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What is 1-Day Temporary Beard Color? FAQ

Men have had to deal with graying beards for quite a long time. And unfortunately for many men, those beards will gray and give off an appearance that is “older” than that man may actually feel on the inside. Hence the need for beard coloring solutions which help level the playing field! This market used to be all about beard dyes, but there’s a new player now: 1-Day Temporary Beard Color.

In this short blog, we want to talk about what 1-day temporary beard color is, how it differs from beard dyes, benefits and advantages of temporary beard color, and which temporary beard color on the market is best.

There’s a lot of ground to cover here, so keep reading!

What is 1-Day Temporary Beard Color?

1-day temporary beard color is (usually) a brush-on beard color solution which coats and “tints” the beard hair as opposed to staining or dyeing it. Hence the name “beard color” instead of beard dye. These beard colors can be made of various formulas that have different properties, which we will talk about in more detail later on.

Due to the color tinting/coating your beard instead of penetrating and dyeing the hair follicles, this beard color will wear away within a few days, hence the temporary aspect of it.

Temporary Beard Color vs Beard Dyes

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Put simply, these 1-day temporary beard colors are meant to be a much more quick, simple, portable, and “clean” application of beard color than typical beard dyes which require mixing chemicals, wearing gloves, and bathing out the dye solution. For beard dyes to work, the chemicals in the dye must be allowed to sit in your beard and penetrate the hair follicle in order to stain the beard a different color. Both beard dyes and temporary beard color have their advantages and disadvantages.


Beard dyes are going to be more permanent, and usually must be re-applied within two weeks when the roots of the beard grow out and become noticeable once again. Temporary beard color, on the other hand will fade away within 1-2 days. However, although each application lasts less time, there tend to be 30-35 applications in a vial of temporary beard color, meaning that a single portion of temporary beard color may actually last longer than a single application of beard dye.


Due to the chemicals needed for beard dyes to stain the hairs, they tend to cause allergic reactions and irritation when placed on or near the sensitive areas of skin by your mouth. 1-day beard color, however, doesn’t require those harsh chemicals, because the solution doesn’t need to penetrate the protein layers in the hair.

We can’t speak for all temporary beard colors out there, but this is why Volt Instant beard color is hypoallergenic, unlike most beard dyes out there.


Customizable beard color

Temporary beard colors are also more than beard dyes customizable for a few reasons: the first being that you can control the opacity of the color, and the second being that temporary beard color is removable at will.

The ability to control the opacity of your beard color is important, because it allows you to choose between a lightly colored beard which gives  you that salt & pepper look, and a full-colored beard. Depending on the situation you’re in, you have the option to choose which.

1-day temporary beard color is also removable at will, meaning that if you happen to dislike the application, you can wash the color out with warm water, shampoo, and some scrubbing. Then you can reapply the color however you like and wherever you like in your beard.

Beard dyes, on the other hand, are not that customizable. You often don’t get to see the final product until after the damage is done and there’s no going back (after the solution must be washed out to reveal the colored beard). This makes controlling the opacity extremely difficult.


1-day temporary beard color can be applied without needing to wash out a solution, and dries almost immediately (at least Volt does, we’ll talk about that further on) this allows you to see the results of the color the moment you brush the color on, no need to wait, wash, and hope you like the results like you do with beard dyes. And this temporary beard color can be applied anywhere at anytime.

Beard dyes may be convenient in the sense that it requires a single application for a few weeks of beard color, however that longevity is at the cost of most of the other benefits you see on this list that can be had with some 1-day temporary beard color.

Volt Instant Beard Color vs Competitors

Volt 2 Pack Sample

Lately, there’s been an influx of 1-day beard coloring solutions in the marketplace. We think it’s important to explain that not every 1-day temporary beard color is made the same. Different formulations can have wildly different properties. Here’s what we mean:

Many of the other temporary beard coloring solutions we’ve seen have been silicon-based. Silicon-based hair coatings are more like typical women’s mascara in terms of formulation and consistency. These Silicon-based formulas are often mixed with water, and therefore don’t dry very well, are more jelly-like, and tend to smudge, transfer and “run” more than other formulas.

Take Volt Instant Beard Color, for example. Volt uses an exclusive high-grade alcohol-based formula. Alcohol tends to increase the shelf life of products, is hypoallergenic, and allows Volt to dry almost instantly due to its extremely fast evaporation rate. This also means that we can use a formula that is much more water and smudge-resistant than our competitors.

Although no beard coloring solution out there is perfect, we urge anyone to go ahead and try Volt Instant Beard Color as well as some other temporary beard colors for themselves! We back our product and satisfaction with everything we’ve got!

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