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All-New Volt Grooming Products!

Volt Grooming is proud to announce an array of all-new products that we’ve added to our men’s grooming lineup! From beard wash to aftershave (and more), we’ve released a variety of cool new products targeted at saving the environment and saving you money.

In this Volt article, we’re going to be diving into all of the new products and giving you guys an overview of their features and why they’re a bit different than the norm! Here is a quick list of all the new products we’ll be discussing today.

Volt’s New Product Overview

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New Volt Product Offerings:

  • Beard Wash
  • Shampoo
  • Body Wash
  • Aftershave
  • Shave Gel
  • GoPack
  • Eco-Refill Packs

Most of the new Volt products, beard wash included, are packaged in high-grade recyclable and refillable aluminum bottles. We’ll talk more about this in the Eco Refills section. At Volt, we believe the best way to recycle is to reuse, so we offer refill packs for our products that are more cost effective, and require less materials so that you can save money and the environment alike!

Run out of beard wash, shampoo, body wash, etc.? Easy! Just grab a refill pack and use the same bottles you already have and save money!

Also, due to our love for sustainability, Volt products are sulfate-free, good for sensitive skin, and use natural ingredients with recyclable packaging.

Now, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of the article starting with the all-new Volt Beard Wash!

Volt Grooming Beard Wash

beard wash

For a brand like us that has traditionally focused on beards and beard care, beard wash was a no-brainer to introduce to our product line! However, our beard wash isn’t like most others! Our beard wash comes in our signature aluminum refillable bottles that help save you money and the environment alike.

Volt Beard Wash is sulfate-free, perfect for sensitive skin, and combined with caffeine to really amp-up your morning routine! Caffeine traditionally helps boost skin circulation and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

The included argan oil and shea butter help hydrate and reduce dryness, perfect when used in combination with other hydrating beard products like beard oil or beard balm!

Overall, Volt Beard Wash is the only beard wash you’ll ever need to keep your beard feeling and smelling the best it’s ever been!

Available Sizes: 150ml, 80ml (travel size), and 900ml (refill pack)

Scent: Outback (sandalwood + musk + floral)

Volt Grooming Shampoo

Volt grooming shampoo

Shampoo is a new venture for Volt, but we’re confident that after years of testing we’ve got it down! Our shampoo is also packaged in a large aluminum refillable bottle. Just keep your empty bottle when you run out of shampoo, and grab a Volt Shampoo Eco Refill Pack so you can get up to 3 full refills at a fraction of the cost! Better for your wallet, and the world.

Much like Volt Beard Wash, Volt’s Shampoo is sulfate-free, easy on skin, and made with natural ingredients. Volt’s no-spill locking pump also helps keep it safe when traveling or being active, and we offer the shampoo in a conveniently small travel-size, perfect for the Volt GoPack kit.

Our shampoo is made with natural ingredients like panthenol, which prevents breakage and helps condition the hair and scalp, as well as moringa Oil, which is rich in antioxidants and helps moisturize skin and hair.

Overall, Volt’s Shampoo is a natural, awesome-smelling, good for the environment, and good for your wallet type of shampoo to add to your shower arsenal.

Available Sizes: 400ml, 80ml (travel size), and 900ml (refill pack)

Scent: Outback (sandalwood + musk + floral)

Volt Grooming Body Wash

Volt grooming body wash

If you’re tired of the infamous “bar soap dryness” out there, then it’s time to invest in a good body wash. Bar soap tends to dry out the skin, whereas a high quality body wash will keep the skin from becoming too dry, damaged, and aging prematurely. Which is why we here at Volt made the best wash there is! Here’s why,

Volt’s Body Wash is a combination of natural ingredients, sulfate-free, and mean to cleanse and energize the body. You may say “duh” all body washes are meant to cleanse and energize, but we do things a little differently! Volt Body Wash is combined with caffeine, which not only helps stave off that tired feeling but also promotes skin circulation and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Our body wash also contains Aloe, an ingredient dedicated to hydrate and moisturize the skin to keep it soft and free of excess dryness (we’re looking at you, bar soaps).

Not to mention, Volt Body Wash is also packaged in our signature high-grade refillable aluminum bottles. Save money when you order a Volt Eco Refill Pack of body wash and just reuse the same bottle to ease the impact on your wallet and the world!

Available Sizes: 400ml, 80ml (travel size), and 900ml (refill pack)

Scent: Drift (fresh citrus + sea salt)

Volt Grooming After Shave

volt grooming after shave

After shave isn’t as popular now as it’s once been, but we think it should make a comeback due to it’s legitimate benefits to your skin as well as that classic “burn” that makes it so characteristic and satisfying. And Volt’s aftershave is no slouch when it comes to healing your skin and providing a satisfying feeling! Here’s why…

Volt’s Aftershave is an alcohol-based liquid designed to soothe cuts and burns while cooling your skin with a dose of menthol, witch hazel, and cucumber extract. The menthol provides a signature ice-cold cooling sensation while the witch hazel reduces irritation and the cucumber extract moisturizes and tightens the skin, reducing the risk of scarring and stretching.

