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Top 5 Men’s Fall Outfit Essentials

Fall is probably the best season when it comes to men’s fashion and accessories. The colder air and cloudier days make it the perfect compromise between cold layering and warmer,

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Growing A Beard

Growing a beard can be a life-changing experience, and we MEAN it. Not only does a beard affect the way people view you, but more importantly, how you view yourself.

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What Makes Volt Hair Combs and Brushes Unique?

Introducing All-New VOLT Combs and Brushes We here at Volt are now introducing an awesome new line of men’s grooming products! More specifically, a line of eco-friendly and sustainable combs

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When Should You Use Sea Salt Spray?

Sea Salt Spray may be one of the most versatile and dynamic products on the men’s grooming market. After all, it’s fit for hair and beard usage, and has many

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Get PAID For Having A Beard

If you’ve ever grown a beard before, you probably know the magic that it can bring! Beards help add definition, structure, and overall style to your face and personality! Beards also

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Beards And Age

Does A Beard Make You Look Older? – We Asked 5 Women

Whether you’ve been living as a bearded man for years, or you’re just now considering growing one, there are plenty of nuances surrounding beard growth that you should consider! One

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