Dye-Free Beard Color in Under 60 Seconds with Jeff From Style OG

Dye-Free Beard Color in Under 60 Seconds with Jeff From Style OG

When it comes to men’s fashion there is one person that covers it all, Jeff from Style OG. Jeff has always had passion for both fashion and lifestyle. Creating his online brand was his lifelong dream that combines both into a single venture. Today we will be discussing Jeff’s experience with Volt Instant dye-free beard color.

Jeff’s channel on YouTube, Style O.G., helps men improve their style, confidence, and image by discussing various topics that men are interested in.  On his channel you can find countless educational videos on subjects including suits, casual wear, sneakers, shoes, and accessories. Additionally, Style OG covers lifestyle topics including grooming, fitness, and dating.


The team at Volt Lifeproof Grooming had the privilege to meet and work with Jeff from Style O.G. Together, we talked about men’s grooming and his opinion on beard coloring and beard styles. We also shared our signature product, Volt Instant Beard Color, with Jeff to get his expert opinion on the product.

Jeff’s experience with Volt Instant Beard Color is documented in his video where he puts Volt to the test by coloring his own beard. In this video Jeff talks about the differences between various permanent dyes and temporary beard colors, the application process, and the advantages of one over the other. The video is available on Style O.G’s YouTube channel under HOW TO COLOR YOUR GRAY WITHOUT DYE IN 60 SECONDS

During our encounter with Style O.G we asked Jeff a few questions about his experience with beard dyes and temporary beard color.  The following Q & A is a short summary of our interview with Jeff from Style OG.

Volt Team What do you think about temporary beard coloring for men?
Style OG I think it’s a great alternative for those who want less of a commitment and want the option of going right back to their grey whenever they feel like it.


Volt Team Do you consider beard color as a part of grooming regime?
Style OG Yes, especially those who are looking to control their gray.

Volt Team What did you find most intriguing about Volt Instant Beard Color?
Style OG The ease of use, very little mess, natural results, and ease of removal.

Volt Team Have you used any other beard coloring in the past and if so how does it compare to Volt?
Style OG I have used beard dyes and hated the mess, the unnatural look and having to wait until my beard grows out to get rid of it.

Volt Team What challenges do you find with other products such as beard dyes for beard coloring?
Style OG Harsh chemicals, difficulty of use, messy cleanup, semi-permanence.

Volt Team How would you rate your experience with Volt when it comes to ease of use 1-10 (10 being the best experience)?
Style OG 10

Volt Team Would you recommend Volt to other men?
Style OG Without hesitation. I think it’s a phenomenal product.

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