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The Search for Customizable Beard Color is Over

Finding the right beard shade to fit or match your existing natural beard color can be a challenge. This is primarily due to the fact that most companies offering beard coloring only supply a limited number of shades with a heavy focus on dark colors. This poses limitations to all the guys with unique hair colors such as ginger, dirty blonde or those with multiple combined colors in their beards. To learn why some men’s hair colors and beard colors differ, follow the link at the bottom of the article!

Volt ToffeeThe good news is that Volt Lifeproof Grooming has the perfect solution with Volt Instant Beard Color. Volt Instant Beard color is offered in 10 unique shades to ensure that we’ve got you, and your beard, covered (pun intended). Furthermore, Volt Instant Beard Color is the only at-home beard coloring on the market encouraging different shades to be combined and blended directly onto the hair during application. The ability to blend or use different colors is exceptionally helpful as it provides more shade options for those guys that fall in the category of “in-between” hair colors as well as guys looking to match multiple hair shades in their beards!

VOLT Instant Beard Color is the next evolution in the dye-free beard color class designed for the modern man who values his time, loves simplicity and demands the best performance. It was originally designed for actors in the film and TV industry where a fast and easy application coupled with the ability to color match are a must. Volt is a dye-free quick drying liquid color that brushes on in less than 60 seconds, dries instantly and provides up to 48 hours of a water-resistance and a transfer-proof finish.

Because Volt comes in a liquid form it can be easily blended with other Volt colors to provide unlimited shades and a perfect match to almost any natural beard color. For an example, Volt MUD and Volt SAND can be brushed on top of each other or overlapped to either provide a color that falls between the two colors or add more depth in color rather than a flat shade.Volt Burntumber

Volt Instant Beard Color is currently offered in 10 different shades with two new and exclusive colors, Toffee and Burnt Umber. Toffee is a unique color that is considered one of the “in-between” shades.  It is the perfect solution for men with mostly light brown hair that is peppered with other shades. When applied heavier, the Toffee provides a medium brown color and when applied in light layers the color shows as ginger or dark blonde pending the actual hair tone.

Burnt Umber is another hard-to-find color that fits men with a deep dark brown hair tone. It is not too brown nor too black, it fits right in between. As with any Volt Instant Beard Color, the intensity of the Burnt Umber can be easily controlled by the amount of color applied. Applying a light layer provides a lighter shade whereas heavier coverage yields a darker color.

With Volt Instant Beard Color your search to find the right shade to fit your natural beard color is over. Visit Volt Lifeproof Grooming to find out more about Volt Instant Beard Color or Find Your Shade here.


 Why do beard and hair colors differ?

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