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Why You Have Beard Pimples (and what you can do about it)

There aren’t many downsides to the bearded life, however there are some that you should be aware of. One of these potential downsides is the dreaded beard pimples/acne. Beard pimples are an unwanted, but fairly common, symptom of beard growth. And today we’re going to talk about the most common reasons that beard acne occurs and how you can treat it with some simple fixes!

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Why Do You Have Beard Pimples?

Beard Itch

There are two main reasons why you might be experiencing beard pimples. Assuming that chronic acne is not a usual problem of yours, beard pimples mainly occur due to either 1) a dirty beard, or 2) using too much of a beard product(s).

Dirty Beards Cause Acne

Dirty beards create obvious problems when it comes to keeping acne at bay. Dirt not only clogs up the pores but can also affect the health of your skin, further exacerbating symptoms by increasing the amount of dead skin cells under your beard hairs.

A beard that isn’t cleaned regularly or well enough will cause excess oils to be built up, which grab and stick dirt and skin cells together. These clumps will compound over time and work to block pores and cause beard pimples, redness, sensitive skin, and more.

Too Much Beard Oil/Balm

Similar to how a dirty beard can cause beard pimples and acne, using too much beard oil or beard balm can cause issues as well. Anytime there’s a buildup of oils, there’s also the potential for a buildup of debris since oils tend to stick things together. Not to mention, the oil itself tends to block pores as well.

A little oil/balm is absolutely necessary to keep your skin and beard hair from becoming too dry and rough, but overdoing it is just as damaging. Just like most things in life, the answer is in moderation.

How To Get Rid of Beard Pimples

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There are two simple things you must do to get rid of your beard pimples and acne all together! Wash your beard, and apply a hydrating product the right way. And yes, there is a wrong way to apply beard oil or balm.

Washing Your Beard

For some reason, most guys think a beard is something to “set and forget.” As if a beard doesn’t require the same maintenance that the hair on your head does. And just like the hair on your head, your beard should be washed so that the oils and debris therein can be maintained well and with intention. Those oils should then be re-introduced to the beard (like a conditioner) in order to present some hydration to keep your beard hair and skin healthy and soft. Generally, this means either beard oil or beard balm.

Keep in mind that how often you wash your beard heavily depends on the nature of your skin. If your skin tends to be excessively oily, you may want to wash your beard every day. If you tend to have dryer skin, wash your beard every 2-3 days, as washing too often can cause excessive dryness.

Steps for washing your beard:

  1. Run some lukewarm water in the tap and rub some into your beard.
  2. Put a dime-sized amount of beard wash into your hands and begin massaging through your beard thoroughly, ensuring to reach the skin underneath.
  3. Wash out the beard wash and pat dry the beard to avoid excess tugging.

Now you’re ready to apply your beard conditioning product!

Applying Beard Oil or Balm

Beard Oil vs Beard Balm

Beard oil and beard balm are “leave-in conditioners.” This means they should be applied and left alone in order to soak into the beard without having to be washed out. Beard oil is for hydrating, and beard balm is for both hydrating and styling your beard. One of the main reasons people suffer from beard pimples is by using too much of these products. Follow the steps below to use the appropriate amount!

Here’s how to apply beard oil or beard balm:

  1. If using beard oil, put 3-5 drops (depending on the size of your beard) on your palm, and begin rubbing it between both hands. If using beard balm, scrape out an a pea-sized portion (for short beards) or a dime-sized portion (for longer beards), and rub between your hands.
  2. Start massaging the oil or balm into your beard, ensuring to dig through with your fingertips to reach the skin underneath.
  3. Grab a boar bristle beard brush and gently brush your beard to ensure the oils are spread evenly.
  4. (Optional) grab a beard comb and give your beard hairs some perfect direction and style however you choose!

If you follow these easy steps, you will have washed away the excess oils and debris from your beard and replenished them with the appropriate amount of moisture and hydration.

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