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How To Make Beard Butter with Beard Oil and Beard Balm

Beard products come in all shapes and sizes. From your typical beard oil to your less-typical beard balm, beard butter, and beard/mustache wax, there are bound to be products out there that perfectly match your beard-grooming needs. Today, we at Volt want to show you how you can combine two very common beard grooming products to create a custom product with special properties, exactly the way you like it!

Everyone knows, and has probably tried, beard oil in the past. It’s one of the most common and used beard products on the market. Fewer people likely use beard balm. Beard balm can be thought of as a “leave-in conditioner” of sorts for your beard hair. It is much thicker than beard oil, but this accomplishes a few things. Mainly, beard balm allows you to lightly style and control pesky beard hairs that fray out, and beard balm allows you to condition your beard for a longer amount of time than beard oil, because of its thicker consistency.

To some, beard oil is too thin and doesn’t control their pesky beard hairs enough, and beard balm is too thick and doesn’t hydrate enough or as quickly as they would prefer. So, in this article we’re going to talk about why you should mix beard oil and beard balm to create a custom beard butter!

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What Is Beard Butter?

Beard butter is the bridge between beard oil and beard balm. It’s thicker than beard oil, allowing you to style and/or control your beard much more effectively, but it’s also thinner and less viscous than beard balm is. This means beard butter will hydrate and dry more quickly than beard balm, as well as spread more evenly throughout your beard.

Beard butter is generally a favorite among those with longer beards, this is because a longer beard will require much more product with which to hydrate evenly, making it important to have a product that spreads well. Longer beards also tend to need some light styling and hold, because longer beard hairs more obviously stray away from the group, causing a beard to look scraggly or unkempt.

Beard butter is the obvious solution to both of these issues! And today, we’ll give you an awesome demonstration on how to create some!

How To Make Beard Butter

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Beard butter is simple. All you will need is some beard oil and beard balm with which to mix. Keep in mind that by mixing the two products, you won’t need as much of each, meaning that the longevity of the products will remain the same. It’s not like you’ll be using them twice as fast!

What you’ll notice is that Volt Beard Balm is much thicker in consistency than Volt Beard Oil, after all, that consistency is what provides the hold and styling ability of beard balm. Volt Beard Balm provides a medium-hold. By mixing beard balm and beard oil, you’ll be able to control the firmness of the balm, therefore creating your own beard butte concoction exactly the way you prefer it!

To make beard butter, you’ll first have to consider the length of your beard. Longer beards will obviously require more product, but what we recommend is to start with a tad less product than you would normally use (for both beard balm and beard oil). Combining the two will even itself out and provide you the right amount of product.

Start by scraping some beard balm into your palm, again, use less than you might normally use. Then start applying a few drops of beard oil and mixing the two together. The more beard oil you use, the more “runny” and less viscous the beard butter will become. Once you feel like you’ve reached a happy medium, begin to rub the mixture in your hands and combine/melt down the ingredients into each other!

How to Apply Beard Butter

Octo Brush 2

To apply beard butter, you’ll first want to make sure that the mixture is consistently mixed and melted down into your hands. This makes the butter much easier to spread in and around your beard.

Start by dragging your hands in a downward motion across your beard, this gets the majority of the butter on the surface of your beard and will allow your hands and the recommended beard brush to spread the oils and butter evenly later on!

Once the majority of the butter is wiped off, begin to massage your hands throughout your beard, up and down to ensure both sides of your beard hairs are coated, and make sure to reach the skin underneath your beard and around your cheeks and chin. This is very important, dry skin can cause itchiness, redness, irritation, flaking, and more to occur through your beard. Beard butter can solve this issue by moisturizing and making your beard and skin softer and free of irritation.

Once you feel the butter has been evenly applied with your hands, give your beard some solid brushing with a natural boar bristle brush. The boar bristles are thinner and more delicate than your fingers, allowing the oils and butter to spread throughout your beard much more evenly and uniformly. Volt’s Octo Brush (pictured) also has bristles that are stiff enough to dig through your beard to the skin underneath and exfoliate any debris, skin cells, and other contaminants that may cause your beard and skin issues down the road!

Now that you know how to create and apply a custom beard butter, all you need to do now is experiment with your own beard to see how much balm and oil you need to reach your preferred consistency! Every beard is different, so be sure to experiment and try different things until you find a custom mixture that works perfectly for you!

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