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Brush-On Beard Color vs Mascara (They’re VERY Different)

Over the past few years, brush-on beard colors have become more and more common in the beard coloring marketplace! With offerings like Volt’s Instant Beard Color, Just For Men’s 1-Day Beard Color, and more, it’s easy to see why the hype for brush-on beard color continues to grow!

However, like anything in life, there will always be misconceptions based on appearances. Mainly that brush-on beard color is similar to women’s mascara. And today, we want to help clarify any of these misconceptions that people may have regard the difference between these two products, more than just their intended purpose.

So, here’s what we’re going to be talking about today: Why brush-on beard color can be misconstrued as mascara, the difference in their formulations, and why Volt Instant Beard Color is vastly different from typical mascara in different ways.

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Brush-On Beard Color vs Mascara


Beard coloring has been around for decades in one form or another. The first commercially “big” beard coloring came in the form of beard dyes; a chemical-based one-time beard coloring product that stains beard hairs. Later on, it became realized that beard dyes cause a lot of problems for men with certain allergies or sensitive skin, mainly due to the chemicals that were required for its use.

Then came brush-on beard color (also known as 1-day beard color or temporary beard color). This color simply “tints” or coats the hair instead of penetrating the hair strand itself and staining the hair a different color.

Now, with the power of temporary beard color, you can apply the beard color in seconds without the need to mix chemicals and wash out a paste from your beard.

This is the reason brush-on beard color is considered mascara; because it’s applied with a small brush. The similarities in its application process often lead people to believe that it is the same exact thing or formula, and sometimes, they might be right.

But that leads us to another question: is the formula and ingredients of brush-on beard color the same as mascara?

Are Temporary Beard Colors the Same as Mascara?

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The short answer to this question is no…depending on the color you choose. It’s important to remember that not all brush-on beard colors are made the same, and the difference in formula and ingredients between them vary greatly.

Just for reference, mascara is typically a silicon-based product because silicon helps bind hair together to create faux “volume” and density. Keep that in mind while reading.

As a company who’s main product is a brush-on beard color (Volt Instant Beard Color) we can tell you what we notice the most.

Most other company’s brush-on colors are silicon-based as well, just like mascara. The silicon base and color is almost always cut with water to dilute it and make it easier to spread, however, this almost always means that the beard color takes a long time to dry or “set” to become water resistant or smudge-resistant. We’re talking about a “setting” time of 5 minutes or so.

It’s generally a safe bet to believe that any brush-on beard color that requires even a few minutes to set or dry is going to be silicon-based and more like typical mascara.

However, the good news is those products aren’t the only options out there. Volt Instant Beard Color, for example, is NOT silicon-based, but rather alcohol-based, which is beneficial for a few reasons. Let’s get into those.

Why Volt Instant Beard Color is Best

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Like we mentioned earlier, those who believe brush-on beard colors are like mascara are (sometimes) not wrong. But with Volt, the differences are many. Keep in mind that mascaras are normally silicon-based, this is important because Volt is alcohol-based.

Firstly, alcohol evaporates extremely fast, meaning that Volt requires 30 seconds or less to dry and fully secure color into your beard.

Secondly, because the colors and ingredients we use have to be alcohol-soluble, and not water-soluble (like mascara), the end product is naturally much more resistant to water, sweat, and smudging.

Lastly, alcohol-based colors look more natural because they don’t clump hairs together, and are safe to use on hair and skin to fill in patchy or thin areas of a beard. This makes alcohol-based beard and hair color much more beneficial than beard dyes and silicon-based beard colors alike.

All in all, there are brush-on beard colors out there that do use a similar silicon-based formula like mascara. However, Volt doesn’t use a silicon-based formula, but instead an alcohol-based one that makes Volt much more convenient, quicker to dry, and more resilient than other beard colors.

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