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The FASTEST Beard Color On The Market | Volt Instant Beard Color

Let’s be honest here for a moment, applying beard or hair dyes is quite a lengthy process that involves some less-than-simple procedures. Mixing activators and colors, brushing, waiting, and washing takes some time to accomplish. And it often doesn’t feel great leaving a mixture of chemicals in or around your beard and mouth that require to you wear gloves. Well, today we’re going to be talking about the solution to all of these issues.

Volt Instant Beard Color really is exactly that, instant. From the moment you pull out the brush applicator and start brushing it onto your beard, the color takes place and shows you exactly the way it will look when completely dry, which only takes about 30 seconds or so.

So before we get into the meat and potatoes of this quick blog, check out our youtube video on this exact topic and subscribe to the Volt Grooming YouTube Channel!

How Fast Can You Apply Beard Color?

Traditionally, the only solution to people who want darker, colored, or thicker looking beards were beard dyes. Beard dyes are still wildly popular, but is no longer the only solution to the beard col0r problem! There are a few issues that beard dyes have in particular.

Beard Dyes Are Messy

Anything that requires you to mix chemical solutions and wear gloves when you apply it (let alone bathe afterwards to remove) shouldn’t be considered a clean process. At least, not as clean and simple as it could be to get some natural looking beard color.

Beard Dyes Take Time

After you spend the time mixing, brushing into your beard, waiting the allotted time, and washing/bathing the solution out of your beard (and possibly reapplying if you aren’t satisfied with the results), you’ve probably spent at least a good half of an hour for the first round of dyeing your beard.

Volt Instant Beard Color is instant. Shake the vial for 20 seconds, pull out the brush, and brush the color on. You can have a full beard of color in less than 60 seconds, which dries to a sweat and water resistant color in less than 30 seconds.

Beard Dyes Aren’t Customizable

Volt Texttemplate (updated Images)

Beard dyes are typically a one-tone type of coloring solution. This means that there is usually one solid color that is dyed into the hair which uniformly coats and colors all the hair follicles. Often, this leaves your beard with the typical (what we call in the industry) “shoe-polish” look. Your beard will almost look to perfectly uniform in color, without the tiny nuances and changes in color that give your beard a natural look.

Volt, however, is customizable. The color you apply with the brush gets slightly darker each time you brush over the same area, meaning you can brush lightly for a salt & pepper look, or brush heavily for a fully colored and uniform beard.

The Most Natural Beard Color

Volt 2 Pack Sample

Volt can also be described as the most natural beard coloring solution on the market for one simple reason we mentioned earlier. The ability to control the opacity of the color depending on how many layers you choose to apply.

Volt is formulated to apply lightly at first, and build up from there. Meaning that the first few brush strokes start off light and give you a completely customizable salt & pepper appearance for your beard which many men love. However, the more you brush Volt into your beard, the more opaque and saturated in color your beard gets. This allows you to choose not only how dark and colored you want your beard to be, but also where you want that color saturation to be!

This freedom of choice helps you get the most natural results from any beard color out there on the market. No more dealing with those “shoe-polish” beards that look oddly uniform.

The Cleanest Beard Color

Dye Vs Color (Clean Version)

There is another way in which Volt Instant Beard Color is the most “natural” beard color out there. Volt doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or dyes, and is completely hypoallergenic. Beard dyes will often rely on the chemical compounds like ammonia and PPD in order to penetrate the hair follicle to embed the color into the hair.

Volt, on the other hand, simply coats or “tints” the hair, allowing you the benefits we mentioned earlier when it comes to controlling the darkness of the color. This also means that volt is completely removable at will when scrubbing with warm water and soap. You’ll never be stuck with an unnatural application or dyed beard without a choice ever again.

Ultimately, Volt is certainly one of the newest contenders for the best beard coloring on the market, given it’s customizability, natural look, and organic and skin-safe ingredients.

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