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Father’s Day Gifts: Best Grooming Kits

With father’s day swiftly approaching, what better way to celebrate all those awesome dads out there than to gift them some premium men’s grooming essentials? Fortunately, Volt has you covered!

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the hottest men’s grooming products and kits on the market so that father’s day can be a slam dunk! And don’t worry, if you’re confused about which products to buy or not, we here at VOLT have already put together some kits and packs to help you choose the most complementary products and make father’s day a breeze!

Let’s begin by discussing some of the best products to gift for father’s day! Note: Product sizes may differ from kit to kit!

Father’s Day Beard Products

If you or your dad happens to have facial hair of any kind, then these beard/ mustache grooming products are sure to make father’s day a hit!

1. Volt Lube Beard Oil

Beard Oil

Beard oil is one of the oldest and most common beard grooming products on the market. Without it, beards would have been suffering from dryness and discomfort for the last century, since it was invented in the 1930s. Overall, a quality beard oil is going to be one that absorbs quickly, doesn’t get sticky, and provides lasting beard hydration that you can rely on.

When searching for beard oil, here’s what you want to look for:

    1. Organic Ingredients: Organic ingredients ensures quality, and lack of harsh or irritating chemicals.
    2. Light Fragrance: If you prefer a fragrance in your beard oil, get one that lasts long enough to be noticed throughout the day, but not so strong that it annoys your sense of smell.

Click the button below to take a quiz where you can find your perfect Volt Product Fragrance!

2. Volt Beard Balm

Large Beard Balm Angled Clean Background Photo

Beard balm is a relative of beard oil, but with a few distinct properties. Firstly, beard balm is not oil-based, but instead contains various butters and waxes that give it a uniform consistency. Beard balm is going to have similar hydrating and nourishing abilities like beard oil is, but will also add some styling and controlling to your beard as well! Because of this blend of styling and nourishing characteristics, we often call beard balm the “do-it-all” mens’ grooming product.

When searching for a beard balm, here’s what to look for:

    1. Organic Butters/Waxes: Just because a beard balm is different than beard oil doesn’t mean that it can’t also contain organic and natural ingredients! Look for natural shea butter, beeswax, or other natural ingredients to ensure that the quality of the balm is high, along with various natural oils that condition and hydrate your beard.
    2. Consistency: The best beard balms on the market dominate both the beard conditioning and beard styling categories! Therefore, a good beard balm will be solid and provide a strong hold for beard styling, but melt in your hands to apply evenly and easily throughout your beard.

3. Volt Beard Wax

Voltwaxopen Web

Let’s say you (or your dad) has a long beard full of wild hairs that need some control. Well, you’re in luck because Volt Beard and Mustache Wax has you (and your beard) covered. Beard/Mustache wax is a beard product dedicated to styling your beard and controlling pesky flyaway hairs. Beard/Mustache wax is often more dense and thick than beard balm to provide an extremely strong and lasting hold for your hair.

Beard/Mustache wax is what is used to give men those classic handlebar mustaches. Here’s what to look for in a quality beard/mustache wax:

    1. Stiff/Thick Consistency: Beard/mustache wax won’t often absorb into your beard/skin due to its thickness. This ensures that the wax stays strong and keeps its hold throughout the day without fading or losing grip on your beard.
    2. Moldable: The best beard/mustache waxes are one’s that don’t dry, crack, or become uncomfortably solid throughout the day. You will want the option to touch up your beard/mustache from time to time without the fear of flaking off the wax.

4. Volt Instant Beard Color

Volt 2 Pack Sample

One of our most popular products, Volt Instant Beard Color is designed to provide a youthful and customizable quality to your (or your dad’s) beard! Volt Instant beard color is dye-free and customizable, meaning that the color is only temporary but can be applied in less than 60 seconds for a style that is uniquely your own!

Here’s what to look for in good beard color:

    1. Dye-Free: Dyes are messy, NOT-customizable, and often contain harsh chemicals that leave your beard looking unnaturally dark or irritate your skin. Steer clear from dyes and grab a customizable beard color that puts the power back in your hands.
    2. Natural Look: Only customizable beard color can give you a truly natural look. This is because you have the option to make your beard color lighter, darker, salt and pepper, full-coverage, or simply touch up certain spots without having to dye your whole beard to match.

5. Volt Sea Salt Spray

2020 11 25 Volt Grooming 11

Sea salt spray may be traditionally more of a hair product, but that doesn’t exclude it from beard use as well! In fact, Sea salt spray is best used on longer beards (or hair) to give it texture, volume, and a light hold. This is one of our most versatile products because it accomplishes so many things, and therefore should be a staple in any man’s grooming arsenal for getting that natural and awesome “beach-hair” look!

Here are some things to look for in a quality sea-salt spray:

    1. Hydrating Ingredients: We get it. Sea salt spray has sea salt in it. But a good sea salt spray should also have hydrating ingredients to ensure that the salt doesn’t suck away too much moisture from your hair and leave it damaged. This is why Volt Surf Salt Spray includes sea-kelp, activated charcoal, and more to offer the perfect balance between hydrating and styling your hair.
    2. Balanced Styles: With sea salt spray, you want your hair to experience a balance between grit and volume. A good sea salt spray will give your hair some hold with the grit therein, but also provide enough volume and moldability for you to change the style throughout the day.

Now that we’ve discussed some awesome father’s day gift products, let’s take a look at some gift bundles and sets that Volt has available to make your father’s day gift shopping quick and easy!

Volt Father’s Day Gift Set

Fathers Day Kit

The Volt father’s day gift set is a special set that we put together to celebrate father’s day, so we thought we’d start with this one first! The Volt father’s day set includes an awesome blend of facial hair products and hair-styling products all wrapped up in a single kit. It includes:

  • Volt Lube Beard Oil
  • Volt Beard Balm
  • Volt Surf Salt Spray

As always, you have your choice of fragrances for the beard balm and beard oil as well as an unscented option!

Volt Evo Set


This set is for the beard fanatics out there! Say happy father’s day by gifting this beard-focused set to the bearded men in your life (or yourself)! This kit includes everything you need to make your beard feel, smell, and look it’s absolute best! Here’s what this kit includes:

  • Volt Lube Beard Oil
  • Volt Beard Balm
  • Volt Sculpt Beard/Mustache Wax

Volt Gift Set


Our original gift set includes a wide variety of products to attend to even the most versatile needs! Here’s what is included:

  • Volt Lube Beard Oil
  • Volt Surf Salt Spray
  • Volt Guard Hand Sanitizer

Volt Instant Beard Color Kit

Volt Beard Color

Our original Volt Instant Beard Color kit comes with everything you need to craft the most natural beard color in no time! Here’s what is included:

  • Full Vial of Volt Instant Beard Color
  • Beard Comb
  • Volt Prep and Clean: color remover/beard cleanser.
  • Volt Travel Pouch

What’s Your Father’s Day Choice?

Ultimately, you know what’s best for that special bearded man in your life. But we can guarantee that choosing Volt for your father’s day gifting needs will be a hit! Click the links to visit any of the sets and kits that are mentioned, and take this quiz to help you determine which beard color would be right for you (or your dad)!


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