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Beard Dye vs Temporary Beard Color: What’s The Difference?

At first glance, you may think that beard dyes and beard color are the same thing. They sound synonymous, after all, but the differences between beard dyes and temporary beard color start stacking up the more you dive into the details of these two products. So, today, we here at Volt thought we’d give you an awesome guide where we battle out beard dye vs. temporary beard color so you can choose the best product for your needs.

When it comes to beard dyes and beard colors, here are the various categories we’ll be exploring to determine where the differences lie, and where the strengths of each product are known:

  1. Application Process
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Convenience
  4. Results
  5. Longevity

These categories should cover the full gamut of your beard coloring/dyeing experience. So, without further adieu, let’s dive in!

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Beard Dye vs Beard Color: Application Process

Regarding the application process of beard dye and beard color, we want to know how easy (or difficult) the products are to apply, how long it takes, and whether there is generally any issues that can result from the process for either product.

Beard Dye Application Process:

  • Prep the skin around your beard with petroleum jelly (to prevent skin stains)
  • Put on Gloves
  • Mix the chemical/paste solution
  • Brush the solution into your beard
  • Wait anywhere from 5-15 minutes for dye to set
  • Wash the paste out by rinsing your beard or showering

Overall, with beard dyes, we’re looking at a total application time of about 30 minutes at least. There are quite a few steps, and the results are permanent, so it’s important to get them right. Generally, this makes applying beard dyes a little more difficult than applying temporary beard color, as we are about to see.

Temporary Beard Color Application Process:

Volt Instructions

  • Shake the volt vial of color for 20 seconds
  • Pull out the applicator brush and brush into your beard
  • Wait 30 seconds for color to dry

That’s about all it takes to apply Volt and to do it well. The color goes on instantly, so you won’t have t guess how you look while waiting for a solution to set in. What you see is what you get. The whole process, depending on how much color/area you need to cover, can take less than a minute.

Not to mention, temporary beard color is safe for use on skin as well, aiding people with particularly thin or patchy beards to make their beard feel and look fuller.

Winner: Temporary Beard Color

Beard Dye vs Beard Color: Cleanliness

No Dye

This category will be easy, mainly because we already talked about the various steps and cleaning required in the “application” section.

Generally, temporary beard colors are going to be “cleaner” than beard dyes, and I mean that in a multitude of ways. Beard dyes often require harsh chemicals, some of which aren’t even FDA approved for use on skin. Chemicals like PPD, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide are just a few of the many chemicals that beard dyes require in order to open and stain the hair from the inside.

Temporary beard colors don’t require the harsh chemicals that beard dyes require, making them “cleaner” for your own skin and overall health. In fact, Volt Instant Beard color (one of many temporary beard colors) is hypoallergenic, simply because it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals at all.

Temporary beard color also doesn’t require any washing or mixing of solutions, all you have to do is shake the vial and apply it and that’s it, making the process cleaner overall.

Winner: Temporary Beard Color

Beard Dye vs Beard Color: Convenience


When something is convenient you can do it any time and anywhere, and generally it involves very little trouble or effort. So imagine this: You just parked in your parking spot and are preparing to head into the office for the day when you happen to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. To your shock you realize that your gray beard roots are showing after applying the beard dyes a few weeks ago, what can you do?

Your options are A) Grab a pack of beard dye and apply it in another 30 minutes, or B) Pull a vial of temporary beard color out of your pocket and apply it in less than a minute to cover your grays before heading into the office. We challenge you to try and find anything more convenient than temporary beard color.

Beard dyes, because they require mixing, waiting, and washing, are simply not convenient means of coloring your beard. Dyes do have their benefits which we’ll talk about later, however convenience is not one of them. Temporary beard color, on the other hand, is probably the most convenient way to color your beard. It can be done anytime, anywhere, and with no waiting or washing.

Winner: Temporary Beard Color

Beard Dye vs Beard Color: Results

Volt Texttemplate (updated Images)

The overall results between beard dye and beard color can be tricky to compare. In this segment, we are looking at just how natural the color looks after it has been applied, and whether you can control those results to a certain degree.

Both beard dyes and temporary beard color can give amazingly natural-looking results. Overall, how natural your beard looks will come down to whether you chose the right dye or color for your natural hair, and how you applied it. However, when we talk about the control you can have over these results, things get interesting.

Beard dyes only allow you to choose a certain color, however, what do you do when you want a salt and pepper look? You have to buy the salt and pepper dye. What happens if you want a full-coverage look? You have to buy that dye. And remember, you can’t apply both and retain a natural look.

This is where temporary beard color shines, its inherent customizability. Temporary beard color doesn’t penetrate the hair, it only covers it with a “tint” of color. This means that you can control the opacity of that color based on how much color you apply. All in all, a single vial of Volt Instant Beard Color can give you any style of beard you want based on how you apply it.

Winner: Temporary Beard Color

Beard Dye vs Beard Color: Longevity

Man Touching Beard

Finally, we get to the last segment in our battle of beard dyes vs temporary beard color: Longevity. As you can imagine, this is where beard dyes shine.

Beard dyes do exactly what they say they do, they dye. And because of that, a single application of beard dyes can last two weeks before your roots begin to show again (because hair grows, as we know). So typically, you’ll have to apply beard dyes twice a month for the best (unnoticeably natural) results.

Temporary beard color, because it coves the hair instead of penetrating it, will only last about 24 hours. Now, although beard color is water and sweat resistant, this means that constant scrubbing and tugging on your beard can affect the longevity of the color, however, there is a hidden benefit to this.

Because temporary beard color only tints the hair, it can also be removed at any time without any damage done to your hair or skin. This means if you are ever unhappy with the application, it can be removed unlike beard dyes which have now permanently altered your appearance.

That being said, beard dyes have better overall longevity per application. However, (Volt) temporary beard color has roughly 30 applications per vial, meaning a single pack lasts longer than beard dye. So, whichever you choose here depends on what you mean specifically by longevity.

Tie: Beard Dyes (per application) vs Temporary Beard Color (per pack)

Beard Dye vs Temporary Beard Color: What’s The Difference?

Dye Vs Color (Clean Version)

Here are the differences between beard dye vs temporary beard color.

Beard dyes are going to have more longevity per application, but lack the customizability, cleanliness, and convenience that temporary beard color has. On the other hand, temporary beard color is safer for skin and hair, more convenient to apply, and can be customized to give you a more natural look, but won’t last as long as beard dyes.

Depending on what you are looking for, you may even consider both of these products. Dye your beard first, and simply cover the roots which eventually show with temporary beard color. Or you can use temporary beard color consistently and rock different styles anytime you want.

Here is a summary of our categories and the winners of each:

  1. Application Process: Winner, Beard Color
  2. Cleanliness: Winner, Beard Color
  3. Convenience: Winner, Beard Color
  4. Results: Winner, Beard Color
  5. Longevity: Tie, Beard Dye and Beard Color

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