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Sea Salt Spray: What It Is and How To Use It

If you’re a man who regularly goes shopping for hair, beard, and general grooming products, you’ve probably noticed an emerging trend among the ingredients in those products. More specifically, the wide-spread use of Sea Salt as an ingredient in products like sea salt spray and shampoo!

And like many others, you’re probably wondering why in the world that sea salt of all things is breaking into the personal grooming industry. Well, we are here to answer all that and more in this blog article!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. What Sea Salt Spray is made of.
  2. How Sea Salt works to give your hair texture and volume.
  3. How to find the absolute BEST Sea Salt Spray (by looking for key ingredients)
  4. And how you can use Sea Salt Spray to up your game!

So, without further adieu, let’s begin!

What is Sea Salt Spray?

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Put simply, Sea Salt Spray (also called salt spray) is a hairstyling and grooming product meant to provide texture, volume, and a light hold for your hairstyle by infusing (you guessed it) sea salt with other ingredients. We’ll get to some of those other ingredients and their benefits later, but for now, just keep in mind that salt is the key to achieving the aforementioned effects!

Now, you may be asking “Isn’t salt supposed to dry out your hair?! Isn’t that bad?” And the answer would be yes IF there weren’t preventative ingredients added to the spray. Salt alone will damage your hair, but when combined with ingredients like sea kelp extract, activated charcoal, and provitamins, you can negate any of the disadvantages by keeping your hair (and scalp) clean and moisturized!

How Does Salt Spray Work?

A quality sea salt spray will help you shape and define your hairstyle by adding texture and volume to flat hair and by giving you a light hold that lasts throughout the day. The key to a quality salt spray is not to pull moisture from your hair, but rather to control the excess of moisture that may be giving your hair a flat look and shape. That excess moisture may be a result of excess oil, sweat, dirt, etc.

Let’s take a look at the specific ingredients in the best Salt Spray we know, naturally, that’s VOLT Surf Salt Spray! Let’s see how each ingredient plays its part in creating an optimal and customizable hair product that every man can use!

  1. Salt: Used to pull oil, dirt, and sweat away from hair, allowing the optimal environment for other ingredients to replace that moisture with healthy alternatives.
  2. Sea Kelp: A natural moisturizer and thickener, allowing for a light hold and hair that does not become dry or damaged.
  3. Activated Charcoal: Works with salt to remove toxins, impurities, or oils and helps exfoliate hair follicles.
  4. Provitamins (Panthenol B5): Helps moisturize, calm, repair, and revitalize skin.
  5. Kaolin: A clay mineral that provides a lasting hold to your hair and also helps soften and clean skin.

With these ingredients, you can begin to see why Sea Salt Spray is so effective as a grooming and hair-styling product.

How To Use Salt Spray:

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Honestly, the application of VOLT Surf Sea Salt Spray couldn’t be easier, even despite whether you are using it on dry or damp hair.

Dry Hair:

Use it directly in your dry hair when on the run or anytime during the day when needing a quick fix!

  1. Shake the sea salt spray and apply a light coat all over your hair
  2. Work your fingers through your hair making sure it is dispersed equally
  3. Style your hair with fingers or comb
  4. Let it dry and style further if desired

Damp Hair:

  1. Shampoo your hair as usual, preferably with a sulfate-free and moisturizing shampoo
  2. Towel dry your hair
  3. Shake the Sea Salt Spray
  4. Apply a light coat to your damp hair
  5. Twist and crunch your hair to give it more texture and curl, if desired.
  6. Air/Blow dry your hair and style as needed
  7. Apply more product if desired

Here’s a short video with a live demonstration of how to use sea salt spray and the effects you can experience!

Who Should Use Salt Spray?

Although everyone can use and experience the benefits of Sea Salt Spray, the following is a list of people who will see the most benefit from it!

If You Have Curly Hair: For those with curly hair, salt spray is especially useful! Salt spray is an excellent way to enhance curls by taming the “frizz” that people with curly hair often suffer from. With the light hold that salt spray adds, you can group your hair together and avoid wandering or roaming strands.

If You Have Thin Hair: Guys with naturally thin or thinning hair can use a salt spray to add dimension, volume, and texture! All of which give your hair a more bountiful and thick appearance while also looking natural and feeling light.

If You Want a Natural Hold: Many guys get tired of pouring the same sticky goop onto their head day in and day out to achieve a natural-looking hold. Salt spray provides soft, natural-looking hair without cementing it into place. Meaning your hair will retain its natural movement but without becoming dry and frizzy!

Ultimately, sea salt spray is an amazingly versatile, useful product with awesome results. Next time you feel that your hair can benefit from a little texture, volume, or thickness, don’t be afraid to give VOLT Surf Salt Spray a try!

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