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1 Day Beard and Brow Color | How It Works

The beard color industry has seen a massive shift since the days of dyes only. Nowadays, there are more temporary and controllable beard coloring options out there that don’t require the chemicals, and permanence, of dyes. Today, we’re going to explore the world of temporary 1 day beard and brow color for men, how to use it, and the options out there on the market!

Today, we’re going to be discussing, in depth, these topics:

  1. What is 1 day beard and brow color?
  2. Temporary beard color vs. beard dyes.
  3. Finding the best temporary beard color for you.
  4. How to use temporary 1 day beard color.

So, whether you use the color on your beard or brows, let’s get into it!

What Is 1 Day Beard and Brow Color?

Instant Temporary Beard Color

1 Day beard and brow color, also called temporary beard color, or brush-on beard color, is a beard coloring solution that uses a coating instead of a dye to alter your beard and hair color. They often come in smaller vials and use a small applicator brush that allows you to brush the color solution into your beard where you want.

There are inherent pros and cons to 1 day beard colors out there as opposed to beard dyes, let’s explore some of those benefits and disadvantages now.

Temporary 1 Day Beard Color vs Beard Dyes

Beard Color vs dyes

Now you may be asking, “what do you mean by a “coating” instead of a dye? Well, the answer is simple. Temporary or 1-Day beard colors use a special formula that contain ingredients that coat the exterior of your hair fibers. Beard dyes, on the other hand, use specific chemicals that split open the protein layers in the hair to stain it from the inside.

Think of 1 day beard color as a “tint” for your beard hair. It coats the outside of your hair strands and gives it a darker, fuller look. Beard dyes are more like a stain for your beard hairs. Dyes are permanent, and color the entire beard a single uniform color.

Beard Color Application

Tinting your beard hairs naturally result in some pros and cons as opposed to beard dyes. For example, tinting a beard is instant. The moment you brush on that color, you can see how it will look in the end, whereas beard dyes tend to require mixing, waiting, applying, more waiting, and rinsing before the color can be monitored. Put simply, temporary beard colors like Volt can be applied in less than a minute, whereas dyes require 20-30+ minutes in total.

Temporary beard color is also far and away more customizable than beard dyes. After all, you have a small and precise brush with which to apply it. You can not only choose exactly where your color goes, without having to mix pastes solutions, but also how opaque/transparent the color is. This means that with the same 1 day beard color, you can choose a salt & pepper look, a full-colored look, or a touch up. All in one.

Despite these advantages, the disadvantage with temporary 1 day beard color is exactly that, it must be applied every day. That being said, in a typical vial, with a short-medium beard, you can expect 30-35 applications of color. Meaning you get more total time out of 1 pack of instant beard color, but you get more color-time per application with beard dyes.

Also, because the formula in temporary beard color is skin-safe, it can also be used as a beard filler pen as opposed to traditional beard dyes which require hair strands itself to stain.

Beard Color Safety

The benefit that most men don’t think about when it comes to temporary beard colors is that they tend to be much safer for skin and sensitive areas on the face than beard dyes are. In fact, many of the ingredients in beard dyes such as PPD, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, etc. aren’t FDA approved for prolonged exposure to skin.

We can’t speak for the formulation of every temporary beard color out there, but we do know Volt Instant Beard Color is hypoallergenic and safe for use on and near skin because it uses medical high-grade alcohol as the active carrier ingredient for the color.

Pros of Temporary Beard Color:

  • More Customizable
  • Faster
  • Convenient Application
  • (VOLT) Hypoallergenic
  • Lasts Longer Per Vial

Cons of Temporary Beard Color:

  • Less Permanent
  • Requires Daily Application

Pros of Beard Dyes:

  • More Permanent
  • Lasts Longer Per Application

Cons of Beard Dyes:

  • No Opacity Control
  • Messy Application
  • Potential Allergic Reactions

The Best Temporary 1 Day Beard Color

Volt Beard Color Styles

Now that we’ve talked a good deal about what 1 day beard color is, and how it differs from more traditional beard dyeing solutions, let’s talk about the differences in various types of 1 day beard colors on the market.

Alcohol-Based vs. Silicon-Based Beard Color

Most instant temporary beard colors out there are going to fall into 1 of these two categories: Alcohol or Silicon-based. And we believe that one of these (alcohol-based) is significantly better than the other for a few reasons.

The reason you want to choose an alcohol-based beard color is because it dries more quickly, is more water/sweat/moisture-resistant, and feels more natural in your beard. Silicon-based beard colors tend to mix silicon-derived ingredient with water, meaning you have to wait for a ridiculous 5-minute “setting” time before the color actually dries enough to be somewhat life-proof. Alcohol-based colors like Volt dry in less than 30 seconds.

The other reason you want to avoid Silicon-based beard colors is because those colors are similar to traditional mascara. Meaning, they tend to run and bleed with moisture, become clumpy, and overall stay sticky for long periods of time, which can cause your beard to feel a bit nasty. Alcohol-based colors, due to their inherent moisture-resistance, feel non-sticky and more naturally like beard hair.

How To Use Temporary 1 Day Beard Color


Here’s the thing, using 1 day beard and brow color is amazingly easy, especially compared with beard dyes. There’s really only three steps, which are super self-explanatory, to applying most temporary beard colors out there on the market.

How To Apply Temporary 1 Day Beard Color:

  1. Shake the vial
  2. Brush on the color
  3. Enjoy

Yep, it’s that simple. Really. All-in-all, the increased customizability, skin-safety, and more natural-looking blend of beard colors is what makes temporary 1 day beard color a more desirable alternative to traditional beard dyes. Just be sure to grab an alcohol-based beard color for the absolute best results.

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