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How To Fill a Patchy Beard

Patchy beards are no fun for anyone. And unfortunately, most beards are subject to the whims of genetics and fail to fill themselves in as much as we would often like. This, naturally, leads us to question like “How possible is it to fill in a patchy beard? Is it possible at all? And how can we do it?”

Fortunately, we here at Volt know of a few different ways to fill in beard patches, whether that be attempting to stimulate hair growth or simply applying Volt Beard Color in a way that makes the patch disappear!

And look, just because your beard is patchy does NOT mean your beard isn’t attractive! In fact, some of our team members here at Volt have blank areas of their beard that they even prefer, simply because it helps give their beard shape and definition. (just find one of Austin’s youtube videos to see!) But if you’re dead set on getting the full-bearded look, keep on reading!

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Before we move into the meat and potatoes of the article, it’s important to distinguish the difference between beard patches and beard thinning.

Patchy Beard vs Thinning Beard

The difference between a patchy beard and a thin beard is simple. Thin beard areas are areas in which hair does grow, but simply not to the preferred density. Patchy beard areas, on the other hand, are areas of the beard in which hair does not seem to grow at all, and likely will not.

Thinning beards are often caused by the natural process of hair follicle growth and decay. Thinning beards can also be caused by poor diet and micro-nutrient intake, believe it or not. Even a beard care routine that’s simply too aggressive can cause thinning or hair loss in your beard.

Patchy beards are often more noticeable, harder to diagnose, and more worrying to many men. Patchy beards can be caused by poor diet, age, medical conditions, genetics, hormonal imbalances, stress, and even fungal infections. This variety of causes can make it extremely difficult to diagnose patchy beards and find a solution.

But, without further adieu, let’s talk about the options we have for filling in beard patches and whether they are feasible, realistic, or optimal for you!

Option 1: Growing Out Your Beard

The first option we have to resolve minor beard patches is to simply let the beard grow out and cover them naturally. Obviously, the emphasis here is that the patches have to be minor. That being said, growing out your beard will almost always cover thinning beards, simply because the hair density is easier to hide than a lack of facial hair in the first place.

Large patches may not grow out at all, that’s the problem. But, a few weeks of growth should give you a relatively good idea of whether or not your patches can be easily hidden or not. Keep in mind that beard patches may resolve themselves depending on the cause of the issue (like age, for example). However, certain issues, like genetics, don’t have such easy solutions.

So, let’s say you’re not keen on the “growing out your beard idea” what other options are there?

Option 2: Stubble is Your Friend

If a long beard isn’t your style, then stubble may be your friend. When there is just stubble on your beard, it becomes much more difficult to notice any patches because there is no length to compare the patchy areas to!

You can usually get the stubbly look with any electric trimmers or shavers that you have. Hopefully, they come with adjustable measurements or guards so that you can fine-tune and trim your beard slowly to the point where you are both satisfied with the length and don’t notice the patchy beard areas.

Option 3: Use A Styling Beard Balm

Both Size Beard Balms One Open And Closed 2 Copy

We get it, when you’ve become accustomed to a beard of a certain length, it can be hard to let it go. For those who are really dedicated to the short-medium length beards, try using a styling balm!

Styling beard balm is not only good for hydrating and softening your beard, but the added control can lay down those longer hairs to help you fill in patches as well! Obviously, we recommend Volt Beard Balm because we believe it has a perfect balance of nourishing moisture and styling edge to give those patches the heave-ho.

Option 4: Beard Color

Volt 2 Pack Sample

Yes, the last and truly most customizable way to fill in patches is simple beard color. And here’s a quick but important note: when we say beard color, we are NOT talking about beard dyes!

Beard dyes aren’t customizable, they contain a ton of harsh chemicals, and they are EXTREMELY difficult to use to fill in patches because they simply stain your hair, leaving the skin looking either unnatural or unevenly colored. Beard color, on the other hand, is completely different.

Beard color is a brush-on, instant color that dries within 30 seconds. It’s hypoallergenic, made of natural ingredients, and it sticks to your beard hair AND skin to provide a seamless look that covers patches and colors hair. Not to mention that the added brush applies the color onto your skin in a hair-like texture, leaving the patchy beard looking as natural as possible. Oh, and it can be applied, mess-free, in 60 seconds or less.

We here at Volt use this color all the time to cover greys, fill patches, or add some thickness and texture to a beard that is too thin or too light in color for our taste. For an example of how the Volt Instant beard works, check out the following video! To those who want to maintain a short-medium beard length, and can’t seem to cover their patches, Volt Beard Color will do the trick amazingly well.

Click the button below to find your perfect shade of Volt instant Beard Color!


Overall, patchy beards can definitely be a nuisance to those who wish for the full-bearded look. but the solution may not be as impossible as it may seem! With the tips mentioned above, there are plenty of possibilities to cover those patches in a variety of ways, and that support any beard style you are going for!


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