What is volt lifeproof grooming?

What is Volt LifeProof Grooming?

Although most people may know Volt Grooming as the company that pioneered the temporary beard color craze that arose in the last few years, there is more to Volt than meets the eye! So, today we want to introduce Volt Grooming to you so you can learn more about us, what we do, why we do it, and how we go about designing eco-friendly grooming products that help men everywhere look and feel their best!

What is Volt LifeProof Grooming?


Volt is a men’s grooming and lifestyle brand based in South Dakota, United States! Volt began by offering a unique beard coloring, called Volt Instant Beard Color, while based in Costa Mesa, CA. From there, Volt has developed quite a vast array of beard and hair products for men including beard oil, beard balm, mustache wax, sea salt spray, and more before moving to a larger warehouse location in South Dakota!

It’s very important for us here at Volt to ensure that our products are formulated, blended, and assembled in-house in the USA by hand to ensure the highest quality standards and care as possible! Only then can we ensure that each product represents the standards and quality that Volt stands for!

What Products Does Volt LifeProof Grooming Offer?


Although you might be most familiar with Volt’s signature product, Volt Instant Beard Color, we offer various mens’ grooming products ranging from hair use to beard and mustache use.

Just some of these other products include organic and fast-absorbing beard oil, hydrating and styling beard balm, styling beard/mustache wax, and men’s sea salt hair spray as well. We also carry beard and hair brushes/combs for any purpose including cleaning and styling your beard and hair.

What Is Volt LifeProof Grooming’s Mission?

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Volt Grooming exists to inspire and celebrate the confidence that men need to face whatever the day demands! We do this by providing the highest quality life-proof grooming products that go the distance without compromise. We’re an active brand and promote an active and adventurous lifestyle! Jaro, Volt’s founder, is an avid surfer and outdoorsman and so are many of the team here at Volt LifeProof Grooming! Our hobbies range from hiking, mountain biking, surfing, motorcycling, and more! This love for the outdoors helps feed our mission for sustainable and eco-friendly practices!

We aim to provide the highest quality mens’ grooming products in a way that is sustainable, natural, and innovative. In this way we can benefit not only the lives of our customers, but also the world we live in by reducing waste and creating newer, more efficient, packaging that is recyclable and eco-friendly.

When Was Volt LifeProof Grooming Created?

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Volt was founded in 2018 by Jaro Turek, Stacy Turek, and Lenka Urbanova. Volt products were then developed and began to hit the shelves in mid-2019. Originally, Volt helped usher in a new and innovative method of beard-coloring by making the color dye-free, customizable, and temporary in order to help those who wanted a more personalized beard-color or were allergic to chemicals found in bear dyes.

Since then Volt has been able to develop a full arsenal of innovative beard products that eliminate many of the issues that are common with the beard industry.

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