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How To Apply Beard Color

So, you’ve decided to pull the trigger and grab a beard color that will give you that young, full-bearded look. Congratulations! Whether you’re trying to cover grays or fill patches, the color application you choose will determine your results. (we’ll talk about them in a bit!)

It’s important to keep in mind that beard color comes in many shapes and sizes, and this will undoubtedly affect the way that it is applied. So, let’s quickly discuss the differences between the two most common types of beard colors before we discuss the application process.

Dyes vs. Temporary Beard Color

The two main categories that dominate the beard color market are dyes and temporary beard colors.

Beard Dyes

Here’s the low-down. Dyes will often require mixing, longer application times, washing, harsh chemicals, and uniform (sometimes unnatural) looking results due to the lack of customizability. Dyes will stay in your beard until your beard is either shaven or grows out and becomes discolored at the roots.

Generally, dyes come with a severe lack of customizability. It is difficult to determine exactly where the paste mixture goes into your beard to make the dye look natural, often leaving you the only option of dyeing your entire beard. Generally, you can go roughly two weeks before the color becomes noticeably different than your incoming hair growth.

Beard dyes also only change the color of your beard, they don’t allow you to fill patches or customize beard lines.

Temporary Color

Volt Instant Beard Color

Temporary color, on the other hand, such as Volt Premium Beard Color, is more customizable due to the easy application that provides immediately noticeable results. This allows you to touch up as you go, knowing that what you see is what you get without having to wash messy chemicals or stains out of your beard and skin.

Temporary color can be applied in under 60 seconds, is fully customizable (salt and pepper, full coverage, etc.), and is better for the skin due to the ingredient of hydrating argan oil. Oh, and it dries immediately and is water/sweatproof. It allows you to change your beards’ color, and also to fill patches and create razor-sharp cheek lines!

One of the absolute benefits of temporary color is the fact that it tints the color of your beard without fully changing it. This means that your beard returns to its natural color without the characteristic “shoe-polish” look that dyes can give you. The application of temporary color is also infinitely more simple and enjoyable. It’s so easy, in fact, you can do it anywhere and at any time. No washing or mixing chemicals!

Temporary beard color will last 2-3 days depending on your activity level, but can be applied quickly anytime without dyes or messes!

How to Apply Temporary Beard Color

Given that we at VOLT Grooming both manufacture and guarantee our temporary beard color product, naturally, we will discuss how to apply temporary color. We merely don’t see the benefit of beard dyes anymore. And applying our color is almost laughably simple compared to the difficulty of using dyes correctly.

Without further adieu, whether you are trying to cover gray hairs or fill patches, here is the best way to make the most out of your VOLT Premium Temporary Beard Color.

Before you begin, find your perfect color shade by taking this quick quiz!


Step 1: Begin by washing and thoroughly during your beard to ensure the color sticks to beard hair that is not covered in natural oils.

Step 2: Shake your volt applicator for at least the recommended 20 seconds before beginning to apply color.

Step 3: Lightly graze the volt applicator brush on your beard hair and/or skin where you wish to apply color or fill in patches. Continue to do so until the color is full and you are satisfied with the results!

Step 4: Live your life and enjoy looking your best with VOLT Premium Beard Color!

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