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Why Men Should Color Their Eyebrows | Easy Ways For Men To Look Younger

Beard dye has been around for quite some time in the men’s grooming marketplace. But, something most men come to us and ask about is “how can we color eyebrows” because despite what you might think, beard dyes typically aren’t safe for use around the eyes.

Today, we here at Volt want to tell you why and how you should color your eyebrows to gain back a youthful and energetic appearance! Every man wants to look how they feel, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve got energy in droves and want to show that off to the rest of the world. unfortunately, time has other plans.

So, if you’re interested in learning just how important eyebrows are in making you look younger, and the safest way to color your eyebrows, you’re going to want to stick around. Feel free to watch the video below on the same topic, or read on for more detailed information!

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Why Should Men Color Their Eyebrows?

The studies are in, and they are quite obvious to anyone who observes this phenomenon. Gray eyebrows significantly increase a man’s perceived age much more than gray beards do. This means that a man’s beard may go gray with little to no increase in his appeared age. However, once a man’s eyebrows start getting some gray in them, the man’s age is perceptibly increased by many more years.

Put simply, gray eyebrows make you look far older than a gray beard alone would, which makes it even more important to color your eyebrows in order to retain a youthful and energetic look. A little hair color goes a long way, and coloring your eyebrows if they happened to start graying can make a huge difference in your overall appearance.

Why You Shouldn’t Dye Your Eyebrows

Dye Vs Color (Clean Version)

At Volt, we prefer not having to use beard dyes for a few reasons. The frustrations we’ve experienced with beard and hair dyes actually helped us develop Volt Instant Beard Color, but we’ll get into that later.

In our experience, beard dyes typically have 3 huge drawbacks to them:

  1. Unnatural and harmful chemicals that can cause bad reactions.
  2. Inability to customize the color.
  3. Generally poor or “shoe-polish” results.

Beard Dyes Can Cause Harmful Reactions

Did you know that beard and hair dyes generally are not approved for use on skin? That’s right, many of the common chemicals in beard and hair dyes such as PPD, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide, are irritants that can cause severe allergic reactions in men.

Good luck trying to brush on and apply the paste that beard dyes require without getting it on or close to your skin, especially sensitive skin such as around your mouth and nose. That is why we have an issue with using beard and hair dyes on eyebrows, it’s one of the most sensitive areas of your face, and the potential is huge for some of that dye paste solution to drip into the most sensitive part of your face (the eyes).

Beard Dyes Aren’t Customizable

Volt Texttemplate (updated Images)

Beard dyes have to be mixed, applied with a paste, and washed out to reveal the final result. The problem with this is two-fold: Firstly, the dyes cover every hair in the area, causing it all to appear a uniform color. And secondly, you won’t know how long to leave the solution in, or how your beard will look afterwards until you commit to dying the  beard and wash out the solution. At which point, it’s already too late to make changes.

Because of these issues, you can’t decide how much gray to leave in, or how to customize your look and apply the color in the right areas. The result is typically a frustrating one.

Beard Dye “Shoe-Polish” Results

Because dyes cover every hair in the immediate area in which you apply it, as mentioned earlier, this causes an unnaturally “perfect” look. Every hair is dyed the exact same color. This can actually be a bigger problem than many men realize.

Take a good look at your beard and eyebrows and you’ll probably notice that every hair is NOT the same color, and that’s what cause the beard to look natural. Personally, I have many brown hairs mixed with red hairs in my beard, and it’s this mix that causes my beard to look more natural than if it was a single perfectly homogenous color.

Dyes don’t give you the option to customize or see just how dark and uniform the color will be until it’s too late, which can cause issues with the overall results.

How Men Should Color Their Eyebrows

Volt Instant Beard Color

These frustrations and first-hand experiences with the limitations of beard dyes have caused us at Volt to do some thinking. We wanted a way to color our beards and eyebrows, but in a more customizable, natural, and safe way. So, we developed Volt Instant Beard Color.

Here’s how you can use Volt to color your eyebrows, it’s insanely simple.

  1. Firstly, grab your vial of Volt and shake vigorously for at least 20 seconds.
  2. Unscrew the cap and start brushing the hypoallergenic color onto your eyebrows until you are happy with the result.
  3. Wait 30 seconds for Volt to dry to a water and sweat-resistant finish.

Volt Instructions

That’s really all there is to it, and it really is that fast. You can have your eyebrows colored within 60 seconds, and you can do it anywhere. No gloves, no washing, no chemicals.

Here’s why we think it’s not only easier but safer to use Volt on eyebrows: First of all, it’s hypoallergenic. Volt is made of all natural ingredients which are hypoallergenic and safe to use on hair and skin, so no worries about over applying. No harsh chemicals like PPD, ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide here, just to name a few, and Volt provides amazingly natural results because it blends with natural hair color to provide a unique look that isn’t too uniform.

Secondly, Volt is really Instant. Instead of having to apply, wait, and wash for 15 minutes for dyes to kick in, Volt shows you what color you get the moment you brush it on, and it can be removed at will anytime if you aren’t happy with the result or want to re-apply.

Lastly, it’s completely customizable. Beard dyes are a one and done solution, what you see is what you get, but what if you want a little variety? What if you want something you can control? Volt has you covered. Volt let’s you control the opacity of the color when you apply it. Want a salt and pepper look? Simply apply a light layer of volt onto your hair and there you go. Want darker color? Just apply more volt and go for the young full-colored look.

Volt was made with beards and eyebrows in mind, and it has around 35 applications per tube for beards alone! That means one tube can last your eyebrows potentially for months even if you apply it every single day.

Overall, Volt is hypoallergenic, safe on skin, instantly colors your eyebrows, and looks more natural than beard and hair dyes. For these reasons, we believe Volt Instant Beard Color is the best solution for coloring men’s eyebrows out there.

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