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How To Color Men’s Eyebrows Using Beard Color | Volt Instant Eyebrow Color

Here’s the truth about gray hair in men’s beards and eyebrows: Usually, a little gray in your beard is adored and loved as it adds that “experienced” and mature look that makes men look attractive. However, gray eyebrow hair is not met with the same kind of satisfaction. So, today we’re going to be showing you how you can naturally color your eyebrows with Volt’s Instant Beard Color (or more appropriately, Volt Instant Eyebrow Color!)

We’ve heard it time and time again from many men. Gray eyebrows age your appearance far more drastically than gray beards do. In fact, we tested the theory ourselves. Austin, one of Volt’s content creators, used a specially formulated gray beard color to add some grays to his beard, then his eyebrows to see which of those facial hair features aged his appearance more. Check the video out below…

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Obviously, gray eyebrows made him look far older than a gray beard did. So, if that’s your style then more power to you! But, many men come to us and ask if we can help put a bit of color back in their eyebrows and maintain a super youthful appearance. Preferably without the harsh chemicals (especially around your eyes?! no way) and lengthy process that beard dyes require. This is why we offer Volt Instant Beard Color.

Volt Instant Eyebrow Color

Usually known as Volt Instant Beard Color, today we’re using the same exact thing for your eyebrows. Now, you may be wondering…”is it safe? It’s meant for beards right? Why would I put it near my eyes?” to which we answer, yes it is safe!

Unlike traditional beard dyes that use chemicals like PPD, lead acetate, ammonia, resorcinol, and more. Volt contains none of these common chemicals. In fact, Volt is a hypoallergenic 100% natural beard coloring solution that works a bit differently than typical beard dyes.

How Volt Eyebrow Color Works

Volt Instant Beard Color

You see, typical beard dyes use their chemicals to penetrate the hair follicle and permanently stain the hair from the inside. This means they will last as long as the hair will (until it grows out) but this all comes at a cost. That cost is a natural look and your right to customize your look however you want it. Hair and beard dyes don’t give you this luxury.

The paste-solution that hair and beard dyes use is meant to cover every hair in the area you apply it. Meaning that every hair is going to have the same color, look, and saturation. Which is not how natural beards look. Natural beards display a wide range of colors, typically lighter and more red in hue than your natural hair color is. This means that hair and beard dyes give your beard (and in this case, eyebrows) a “shoe-polish” unnatural look.

Volt, however, works differently. Volt is designed to be the most customizable, easiest, and safest beard color out there. Instead of penetrating and staining the hair, Volt is designed to coat or “tint” the hair. This alone means that Volt can skip the harsh chemicals, mixing, and applying in the same way that beard dyes require. Instead, Volt can be applied in under 60 seconds simply by shaking the vial of color, brushing on the color where and how you want to, and that’s it.

With Volt’s applicator brush, you can see how the color looks the moment you brush it on, meaning you won’t have to guess or play a waiting game before washing out dye-solutions and checking the results. Volt also has variable saturation, meaning the more you brush the same area, the darker the color gets. This is HUGE because it allows you to choose your style. Want to rock the salt and pepper look? Simply lightly brush on less color. Want the full-coverage look? Brush on heaver color.

The hidden benefit of Volt is that it can be applied to bare skin as well to fill in thinning or patchy eyebrows. No hair needed for volt to cover with it’s skin-safe ingredients. And it can be removed at will.

What is Volt Eyebrow Color Made Of?

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Volt is a custom blend of shellac (water resistance), pigment (color), vitamin E and Argan Oil (antioxidants and hydration) and an activator that blends the ingredients and evaporates away (in this case, alcohol). All of which are skin safe and hypoallergenic ingredients.

How To Color Men’s Eyebrows With Volt

Volt Instructions

In all honesty, whether you color your eyebrows, beards, or anything else, the steps for using Volt are extremely simple and stay exactly the same:

Step 1: Shake The Vial

Shake the vial of Volt for at least 20 seconds. The small ball bearing inside the vial will shake and breakup the ingredients for better mixing and makes the application process smooth!

Step 2: Choose Your Style

Decide whether you’re going to be coloring your eyebrows a solid color, or whether you’d like to leave some grays in!

Step 3: Brush On and Go

Start brushing on the color with the activator brush! The color will dry within 30 seconds and give you a water and sweat resistant finish! If you want more color, simply brush more Volt onto the area.

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