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Get PAID For Having A Beard

If you’ve ever grown a beard before, you probably know the magic that it can bring! Beards help add definition, structure, and overall style to your face and personality! Beards also help many men define themselves and view themselves in a particular way. But this is not all…

As it turns out, beards also help shape the way other people see you also. Whether you consider this a good or bad thing is up to you and how you’d like to be represented. But, allow us here at Volt to share some interesting data and scientific research we’ve found that supports the idea that beards can actually get you PAID!

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Make Money With Beards

According to a study by St. Edwards University, beards may be a key factor in increasing the performance of people in sales-based jobs! That’s right, those with beards have a noticeable difference in their ability to sell! Now, there are some distinctions here, but let’s jump into some of the facts.

First of all, here’s a link to the data in the study.

Here’s a short summarized quotation of the article.

“The beard seems to be a subtle but consistent clue used in evaluating the knowledge and trustworthiness of the sales/service personnel you interact with. If the salesperson is sporting a beard, you may be more likely to pull out your wallet. And if you work in a sales or service role, you might consider the power of donning a beard before no-shave November rolls around.” – St. Edwards University

As we can see, a beard may not alter your selling ability intrinsically. However, it absolutely DOES alter your effect on buyer’s perceptions regarding your trustworthiness, and/or experience level. So, while a beard may not give you a silver tongue for sales, beards do give you the ability to be perceived that way more consistently.

Why Do Beards Make Money?

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Sarah Mittal, the paper’s lead researcher, accurately predicted the outcome that bearded persons hold a unique advantage in sales and service-based roles. She conducted multiple studies to test the “power of the beard”, and monitored the beard’s effect on perceptions of trust, consumer satisfaction, expertise, and overall likeliness of sales.

It turns out that, in such competitive professions as sales, the appearance of experience and trust make a HUGE difference to the ability of the salesman. The studies conducted had shown that despite various factors such as race or ethnicity, sales context (online), attractiveness, and personability, bearded salesman were perceived to be more trustworthy than others (clean-shaven, mustached, or stubbled people)

But why is this true?

The answer is simple and dates back thousands of years in our evolutionary biology. Despite whether a beard is “in style” or not makes no difference. That is because, despite current fashion trends, beards will constantly convey the appearance of experience, masculinity, leadership, and maturity. All of which can be safely assumed to be traits of a resourceful and competent person.

Put simply, because a bear shows a direct perception of expertise in one’s field, it has a great effect on sales success. Car salesman might want to take some notes here!

How To Get Paid For Having A Beard

You don’t need a typical “sales” job in order to reap the benefits that a beard can bring. Those with beards in the service industry also received higher than average marks for customer experience and satisfaction. What’s important here is that you earn facetime with those who will be doing business with you or your company.

Here’s a quick quote on the advertising side of beards and sales!

“Of the fives studies, one was a real-world study utilizing Facebook Ad Manager. Using the Facebook platform, the researchers deployed bearded and clean-shaven ads to examine the effectiveness for a real-world business. They found that the Facebook advertisement with the bearded version of the sales representative was able to yield a higher click-through rate (CTR), which places prospective customers in the sales pipeline. In fact, the bearded ad’s CTR of 2.66% is considerably above industry averages of about 0.71% (industrial services) and 1.04% (technology).” St. Edwards University

All in all, even just photos of bearded men perform better in terms of advertising success.

Although it wouldn’t be true to say that, if you have a beard, you will become rich. But if you are looking into some of the various factors and perceptions of beards on economic success, you might consider growing one!

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