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How To Get The Perfect “Salt & Pepper” Beard

The “salt & pepper” look is becoming more and more desirable for men in today’s day and age. It’s the perfect balance that portrays a man with both energy and experience to those around him. Nowadays, there are major benefits to managing your appearance both in the workplace and in life in general, and we want to help you do exactly that! Let’s talk about how you can get the perfect salt & pepper beard style!

Keep in mind that the salt & pepper beard and hair style is not for everyone. If you’re a younger guy who’s hair has yet to start turning gray, we’d recommend keeping your hair the way it is. However, if you’re dealing with more grays than you’d prefer, then we absolutely recommend going for that salt and pepper look.

Let’s talk about some of the tools you’ll need, first.

Tools You Will Need:

  • (Optional) Beard Brush/Beard Comb
  • Volt Instant Beard Color

Why A Salt & Pepper Beard Matters

The salt and pepper look is gathering more and more popularity nowadays. Men who want to give off a more mature, but still youthful, appearance tend to fall into this category of style. Flaunting the grays that are coming through an otherwise dark beard seems to give a man a certain sense of charm. And many men like to show off those grays as if they are nothing less than a badge of honor.

How To Get A Salt & Pepper Beard

Beard Style

The steps to getting the perfect salt & pepper beard are really quite simple. First off, you’ll have to start with grays.

Start With Gray Hair

The simple fact of the matter is, if you don’t already have gray hair, you probably can’t rock the salt and pepper look. Younger men who have not yet turned gray shouldn’t really attempt to “add gray” to their hairs, because the result almost always looks unnatural.

The salt and pepper look is for the man with more grays in his beard and hair than he really wants. And it’s the unfortunate truth that, occasionally, a man will look older on the outside than he feels on the inside. So, it’s totally within our right as men to want to turn back the clocks a bit.

Choose Your Coloring Product

Dye Vs Color (Clean Version)

Nowadays, there are a litany of mens grooming and hair coloring products out here on the market, and you can have your pick of them. There are obviously certain products we prefer, and we’ll explain why, but be sure to choose the products that works best for you.

Beard coloring products tend to fall into two categories: Dyes and Temporary colors.

Beard dyes have been around the longest, and there are now dyes that are made specifically to balance the lighter and dark hairs in a man’s beard for a salt and pepper look. However, we tend to stay away from dyes for a few reasons.

  1. Dyes Use Harsh Chemicals
  2. Dyes Are Permanent
  3. Dyes Can’t Be Customized

When you’re looking for the perfect salt and pepper beard, most importantly, you want a color that you can customize. You want to be able to put the color where you want it, and most of all, control the opacity of that color. Dyes don’t allow you to do this, because they require mixing pastes and applying them before washing those pastes out to get a sense of the permanent results.

Beard dyes also don’t tend to last as long. A single application will provide permanent dye for about 2 weeks (until the roots start to grow out again). Whereas temporary beard color must be applied every day, but there is usually a month and a half worth of color in a single vial.

Instead, we recommend temporary beard colors.

Temporary beard colors like Volt Instant Beard Color is a brush-on beard color that lasts only a day or two. The benefit of these colors is that they can be applied and removed at will, and are completely customizable.

For example, you can control not only where the “salt” shows through in your beard, but also how much the salt shows through. This means you can effectively choose whatever beard style works for whatever occasion, and makes it much more simple and less risky of a process to do so.

How To Use Volt Beard Color to get a Salt & Pepper Beard

Volt Instructions

The steps for using Volt are short, quick, and easy. Just grab your vial of volt, shake it for 20 seconds, pull out the brush and brush on your beard color where you want it, and you’re all done. You’ll be able to see the color when you apply it, meaning you don’t have to wait for dye-pastes to stain the hair before washing it out. With Volt, what you see is what you get.

When you brush on Volt, make sure to brush lightly to allow your natural grays to show through. This will give you that salt and pepper look you’re looking for!

Take a look at the image below and check out some of the different ways Volt can be applied to give the same man a completely different look.

Volt Texttemplate (updated Images)

With Volt, and a little practice, you can have the perfect customizable salt and pepper beard in no time.

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