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When Should You Use Sea Salt Spray?

Sea Salt Spray may be one of the most versatile and dynamic products on the men’s grooming market. After all, it’s fit for hair and beard usage, and has many wonderful effects on your hair and scalp that range from styling to cleaning!

But, it is also true that there are certain instances in which Sea Salt Spray should be the #1 go-to product for hair-styling and cleaning, and that is what we’ll be talking about today.

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What is Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray, as the name suggests, is a salt-based hair spray that is supposed to add texture, volume, and hold to your hair! There are many other facets of this spray, as well as some things that divide the line between a quality salt hair spray, and a damaging one. So let’s go over those key factors real quick.

– Ingredients

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The first, and most important, consideration you should make when choosing a quality sea salt hair spray is the nature of the ingredients used. You will want to choose a spray that is only made of natural ingredients without any additives or harsh chemicals, as this may damage your hair, scalp, or eyes (should your hair get blown into them)

Here’s an example of some quality ingredients that are commonly found in high-quality salt hair sprays such as Volt Surf Spray:

  • (Obviously) Various Sea Salts: Adds volume and texture.
  • Activated Charcoal: Absorbs oils and dirt.
  • Sea Kelp: Softens and hydrates skin: manages moisture.
  • Kaolin: Gentle cleansing: fortifies hair.
  • Panthenol: Promotes elasticity and retains moisture.

These are good examples of quality ingredients that create a safe and effective salt spray!

– Hold

Another factor in sea salt spray is the amount of hold you need. Naturally, this will vary based on differences in the composition of the salt spray’s ingredients. Generally, you want to ensure that the spray isn’t so salty that it crusts on top of your hair, but also not so light that you don’t witness any of the effects or benefits of a light hold. This brings us to the next extremely important point.

– Moisture

Salt retains moisture, that’s just chemistry. but you may be wondering if this means that the salt will actually dry out your hair, and you’d be right…IF it weren’t for some extra quality ingredients!

Above in the “hold” section, I mentioned that it is important that there isn’t too much salt in the mixture, otherwise your hair would end up feeling crusty and/or dry. That is why most quality sprays implement a hydrating agent that keeps your hair properly moisturized while the salt does the heavy lifting by providing a light hold! This way, it becomes almost impossible to use too much of the mixture and potentially damage your hair!

For example, Volt surf spray uses Sea Kelp which helps to soften and hydrate your hair and skin and better manage the moisture in the spray. We also use Panthenol, also known as vitamin B5, which helps promote elasticity and retains moisture, thus furthering the benefit your receive when using the spray, with no potential damage.

– Exfoliation

The benefit of ingredients like charcoal and kaolin help fortify hair and exfoliate the hair, causing the salt spray to also act as a dry shampoo of sorts. This is important as we’ll discuss further on why sea salt spray is an amazingly versatile do-it-all product and should absolutely be part of your grooming routine!

When Should You Use Sea Salt Spray?

Beach Hair

After describing the ingredients and common effects of quality salt sprays, let’s talk about the situations in which you should use one. I’ve laid out 3 likely scenarios that are common for nearly every man, and in which, sea salt spray would be the perfect grooming tool.

Scenario 1:

You’ve just woken up and realized you slept past your alarm! You have some messy bedhead, and no time to fix it!

In this scenario, we’re testing the holding power of sea salt spray. Salt spray is perfect for this scenario because it applies wet and helps you mold stubborn hair (or beard), is quick to apply, and dries quickly into a light hold that can be molded or touched up throughout the day! not to mention it comes in a travel-sized bottle for convenient hair and beard fixes throughout the whole day or on the go!

Scenario 2:

You have some time before you have to be on the road, and you can use Salt Hair Spray in tandem with another hair product.

Most people think that salt spray is a one-and-done single-use, lone-wolf type of product! but this is just wrong! Salt-based hair spray is a great additive to products such as pomades, molding muds, and other hair styling products because the salt spray often adds volume, while the hairstyling product locks in that volume.

To add volume, you can’t have a heavy product, which is why salt spray is so light and provides a light hold. Here’s what we at volt recommend:

Step 1: Spray a light mist of salt spray to your hair and mold as desired.

Step 2: Wait 5-10 minutes (brush your teeth or do something else in the meantime!)

Step 3: Apply the hairstyling product once your hair is dry for the maximum combination of volume and hold!

These simple steps often provide you a full and thick-haired look because the spray provides volume, and the styling product provides the edge!

Scenario 3:

Your hair is oily/dirty but you don’t have time for a shower.

Here’s where the diversity of a salty hair spray comes in. Due to the exfoliating ingredients, and the moisture-managing salt and sea kelp, salt spray is an extremely popular dry-shampoo alternative!

Not only will you get rid of the look and feel of oily hair because salt and charcoal absorb moisture and toxins, but you’ll also add volume and exfoliate your hair and scalp providing a more natural, clean look.

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Overall, sea salt spray is an amazingly versatile and effective product when you choose one that is quality. It can be used in a wide variety of situations and works perfectly in tandem with other hair products!

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