How to Choose the Right Beard Dye For You

First off, using beard dyes to color your beard and hair is not unusual and has been accomplished for centuries in various ways! Today, millions of men are turning to the ever-growing shelves of men’s grooming products to fight the signs of aging in their hair. Fortunately, the process of using beard dye is not what it used to be, as many products on the market today offer simple application straight out of the box.  However, with so many new products on the market, it is hard to know which will work best for your needs.

One of the biggest challenges when coloring a gray beard is selecting the right product and shade.  Going with the wrong product or the wrong shade of beard/hair color can not only look extremely fake (and silly) but can actually age you more than going all natural. Everyone has seen the guy with reddish brown hair and a jet-black beard that is screaming “I just dyed my beard”.  In order to avoid being that guy, here are a few tips that will help you find out how to achieve the most natural and realistic looking beard color that not only looks great, but fits your look and style.

Here are our beard dye talking-points and FAQ:

  1. Before you go, know your style!
  2. Should I match my beard or hair color? 
  3. Which product works best for my look?
  4. Can you commit?

Before you go, know your style!

Before selecting the type of beard dye or beard coloring product, it is extremely important to ask yourself the million dollar question: What style am I shooting for? This can be answered in many different ways, but the most important rule is to try to be you, not someone else. Do you like a long beard? Short beard? Groomed Beard? Also, how old are you? Are you on the other side of retirement or are you greying in your 20s? Covering your entire beard with one solid flawless color may be a good fit for the guy who has a full head of jet-black hair, but it is not for everyone, nor does it fit everyone’s personality or age. There is nothing wrong with the “one color look”, but if this isn’t who you are, go for that salt and pepper look. It looks more natural and fits almost any type of lifestyle.


Should beard dye match my beard or hair color? 

Matching your beard color to you hair can be a very difficult process, if not impossible. The good news is that quite often, natural hair color does not match natural beard color, especially as we age. With that said, if you only have some sporadic gray patches, it is recommended to select a shade that will best match your natural beard color rather than focusing on your hair. If your beard has no color left in it and you are mostly gray, you have more options. One rule of thumb is to get a beard color that would be the closest match to the medium shade in your natural hair color.  Remember, you can always go darker but going lighter is a little harder to accomplish, which is why we always recommend choosing a shade lighter when searching for beard colors.

Which product works best for my look?

When looking for a complete one-color coverage for your short groomed beard, you can either go with a temporary beard color such as Volt Instant Beard Color by Volt Lifeproof Grooming or with a permanent or semi-permanent beard dye. Either product will work great for you, you will just need to decide what look you are trying to achieve and how much time you have daily/weekly to dedicate to coloring your beard.

If you are the guy who likes a long beard and you need to cover a lot of grey, you might want to consider a dye to color your beard and use temporary beard color to maintain the color in between dyeing. Beard hair can grow at a rate of half an inch/month, this means that each month there will be an extra half-inch of beard that needs coloring between your beard-dyeing sessions.

On the other hand, if you have a shorter beard or long beard with just a few grays, Volt Instant Beard Color is recommended as it gives you more control over the application of the color. This means that there is no flat-color or “shoe-polish beard” look. You have total control over the application, duration, and style of your beard. Furthermore, Volt Instant Beard Color is fast and easy to apply daily, it blends flawlessly with your natural hair and it allows for easy touch ups on the go when you need it.

Can you commit to beard dye?

So let’s say that your color is in and you are rocking your new look, but what’s next? The question is, can you keep it up? As mentioned before, having color in your beard may require ongoing and time-consuming maintenance especially when using permanent dyes. Dyes will stain your hair and your white roots may show again in as soon as four days. And in order to avoid looking like a zebra, you will need to re-apply the dye again. So, make sure to set yourself at least 1 hour per week to apply your beard dye and maintain your beard color. This is a great option for those who do not have anytime on a daily basis to pay attention to hair color but have blocks of time every 5-7 days to mix and apply. But be careful…a dye cannot be “undone”, if you don’t like it, you will need to wait for it to grow out or even worse, shave off your precious beard!

If the thought of such a serious beard-risking commitment like dye makes you cringe, or if you have sensitive skin, perhaps a temporary beard color, such as Volt Instant Beard Color, is a better solution for your needs. The color applies in under a minute and it is transfer and water resistant for up to 48 hours. Volt allows you the flexibility to go all natural, rock a salt and pepper look or completely cover your grays. Best yet, when it starts fading it can be touched up easily anytime and anywhere.

To summarize, dye is a great alternative if you are looking to cover all of your grey hair with a flat one color and/or have a long beard. However, if you have sensitive skin or demand an easy application process with a realistic look, temporary beard coloring will provide the best results and the cleanest application.



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