Other ingredients like hyaluronic acid help the skin retain moisture to fight off that post-shave dryness while aloes and eucalyptus help heal cuts and fight inflammation.

When you want to try a classic aftershave with all the skin-healing benefits, feeling, and amazing scent, then Volt is the way to go!

Available Sizes: 150ml, 80ml (travel size)

Scent: Drift (fresh citrus + sea salt)

Volt Grooming Shave Gel

Volt grooming clear shave gel

Volt Shave Gel (also called Volt Clear Shave) is a shaving gel designed for one thing and one thing only: The most precise and slick shaving experience you could ever ask for. Here’s why…

Firstly, Volt Shave Gel is clear, and we did this for a reason. We’ve found that using typical “foam-up” shaving creams and lathers made it rather difficult to get a precise shave and determine where your razor has already been and needs to go. With a clear shaving gel, you can see every last pesky hair and shave them off where you don’t want them, even when covered with the gel itself.

As you can imagine, this makes shaving, sculpting, and precisely crafting your beard a breeze. Combine this with the natural ingredients like menthol, aloe gel, hyaluronic acid gel, vitamin E, and more, and Volt’s Clear Shave Gel is the clear choice for the best shave there is!

Oh, and because of how slick Volt’s Shave Gel is, you can apply it to dry skin, making it extremely convenient for last-minute or on-the-go shaves without the need for running water.

Not to mention, this shave gel is also refillable with cost-effective and environmentally friendly Volt refill packs.

Available Sizes: 150ml, 80ml (travel size), 900ml (refill pack)

Scent: Drift (fresh citrus + sea salt)

Volt Grooming GoPack

Volt grooming Go Pack Closed

The GoPack is Volt Grooming’s answer to anyone who travels! This is by far the most convenient, simple, and easy-to-use dopp kit/travel pack out there. Here’s why…

Volt’s GoPack features a custom open-style design. No fishing out what you need from a messy single-compartment bag, the GoPack has elastic retainer straps, a clear main (removable) pouch for easy access, and mesh pockets for holding all of the essentials from shampoo to body wash to beard oil, and more.

In this single pack, you can organize and store your toothbrush and toothpaste, toiletries, nail clippers, beard products, razors, colognes, and anything else you might need when you’re on the go, and you won’t have to dig through to find any of it.

The GoPack also features carabiners and straps for easy hanging options on a towel rack, shower curtain rod, tree limb, or anywhere else you need it to be open and accessible.

Volt GoPack Hanging Open

Here’s what makes the GoPack unique:

  • Open-style design to access all your tools with ease
  • Multiple hanging options via carabiner and straps
  • Multiple storage options (clear pocket, storage bag, mesh pouches and elastic bands)
  • Transparent compartments (see it, grab it)
  • Removable storage bag (keep in on the counter, hang the rest in the shower)
  • Durable and easy-to-clean military grade Cordura material
  • Adjustable strap to keep everything secured

Volt Grooming Eco-Refill Packs

Volt grooming eco Refill packs grass

Last, but certainly not least, of Volt’s newest offerings are the Eco-Refill Packs. As we’ve mentioned multiple times before, at Volt, we care about the environment and our sustainability in the world. We’re a group of avid outdoorsman and active surfers, hikers, bikers, and more. And we can see and feel the effect of pollution and waste on the world we live in.

The Volt Eco-Refill packs are our solution to this problem. In an effort to promote sustainability, we want to share the message that the absolute best way to recycle is to REUSE. This is why most of our newest Volt products are packaged in high-grade refillable aluminum bottles. Run out? Simply grab a Volt Ec0-Refill Pack and refill your own bottle. They not only cost far less for you by volume, but are also packaged in recyclable aluminum foil that does far less damage to the environment than plastics and discarded bottles.

We’ve decided to implement a single slogan to bring the issue of pollution to light: Avoid Landfills, Save With Refills. And a single one of these refill packs can refill your Volt products by up to 3 times! All while definitely saving you money, and saving the world we live in,

This way, these Volt products could be the last bottles you ever need to purchase, and can refill with more eco and wallet-friendly packages of high quality Volt products.

Available Refill Products: Volt Beard Wash, Shampoo, Body Wash, and Clear Shave.

Available Size: 900ml (refill pack)

Overall, New Volt products are centered around natural ingredients, refillable and sustainable packaging, eco and wallet-friendly refills, and overall convenience and quality! Try any of these new Volt products and see for yourself!

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