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How To Feel/Look Younger And Keep Up With The Kids

The Kids Are Growing; You Are Getting Older. Here Are 5 Ways To Keep Up With Them And feel/Look Younger

Being a father is the most fascinating “job” in the world. There is nothing out there like it. You really get to know yourself better than ever before. This is because your kids reflect who you are and how you treat them. Fatherhood requires constant self-improvement and learning from the list of never-ending mistakes you make along the way. When you do it right, the rewards are priceless. You will love who you are, you will love your children, and you will love your significant other. In other words, you will love life. However, most men find they lack the energy to really keep up with the rest of the family. That’s what we plan on discussing today! By the end of the article, you should be more familiar with some of the key ways to feel and look younger!

Being a father, however, is by no means an easy task. It requires your time, energy, and consistency. It is life’s most important commitment and obligation, and it can take a toll on you in the form of added stress,  sleep deprivation, increased workloads, and poor diets, all of which contribute to signs of aging.

5 Tips For Feeling/Looking Younger

To make sure I am a good father and spouse, I constantly reevaluate who I am and how I can do better. The following 5 strategies help me better manage fatherhood and the wear and tear that comes with it.


After spending most of the day in front of a computer at work or on a phone screen, I don’t want to return home to stare at a TV. That’s a waste of time. The end of the workday is supposed to be exciting and rejuvenating family time. I like to spend it playing, learning, or exercising with my children.

Cutting down on TV time can make a huge difference not only for you as a father but also for your family. You will enjoy more together time, exercise more, and forget about all the unnecessary things the commercials make you want!


Beer tastes great! It can also help relieve some stress accumulated from work and other things. There is nothing wrong with cracking open a cold one once in the while, as long as you can limit yourself. Drinking too much and too often adds excess calories and anxiety the next day, and can negatively impact your time with your kids. And I’m sure you already know the deal with smoking: it causes cancer and harms your overall health. Overall, when it comes to alcohol and smoking, less is more.


Exercise is not only great for your health and physique, it is also one of the most powerful proven de-stressing and confidence-building tools. And you do not need a lot of time or a gym membership to exercise. You can get fit anytime and anywhere with three body-weight, core-strengthening exercises: pullups, pushups, and burpees.  These exercises make you look less bulky and more natural as compared to using weights in the gym, and your kids can even do them with you! Try the simple routine below, and you will see a major change in your body in as soon as 30 days: You’ll begin to find yourself with more energy and look younger as well!

Exercise Routine: Anytime, Anywhere

  1. 10 pull-ups
  2. 30 push-ups
  3. 20 burpees

5 sets total with a 30-second break in between sets


Eating healthy is common sense, yet we tend to forget the basics. If you like eating, that’s okay. But try to eat natural, unprocessed foods in small (snack-style) amounts as often as 5-7 times per day. This will keep your digestive system active and prevent it from overloading. A healthy diet can include nuts, low-calorie protein snacks, egg whites, tofu, white meat, and fish.

Like most fathers, I struggle with eating well and tend to gravitate towards “quick” foods when tired, stressed, or just plain busy. When life gets too-fast paced, it’s easy to crave sugar in the form of candy or sodas. When you really need that dose of sugar, try natural treats, such as honey, dark organic chocolate, or fruit (dates, apples, mango, etc.)

Oh, and here’s a quick tip that’s worth its weight in gold: Never go grocery shopping while you are hungry. Doing so will lead to more impulse buys and cause you to buy unhealthy or carb-loaded foods that don’t often aid your health or nutrition.



These days, a lot is expected from men, and those expectations will not go away soon. However, signs of aging are showing up sooner than ever before. Fortunately, we also benefit from advancements in health and beauty that provide men with an abundance of effective anti-aging products.

When I started showing signs of aging, I was not experiencing other signs like fatigue, decreased energy, or low testosterone levels. I actually felt great and was in better shape than when I was at 25. Despite that, my grey hair moved in and spread faster than normal. As a father of two, I wanted to look like I felt.  I wanted to keep up with my kids physically and avoid looking like Santa Claus. I know many people don’t care much about how they look, but when 20-somethings start calling you “Sir,” it deflates the ego tremendously.

I recommend the following three products for feeling and looking young:

  1. Sunscreen is the number one—but often most overlooked–men’s care product that prevents both premature wrinkling and skin cancer. I strongly recommend finding an all-in-one cream with SPF to protect your skin from the sun and replace all other daily, nightly, or eye creams you may use. Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20 may be the one for you:
  2. Volt Instant Beard Color by Volt Lifeproof Grooming is an excellent dye-free beard color that applies in seconds and last up to 48 hours. You will look and feel instantly 10 years younger without the harsh elements of beard dyes and the constant upkeep that comes with permanent beard dye products. Just wear it whenever you want! Volt Instant Beard Color fits in your pocket, and you can take it with you virtually anywhere. When I use it, I hear less “Hello Sir” and more “Hey Man.” Get it at
  3. Massage cream. Find a good massage cream and have your counterpart massage you once a month. Don’t forget to return the favor. Massage cream feels awesome on your body and benefits your marriage.

Although you cannot stop aging, you can certainly slow it down to keep looking and feeling great. There is no better time than Father’s Day to focus on looking and feeling your best.

Jaro, Creator of Volt Instant Beard Color.


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