Which Volt Beard Products Should I Get?


There are three different products when it comes to purchasing Volt Instant Natural Beard Color. In this article, we will break down each so you can confidently choose the best option for your beard-coloring needs!

Volt Product ImageVolt Instant Beard Color – Complete Set

The Volt Instant Beard Color complete set is a dye-free beard color set designed and manufactured here at Volt Lifeproof Grooming! It is the most comprehensive beard color set on the market that can be ordered as a first-time purchase or reorder. The set comes neatly packaged in a rigid cardboard tube and includes instructions, a beard comb, Volt Clean & Prep Solution, a travel pouch, an application brush and up to 35 applications of Volt Instant Beard Color in a vial. Shorter beards, touch ups and “salt and pepper” application typically require smaller amounts of product than full-coverage or longer beards will require.

Here is a short description of this set’s components; the small comb is a helpful tool for grooming the beard prior to or after the coloring is applied. Further, the “Volt Clean & Prep Solution” is designed to clean your beard and skin prior to the beard color application, as well as tidying up any areas after the application should the color accidentally cover any areas of the skin or beard that is not desired.  Lastly, the included black pouch keeps all of your supplies in one easy and quick-to-grab place making Volt an ideal companion whenever and wherever life takes you!
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Volt Instant Beard Color – Eco 2-Pack Refill2 Packref

The VOLT ECO 2-PACK is the most popular option among users who have previous experience with Volt Instant Beard Color. These users typically already know their shade and do not need the supplies and tools offered in the complete set. This option provides significant savings over the complete set of up to 40% off and comes in a two-pack version of the same beard color. The VOLT ECO 2-PACK ships free in a black travel pouch with instructions. You can expect up to 30- 70 applications per VOLT ECO-2-PACK depending on your beard size, coverage and application style. This is an excellent option for returning customers, however, we do not recommend this option for first time users who are not familiar with Volt Instant Beard Color or do not know their beard color shade.
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Volt RefillsubwebVolt Instant Beard Color – 2-PACK SUBSCRIPTION

The Volt Instant Beard Color Subscription pack is for customers who are familiar with Volt Instant Beard Color who prefer the convenience of auto-delivery. Once you start using Volt Instant Beard Color and find the best shade that works for you it is hard to use anything else! Volt auto-reorder is designed to take the hassle off your hands while providing additional savings. The advantages of a subscription includes reorder intervals that can be set based on your individual needs, less time spent on e-commerce, and most importantly, never running out of Volt! There are no contracts, fees, or commitments and the program can be canceled any time. Volt Subscription comes in a 2-PACK of the same beard color packaged in a black travel pouch. It provides additional savings over our ECO-2-PACK and the shipping is always free. To get VOLT SUBSCRIPTION click here.

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