additionally, the consistency or color intensity differs greatly from one application to another pending the time the dye is left on the beard.  On the other hand, Volt Instant Beard Color, an ammonia-free beard color, can be applied only where needed allowing you to take control over your beard color and your style entirely. It can be applied as a salt and pepper, fade-out or a complete beard cover up. The intensity and coverage is also easy to control when using a brush-on beard color.

In conclusion, don’t be afraid to dive into the world of dye and ammonia-free temporary beard coloring. You won’t be disappointed. From saving tons of time and money, to achieving different looks and styles, to using non-allergenic skin safe ingredients and topping it all off with you always looking your best, there are many benefits to enjoy when it comes to using natural beard dyes or natural beard color.


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