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How To Style Your Mustache With A Beard Brush

If you’ve had facial hair for any amount of time, chances are that you’re familiar with most of the traditional beard/mustache grooming products. More specifically, today we’re going to be talking about brushes. After all, you’ve probably heard of beard brushes, but how about a brush that helps you style and shape your mustache?

Now, we’ve written articles and filmed videos on the Volt website and youtube channel on how to shape, style, and train your beard. But now we want to show some love to the good old ‘stache that so many of us can have difficulty with.

Your mustache is one of the most difficult parts of your beard to groom mainly because mustache hair tend to be cut shorter. Shorter hair doesn’t have the weight to keep it down, and it doesn’t have the length to allow products with weak hold to help manage the hairs shape and direction. But, the good news is that with a few specific grooming tools, you’ll have all you need to style your ‘stache perfectly.

Tools You Will Need:

Without getting too far, if you’d like to unlock a live demonstration video on this exact topic, then click the button below to watch Scott style his own mustache with the tools mentioned above!

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Applying Mustache Wax


Mustache wax is an important part of styling almost any type of facial hair. You see, ‘stache wax is far more dense and tough than similar beard products like beard balm or beard butter. This is because mustache wax is designed to be used solely as a styling product that gives your facial hair a firm hold. This firm hold ensures that even the short and stubborn mustache hairs can be stuck into place and styled into whatever shape you prefer.

Applying mustache wax is super easy. If you happen to be using Volt Sculpt Mustache Wax, then take out the tiny wooden spatula from the container and scrape out a pea-sized ball of wax. Grab the wax from the spatula and rub the wax between your main 3 fingers (thumb, index, and middle) in both hands until the wax is well-melted and easier to spread.

Screen Shot 2022 06 08 At 10.22.22 Am

Take your fingers and begin pinching your mustache from the center and sliding your fingers to the side near the corner of your mouth. This will help you evenly spread the wax throughout all your hair and create a clean look by parting the direction of your mustache hair directly down the center.

How To Shape Your Mustache With A Beard Brush

Utility Brush

Volt’s Utility Brush is a pretty unique beard grooming tool. That’s not to say you can’t style your beard or mustache with another brush, but there are a few key things that make it easier to do so with the Utility Brush:

  1. Boar Bristles and Nylon Bristles: Natural boar bristles are commonly found on beard-specific brushes. This is because they are meant to be semi-flexible, spread oils, and exfoliate the skin beneath your beard. Nylon ball-tipped bristles are stiffer, and meant for detangling and styling because they don’t bend/flex nearly as much as boar bristles do. This combination gives you the best of both worlds in terms of beard hydrating, styling, and detangling properties in a brush.
  2. Spiral Shape/Design: The spiral pattern of the Volt Utility Barrel Brush is the other secret to its effectiveness. The bristles are positioned in a tight spiral so that, as you use the brush, you can spin the handle and straighten/style the hair even in tight places such as under your chin, jawbone, or (you guessed it) under your nose for your mustache.

Screen Shot 2022 06 08 At 10.22.36 Am

Using the beard brush to style your ‘stache is deceptively simple, especially with a spiral brush. All you have to do is hold the brush vertically (straight up and down) so that the bristles are able to reach your mustache underneath your nose. Start from the center and brush your mustache hair directly off to the sides while slowly spinning the brush to align the hair and let the spiral pattern of the bristles work their magic! once you do that a few times for both sides of your mustache you are ready to check out your results and do some minor final touches with your fingers for a more natural look.

If you find lots of flyaways or rogue hairs even after brushing your mustache, then simply apply another small amount of mustache wax and repeat the process until your mustache holds the shape and style that you prefer.

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