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Tired of Being Called Santa?


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The end of each year offers us some of the most exciting holidays. These are times when families are brought together, snow is piling up outside, candles are lit and there is no end to the tasty treats on the table.  This is also the time of the year when Santa Claus is shown virtually everywhere around us; in stores, on billboards, in social media ads, films, and all kinds of TV commercials. But the one place we shouldn’t see Santa Claus is in the mirror! We can avoid this by getting rid of gray hair!

What is “Holiday Gray”?

You may have heard of the term “holiday gray” before. Holiday Gray is the term for an increase in graying hair during the holidays due specifically to the amount of stress that can be experienced at this time. Year-end closing reports at work, the pressure from the hectic search for gifts, excessive spending and even New Year’s resolutions can all contribute to a good amount of pressure and a few more grays in your hair and beard. To top it all off, there are so many social events, that we often feel the need to look on top of our game.

Being a middle aged man with lots of gray hair (and a mostly gray beard) does not necessarily provide any relief from looking like Santa Claus. Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are when more men are conscious about their looks than any other time of the year.

Getting Rid of Gray Hair

If you choose not to look or feel like Santa during the Christmas holidays, the following tips can help you by getting rid of gray hair by reducing stress, and enhancing style!

  1. Don’t shop at the last minute, but DO wait for the deals!
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Shopping the last minute is a bad decision.  It’s not only extremely stressful but you will also get pounded with the worst deals. The best time for Christmas shopping is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is when the best deals of the year come up. Plan ahead.

  1. Avoid Stressful Holiday Madness

There is nothing worse than crowded stores and packed parking lots during the Christmas shopping spree. Avoid the crowded and frantic stores.  Save your time and sanity by shopping online or go to the mall at off times.

  1. Avoid the Santa Claus Look

Get a haircut, groom that beard and throw in some color such as Volt Instant Beard Color. Take care of yourself. You will not only look better but you will also feel better around your friends and family. Find your beard color shade here

  1. Exercise Regularly

Christmas generally means an increase in food consumption and less time in the gym. Make sure you find a break for yourself and hit that exercise even if it is for a short time. It will help to keep the weight down and feel more energy.


Don’t let the Holiday stress ruin your celebrations, enjoy it! We at Volt Lifeproof Grooming wish you a happy holiday!

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