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Mastering Men’s Shaving: Crafting the Perfect Neckline

Your beard is not only a statement piece, but also part of your personal signature style. Yet, amidst the rugged charm and masculinity, there lies a crucial detail that can elevate your look from good to great – your neckline.

The simple truth is, a properly maintained neckline defines the border between a polished beard and a scruffy mess. And nobody wants a scruffy mess for a beard…right?

In this guide, we’ll unravel the art of trimming your beard’s neckline, ensuring you achieve that sharp, well-defined look every time you face the mirror.

Understanding Your Neckline:

Before diving into the intricacies of trimming the perfect neckline, let’s discover what the neckline is and why it’s so important.

Ok, so picture this: a clean, distinct line separating your beard from your bare skin, accentuating the contours of your jaw and enhancing the overall aesthetic of your beard. That’s it. That’s what we all want.

This division between your beard and skin is not just about aesthetics; it’s about precision, symmetry, and projecting an image of sophistication and cleanliness in your beard.

And isn’t that the point of having a beard in the first place? A masculine image only goes so far when that image is an unkempt mess.

Where to Start:

The starting point of your neckline isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. The way you go about crafting your neckline varies depending on the length of your beard, and will require a tailored approach for each person.

Short Beards:

If you’re sporting the stubble or short beard look (1-2 months of beard growth), precision is paramount. Avoid the common pitfall of trimming too high underneath your jaw, which can expose the under-chin area or result in an uneven line.

Beard Under Jaw

The reason you will want to avoid exposing the under-chin area is because it can often result in giving you the appearance of a double-chin, even when there is none to begin with.

To determine where your neckline should be, stand tall with your head level, and place a straight tool (a ruler, pencil, or finger) across your neck, aligning it with the jawline’s crease. The tool should be pushed backwards against the neck until it can’t go further.

Slowly lift your chin to identify the ideal trimming line, ensuring it remains above the chin or jaw area for a seamless transition, and should go straight across the neck from one side of the jawbone to the other.

Medium-Long Beards:

For those with longer beards that extend over the neck, achieving a squared-off base is the goal.

Begin by brushing and combing your beard downwards to reveal its true length. Face the mirror head-on and observe the rounded bottom of your beard, a result of varying hair growth rates from different areas of your chin, neck, and jaw.

To square off the beard, trim the center to match the lowest point on the sides, enhancing your jawline’s definition and exuding a clean, masculine appeal and some sharpness.

While this isn’t technically a “neckline” per se, it will still clean up the overall appearance of the bottom of your beard similar to the way a properly trimmed neckline does.

Mastering the Trim:

Pexels Khalifa Waleed

Armed with the knowledge of your neckline’s starting point, it’s time to execute the trim with ease. Follow these simple tips and tricks in order to trim your neckline in no time.

  1. Preparation is Key: Before trimming, use a beard brush or comb to straighten the hair, ensuring an even trim and to avoid loose hair or flyaways that may ruin the straight clean lines. Optionally, apply beard balm or wax to hydrate the hair and keep it in place, facilitating a smoother trimming process.
  2. Define the Line: With precision clippers or trimmers, slowly carve out the neckline, following the predetermined line across your neck. Take your time to ensure accuracy and maintain consistency throughout. The last thing you want is a wobbly line!
  3. Refine and Perfect: Lastly, you’ll want to use a clear shaving gel like Volt’s Clear shave. Clear shaving gels allow you to see straight through the gel and know exactly where to put your razor for the best and most precise lines possible. Once the neckline is established, proceed to shave away all hair below the line, creating a clean, well-defined border between your beard and skin. Pay attention to detail, refining any uneven edges for a polished finish!

Achieving the perfect neckline is not just about grooming; it’s a reflection of your attention to detail and commitment to personal style. After all, if you’re gonna grow a beard, you might as well style it right!

Embrace the process, hone in on your technique, and enjoy the newfound confidence that comes with a flawlessly trimmed beard neckline.

For a visual demonstration of the trimming process, don’t forget to check out our video tutorial below! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to Volt’s YouTube channel.

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