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How to Grow and Style a Handlebar Mustache

Are you a classy gentleman? Of course, you are! And perhaps nothing else comes to the mind more often when we say “classy gentleman” than the traditional handlebar mustache.

Now, the handlebar mustache grew to popularity in the latter part of the 19th century when it was worn by famous (and infamous) wild west figures such as Wyatt Earp. It was given its name based on its resemblance to the handlebars of a bicycle.  According to Wikipedia, handlebar mustaches were also commonly worn in Europe by soldiers, even throughout World War 1.

In modern days, handlebar mustaches somehow manage to ride the line between a sophisticated, pleasant gentleman, and the image of a man who is not afraid to get his hands dirty if he needs to. They are often seen on barbershop quartets and famous athletes and sports stars. In this way, they are one of the most polarizing types of facial hair in terms of the personality traits that are associated with it! If you want to be noticed, grow a handlebar!

Types of Handlebar Mustaches

Typically, everyone has a good idea as to what the handlebar mustache looks like. But, did you know that there are different types of “handlebars” that can be styled according to your preference?

Perhaps the most traditional (and commonly envisioned) rendition of this facial hair phenomenon is the classic French handlebar. The French handlebar is characterized by having the ends of the mustache looped upwards as much as possible (limited by the length of the mustache itself).

Alternatively, if you don’t yet have the length in your mustache with which to loop the ends upwards, you can achieve a traditional English handlebar mustache by styling the ends of your mustache to a point that rests relatively flat. Reference the picture below!

English handlebar Mustache

Notice that the “handlebars” stick straight out to the side as opposed to curled around in a loop.

How To Grow A Handlebar Mustache

It’s worth noting that, although the decision to grow a handlebar mustache can be made in a day, it will take time and care to grow a mustache with the right qualities to be styled into a handlebar. If you are clean-shaven, it will likely take about 3 months or more to grow a handlebar mustache to full maturity.

The key to growing a mustache that is suitable for the “handlebar” styling is to avoid trimming the hair that grows at the edges of your mustache. Instead, comb the hair to the side and use some product (we recommend beard balm or beard/mustache wax) to hold away pesky hair drifting into or around your mouth. This will ensure that the edges of your mustache are long enough to style into a traditional handlebar shape.

Styling a Handlebar Mustache

Here’s what we’ve all been waiting for! The truth is, beard wax is absolutely necessary for sculpting and styling a handlebar mustache into shape. This occurs because of two key characteristics:

  1. Beard Wax helps hold the hairs together, meaning that you can achieve the classic “thin” look at the edges of your mustache.
  2. Beard Wax molds the hair and keeps it into the desired shape without drifting or wearing away (such as beard balm does as it is absorbed into your skin) meaning you can choose to curl or not curl your mustache into any shape you like.

This combination of characteristics makes VOLT Sculpt Beard Wax the best solution for styling a handlebar. Be sure to grab some so you can follow along with us in the instructional video! Volt Sculpt Wax is also useful for a variety of specialized beard styles including Fu Manchu, horseshoe, and many more.

Note: Beard/mustache wax is a specialized beard styling product, which means that if you wish to keep your beard moisturized and healthy, we recommend that you also use quality beard oil and/or beard balm alongside it!

You can find quality beard oil and balm by clicking here!

Applying Beard Wax/Styling

Step 1: Depending on the size of your mustache, use the included wooden scraper to scrape out the appropriate amount of Volt Wax. Remember, a little goes a long way!

Step 2: Rub the wax between your fingers until the wax is warm and flexible.

Step 3: While warm, apply the wax evenly into your beard/mustache and begin pinching and rolling the ends of your mustache into long thin points.

Step 4: Leave the ends of your mustache flat for the English handlebar, or use your thumb and forefinger to roll up the ends of your mustache into a loop to achieve the classic french handlebar mustache.

Parting Thoughts

It takes a lot of confidence to wear the handlebar mustache! But when you do, it sets you apart from many others in terms of grooming and personality. Be sure to rock your handlebar mustache with pride and style!

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