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Volt Instant Beard Color vs 1-Day Beard and Brow Color

With the surge of new men’s grooming products hitting the market in recent years, there comes one product that revolutionizes the beard and brow coloring landscape: Brush-on beard and brow color.

Brush-on beard colors replace the typically messy and chemical-infused beard dyes that have been so popular on the men’s grooming market for so long. But, not all brush-on beard colors are made equal. So, we want to talk about the different brush-on beard and brow colors out there, and how Volt stacks up to the competition!

Brush-on beard color, also called instant, temporary, or 1-day beard and brow color, is exactly what it sounds like. An instant/temporary color for your beard that is applied usually with a small applicator brush.

These colors are considered temporary because they tend to coat or “tint” the hair instead of permanently dying it. This makes them far more customizable, natural, and easy to apply than typical beard dyes.

Now, let’s talk about the differences between a lot of other brush-on beard colors out there, and what makes Volt Instant Beard and Brow Color a bit different.

Why Brush-On Beard and Brow Color?

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Before we get into the different types of brush-on beard color and their pros/cons. let’s talk about why you might use 1 day beard and brow colors in the first place!

There are only a few options in the men’s beard and brow coloring market: Brush-on color, and beard dyes. Let’s just list a few of the reasons why brush-on beard color is becoming the go-to way to color a man’s beard!

Volt Instant Beard and Brow Color:

  • Applies more quickly than beard dyes
  • Less messy than beard dyes
  • More customizable color options than beard dyes (full color, salt & pepper)
  • More Natural/Hypoallergenic Ingredients
  • Can be applied anywhere, anytime.

Beard Dyes:

  • Lasts longer per application.

Really, the only benefit that beard dyes have is that each application of a beard dye can last up to two weeks before the roots start showing once more. Temporary 1-day beard and brow color has to be applied every day or two, but can be applied much more easily and conveniently than beard dyes.

What Is 1 Day Beard and Brow Color Made Of?

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This is the big question. Because oftentimes brush-on beard colors will be called a mascara, even when it isn’t. But, there’s a catch.

It’s important to recognize that just because brush-on beard colors are applied with a small applicator brush does not mean that they are all “mascaras.” However, some of them really are. Let me explain…

Mascaras, while they are applied with a brush, are typically silicon and water-based formulas. There are many brush-on beard colors that use this formulation, making them legitimate “mascaras”. The water is supposed to evaporate away and leave the pigment “color” and silicon for water-resistance and thickness. However, there are a few problems with this.

The first one is that water evaporates slowly, meaning that the brush-on beard colors that are silicon-based require a long time to dry. Anywhere between five and ten minutes.

The next problem is that silicon, by nature, is gelatinous, like a jelly. This means that silicon, even when dry, has a tendency to smudge, run, or stain things. Just think about what happens when someone cries while wearing mascara.

The point is, while lots of brush-on color manufacturers out there use a typical mascara formula, not all do. Volt Instant Beard and Brow Color, for example, uses an alcohol-based formula which has many advantages.

Alcohol-based brush-on beard colors are very different from silicon-based ones. Alcohol evaporates extremely quickly, meaning the color dries in 30 seconds or less. Using an alcohol-based formula also means that the color, once dry, is much more resistant to water, sweat, or rubbing than silicon-based formulas are.

All in all, what makes Volt different than practically any other brush-on beard coloring is that Volt doesn’t use a typical “mascara” formulation. Instead, we use a better one.

Natural Ingredients in Brush-On Beard Colors

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Silicone-based brush-on beard colors (mascaras) often contain man-made ingredients known to cause allergic reactions, much like beard dyes. This is the downside of using beard colors with these kinds of formulas. A beard and brow color with more natural ingredients, on the other hand, has a litany of upsides.

For example, natural ingredients tend to be more eco-friendly, easily sustainable, and often hypoallergenic as opposed to manmade chemicals or ingredients.

Not to mention, when a products with natural ingredients is disposed of, those ingredients are generally more quickly reintroduced and reincorporated with their life cycle in the ecosystem, thus making natural products more eco-friendly.

Natural ingredients are really the bare minimum that you can ask for when it comes to a quality product nowadays, so be sure you know what goes into your beard and brows!

Brush-On Beard Color Drying Time

Voltsquarehghlt Steps 04

The benefit of an exclusively alcohol-based formula is that alcohol evaporates quickly, which is why Volt Instant Beard and Brow Color doesn’t require much “drying time” or “setting time” like other brush-on 1-day beard colors do. Volt is also more water-resistant for this very reason.

Silicon-based beard colors require at least 5 minutes to “set” otherwise they can easily smudge, wipe, transfer, or stain. Not good, considering these are meant for your beard, and think of how often you tug or touch at your beard.

With Volt, all you need to do is grab your vial, shake it for 20 seconds, brush on the color, and you’re good to go with a natural looking colored beard for the rest of your day!

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