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How To Color a Short Beard/Stubble Beard

With the popularity of the short beard or “stubble” beard on the rise, more and more men are wondering how they can color these types of beards to retain a youthful appearance or fill patches and thin areas. So, today we’d like to talk about the best way to go about coloring or filling in a shorter beard!

Before we march on, click the link below and unlock the video to watch Jaro (Volt’s founder) use the product to perfectly color his stubble/short beard.

Step 1: Use The Right Beard Color Product

We absolutely recommend using Volt beard color for coloring in stubble or a shorter beard. Although it may come across as brazen to recommend our own product, we do so for very specific and important reasons that give our beard color the advantage over traditional beard dyes.

A. Our Beard Color is Hypoallergenic and Free of Harsh Chemicals

By far, the largest advantage Volt Instant Beard Color has is that it contains no harsh irritants or additives that beard dyes commonly use. There’s a reason that beard dyes come with plastic gloves, it’s because the chemicals used are not FDA approved for skin use, often causing irritation, redness, or adverse reactions. With a short beard, it would be almost impossible to apply a traditional dye without getting any of those chemicals on or around the sensitive skin near your nose and mouth.

However, our beard color is not only hypoallergenic but it can even be placed DIRECTLY on your skin due to the natural FDA-approved ingredients contained therein. This is why you can use our color not only on your beard but also on your skin to fill in patchy areas where your beard may not grow.

B. You Can’t Customize Dyes

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Beard Dyes are hard to customize. First of all, you’re dealing with a messy paste that gets everywhere, meaning that it’s difficult to color only certain parts of your beard when trying to achieve a “salt & pepper” look. Secondly, you will never be able to tell how dark your beard will be until AFTER you wash the paste off. This means you can’t saturate your beard with color as accurately, leaving you either the option to apply the color again, or deal with whatever your results are…permanently.

Our beard color uses a different application system, a small brush that you can use to put the color where you want, and blend it seamlessly into your beard. Because the bristles of the brush mimic the texture of strands of hair, you can create natural blends and fill in patchy beard areas on your skin in a way that looks far more natural-looking than the “shoe-polish” look of a beard dye.

C. Beard Dyes Take Forever To Apply

The results of a beard dye are permanent…kind of scary if you ask us because what happens if you don’t like the result? You’d have to shave. Not to mention the process of applying beard dyes is quite an ordeal. Applying dyes will require gloves, mixing chemicals, brushing on paste, waiting for the color to develop, and finally rinsing the dye off. Why can’t you just brush the color on and not worry about it? That’s what Volt is for.

Step 2: Apply The Product

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When it comes to applying Volt beard color on shorter beards, here’s what we recommend:

Shake Well

Volt beard color needs to be shaken for roughly 20 seconds before it can be applied evenly. This just ensures the pigments and ingredients are well-mixed and work flawlessly.

Start From the Middle

Start applying Volt in the middle of your beard around your mustache and chin and work your way to the sides. Apply more lightly the closer you get to your sideburns so that the color looks blended more naturally! Check your progress every so often so that you can apply evenly.

Also, apply the color by laying the brush flat, NOT pointing the tip towards your beard. This ensures that you don’t leave streaks or lines of color in your beard.

Customize Your Beard Color!

Another major benefit you have with Volt Instant Beard Color is the ability to customize which style of beard you prefer. You can choose where you want the color, how much of the color you want, and how blended it is.

This means you can rock a perfectly natural-looking salt & pepper beard, full-color, or apply light touch-ups and fill patches where you need.

Step 3: Enjoy A Perfectly Colored Beard!

Overall, Volt is the safer and more customizable alternative to many harmful beard dyes out there, especially for coloring a shorter beard with dyes that risk putting harsh chemicals on your skin.

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