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All Volt Instant Beard Color Kits Explained

In the greater world of beard color, none are quite so easy and customizable as Volt. But if you have spent any time on Volt’s website then you probably realize just how many different variations of Volt Instant Beard Color kits, sets, and packs. Well, we’re going to be talking about each one of those today, what they come with, and which is right for you.

Although Volt offers many different products, from sea salt spray to beard color to beard balm and more, it’s important to note that there are many different Volt kits and packs that we offer so you only have to pay for what you need. Before we begin, in case you are interested in trying Volt for yourself, take this quiz to find your beards perfect shade of Volt color!

There are four main variations of Volt Instant Beard Color, and they’re pretty simple.

  1. Full Volt Beard Color Kit
  2. Volt Refill 2-Pack
  3. Volt Sample 2-Pack
  4. Volt Single Pack

So, if you already know about Volt Instant Beard Color and are simply curious as to which option is best for you, the continue reading. If not, then check out this article linked HERE on what makes Volt unique. Otherwise, read on!

What is Volt Instant Beard Color

Put simply, Volt Instant Beard Color is a beard tint (not a dye) that offers you a completely customizable, controllable, and more realistic looking beard color as opposed to beard dyes.

We have a problem with beard dyes out there. Mainly, the mess, lack of customizability (after all, it’s all the same color), and the chemicals that are used to permanently stain your hair. That’s why we invented Volt, a temporary beard color that is removable at will, but also sweat and water resistant for a more natural finish that is completely customizable.

So, what do we mean by customizable? With Volt, you can control the opacity and placement of the color, meaning you can choose to let grays show through (or not) anywhere you want in your beard; a luxury that beard dyes won’t give you. Not to mention, you can apply it anywhere at practically any time without the gloves, mess, or washing that beard dyes require.

Now that you’re a little more familiar with Volt Instant Beard Color, let’s talk about the kits and variations we offer!

1. Volt Instant Beard Color Kit

Volt Beard Color

The Volt Instant Beard Color Kit is the largest and most inclusive of the packs on this list. It contains more tools and accessories than the others as well as the color itself. Here’s what the Volt Instant Beard Color Kit includes:

  • A Full Vial (about 30 applications) of Volt Beard Color
  • A Small Volt Beard Comb
  • Volt Prep and Clean Solution
  • Volt Travel Pouch
  • Instruction Sheet

Now, there’s a lot to unpack here in this full kit. The Volt color speaks for itself, but how important in the comb, the Prep and Clean, and the travel pouch?

Well, it depends on how you use the Color. Personally, we feel the comb really helps keep the beard feeling natural after coloring it because it re-separates the hair that may be pulled together when applying the color.

The Prep and Clean also helps you apply the color (or remove it) cleanly, because it strips the beard of excess oils, allowing the color to adhere to the hair more easily and for longer. The travel pouch is useful for carrying all of these things, but if you only intend on using the color, the vial alone can fit into your pocket without much need for the extra pouch, it’s just a nice touch!

Click here to learn more and see prices.

2. Volt Refill 2-Pack

Volt Vialrefill

The Volt Refill 2-pack is for the person who already knows exactly what color they need for their beards. After all, with this kit, you are getting two full vials of the same shade of Volt Instant Beard Color (up to 6o applications).

This kit doesn’t come with any of the extra tools like the beard comb or Prep and Clean, however it does still come with an instruction sheet. Generally, this kit is for people who already know what their perfect beard shade is (via this quiz) and have probably already purchased the Volt full kit before, meaning they can continue using the comb and pouch without having to pay for them over again.

Click here to learn more and see prices.

3. Volt Sample 2-Pack

Samplepackweb 2

Now on to something that really separates Volt from the beard dyes out there! Volt gives you the option to grab a sample-size vial of two different beard color shades. This helps you test which color really works for you before you go all in to get the full Volt kit or the refill 2 pack. Not to mention the sample sizes are heavily discounted!

Now keep in mind that, because these are sample sizes, there aren’t as many applications in these Volt vials (hence the heavy discount). However, they are perfect for determining which color is right for you if you happen to be stuck between two options after taking the Volt color quiz mentioned earlier multiple times!

Click here to learn more and see prices.

4. Volt Instant Beard Color Single Pack

Singlepack Inside

Now for the newest introduction by volt in the world of beard color is the Volt single pack! The single pack contains, you guessed it, a single full vial of Volt beard color (30 applications).

This single Volt vial comes with an instruction sheet but nothing else. No Prep and Clean, no beard comb, and no travel pouch. However, we did this to offer people a much more discounted product that still contains all the utility of the full Volt Instant Beard Color Kit!

Click here to learn more and see prices.

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