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The Key to Growing A Long and Full Beard | Beard Tips and Tricks

Just about every man, bearded or not, has thought about growing out a beard at one point in their life. After all, if you’re reading this very article, you’re obviously one of them! However, growing out a full beard is not as simple and straightforward as it might seem, especially not if you want your beard to look well-maintained and, most importantly, feel awesome to wear.

A full beard is often seen as the embodiment of masculinity, accompanied by the likes of leather jackets, work boots, and oil-stained hands. But having the patience, time, and know-how to grow a full beard that looks awesome is in short supply in today’s world. That is why we at Volt are here to help by giving you the secret ingredient for the beard length and fullness of your dreams.

Before we explain the key to improving your beards length and apparent fullness, check out the video below where Dan C Bearded explains the key to beard growth and fullness!

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The Key to Beard Growth and Fullness

Now, we’ve talked enough about genetics and how it comes into play when growing a beard. For more on the factors that go into beard growth (and how you can handle them) then click the link to our other article on the subject here: Why You Can’t Grow A Beard (and what you can do about it).

However, when you are trying to grow a beard longer, as in the subject of todays video, then there is one simple thing you can do (or STOP doing) to make your longer beard fuller and thicker.

It may come as quite a shock, but the key to beard growth and fullness is to stop trimming your neckline. A fully-bearded neckline provides the “backbone” and support of your beards length, causing the beard to appear much fuller and thicker than having a trimmed neckline.

Now, as Dan describes in the Volt video, the neckline, which is often trimmed to clean up the look of shorter beards, should be left alone for longer beards. As he describes it, “…as you start to let that beard grow, and you let that length go down, you need to allow that neckline to go down as well [grow].”

Without the fullness that the hair on your neck provides to your beard, the front of your beard will start to look thin and almost see-through. It will also not have much resistance to the wind and elements.

Why You Shouldn’t Trim Your Neckline For a Full Beard

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Now, don’t get us wrong. If you have a shorter beard, you’ll absolutely want to trim your neckline to keep your beard looking clean, tidy, and to avoid the typical “neckbeard” look. However, if you have dreams of growing your beard longer (past your chin), then you’ll wan to avoid trimming your neckline.

The “front” of the beard that we see comes mainly from the hair on your cheeks and chin area. Which is awesome, but if you want to have a beard that appears to be thick, then you need to have hair built up behind that front area which pushes the beard outwards and gives it some structure.

That support and structure that is provided to your beard by those neck hairs is what causes a beard to become full and thick. So, the best thing you can do when trying to transition from short/medium length beard to a full and long beard is to stop trimming your neckline and be patient with your beard growth.

Also, don’t forget that trimming is only one step of your beard grooming routine. Keeping your beard healthy and happy requires hydration and styling! For that, check out Volt’s Beard Oil and Beard Balm!


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