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How To Color Men’s Eyebrows | Men’s Natural Eyebrow Color

Here on the Volt Grooming blog and YouTube channel, we talk extensively about beards and beard products (beard oil, beard color, etc.). However, one of the questions we notice often comes from men who are curious about how they can color more than their beards, more specifically, their eyebrows. Eyebrow color is not a very common product for men, but today we’re going to talk about how you can color perfectly natural-looking eyebrows for a much more youthful appearance.

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The biggest issue most men will face is finding a natural-looking eyebrow coloring that is safe to use. Many of the beard/hair coloring dyes out there contain harsh chemicals like ammonia or PPD; ingredients that aren’t FDA approved or safe for direct skin contact. These chemicals make dyes unsafe to use, especially around a sensitive area such as the eyes.

Luckily, Volt has you (and your eyebrows) covered! Without sounding too much like an unapologetic advertisement, Volt Instant Beard Color is an all-natural and hypoallergenic way to cover your gray hair, and works perfectly well on eyebrows also. No mixing, waiting, or washing required like with typical hair or beard dyes. Oh, and you can apply it however dark you want without the fear of the “shoe-polish” look that beard dyes often give.

So, here’s what we’re going to do. To start, we’ll discuss why men should color their eyebrows in the first place, then we’ll get into the easy steps you can use to achieve natural-looking eyebrow color, and finally, we’ll talk about why Volt Instant Beard Color works amazingly well as an eyebrow color also.

Why Men Color Their Eyebrows

Most men who grow grays in their beard enjoy the salt and pepper look. After all, salt and pepper is the quintessential “mature yet energetic” color combination for a man’s beard or any kind of facial hair. That being said, most men are often very unhappy with having gray hair in their eyebrows, as this causes a person to look far older than they really are. Hence the demand for eyebrow coloring.

How To Color Men’s Eyebrows

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To color your eyebrows safely and naturally, you’ll need to start by finding the right shade of color that matches your hair. Generally, your eyebrows are going to be slightly darker than your beard and/or hair (unless your hair is jet black). Darker eyebrows look more natural and youthful than lighter-colored eyebrows. Just don’t overdo it by making your eyebrows black when you have brown or lighter-colored hair. You at least want the basic colors to match.

Luckily, we make it easy here for you to find your color. Just click the button below to take a short quiz and find your perfect shade.

After you’ve found the perfect shade for you, here are the steps for coloring men’s eyebrows.

Step 1: Shake Your Volt Vial for 20 Seconds

All you have to do to prep your Volt eyebrow color is to shake the vial and mix the ingredients well. Certain ingredients like the pigment, shellac, and hydrating oils need to be mixed for an even coat of color!

Step 2: Brush On Your Eyebrow Color

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After shaking the vial well, simply unscrew the cap and pull out the applicator brush which should be coated in color. Brush the color on where you want and however dark you want! We recommend starting from the inside of your eyebrow (near the bridge of your nose) and brushing to the ends, this makes sure that you are brushing along the grain of your hair growth and your eyebrows look natural and in-place.

Step 3:  Let Dry for 30 Seconds

Yep, it’s really that easy. With Volt, you’ll be able to see how your eyebrows look the very moment you apply the color without having to wait for dyes or mixtures to soak or stain your hair. Once your eyebrow color dries (30 sec), you’re ready to tackle your day!

Why You Should Use Volt Beard Color On Your Eyebrows

Dye Vs Color (Clean Version)

Here are a few reasons why Volt works perfectly as an eyebrow-specific color (as opposed to beard/hair dyes).

1. Volt Is Hypoallergenic:

Like we mentioned earlier, putting ammonia, PPD, and other chemicals in or around your eyes is just not a good idea (duh). Which makes having a hypoallergenic and all-natural hair coloring all the more simple and confidence-inspiring to use.

2. Volt Is Customizable

Volt isn’t applied like any other beard or hair dye out there, and that’s because it isn’t a dye. Volt coats the hair with color, like a tint, instead of penetrating and staining the hair from the core. This means you can apply volt instantly, anywhere you want to, and with any shade or opacity that you like.

Want to keep the salt and pepper look? Simply apply less Volt color to your eyebrows. Want the full-coverage dark-eyebrow look? Brush more color onto your eyebrows. It’s that simple. No more waiting or washing dyes out before you get to see the final product.

3. Volt Is Portable

With Volt, there’s no washing, waiting, mixing, or pastes to apply. Just shake your vial of Volt, pull out the applicator brush, and brush your color on where you want it. No washing or mess here! Stick your vial of Volt in your pocket and use it anywhere when you need.

All in all, men’s eyebrows are one of the most noticeable spots of aging, especially if white hairs are starting to creep in.So, if you want to keep a youthful and energetic appearance, some Volt Instant Beard Color works amazingly well on men’s eyebrows and can turn back the hands of the clock.

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