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FINALLY! A Beard Color Without The Commitment or Harsh Effect of Dyes!

A Revolutionary Beard Color Without the Harsh Chemicals or Commitment of Beard Dyes!

While getting breakfast ready for my kids, my son took a longer look at me than usual and said “Hi Tata, (in Czech for “dad”) are you wearing a Volt today?” I smiled back and answered “Yes, you know it.  Do you like it?” He looked down, giggled, and said ”yes” quietly.  Pouring milk over his corn flakes and I asked him “What do you like about it, I am just curious?” He giggled once again and said “I just do, you look younger, but I like it both ways” I smiled back at him and told him that this was exactly how I felt.

I am the type of man who does not like a routine, maintenance, or doing the same thing every single day. I just get bored with it and, in fact, it stresses me out just thinking about it. I’ve never liked beard or hair dyes for this reason because it felt more like an obligation and commitment as opposed to something that I would simply enjoy. I tried Just for Men, one time, it was messy, took too long and everyone looked at me like something wasn’t quite right.

Not to mention all the harsh chemicals and irritants found in many prominent hair and beard dyes. Just glance over this article or click the image on chemicals found in hair dyes and see what I mean…It’s a bit scary, but not with VOLT!

Toxic Chemicals In Hair Dye

So, I thought I’d take matters into my own hands by creating a temporary beard dye that is completely customizable, safer than any beard dye, and takes less than a minute to apply. That’s why I created VOLT Instant Beard Color. With Volt Instant Beard Color I have the freedom to look and feel the way I want. I can go all-natural, rock the “salt and pepper look” or instantly feel 10 years younger with a full beard matching my natural hair color. As a huge bonus, Volt does not irritate my skin the way that the beard dye did.

If you are one of these guys who like to spice things up, feel younger, or look different, Volt Instant Beard Color is the perfect product for you. It is a waterproof and fast and easy to apply beard color that looks natural and will allow you to go on with your daily activities without any restrictions, messes, or smudging. The color slowly fades over 48 hours and you can either let it go completely and then reapply or you can maintain the look by touching it up anytime and anywhere in a matter of seconds.

Volt Instant Beard Color changes the way the world covers their grey. Give Volt Instant Beard Color a try, look good, feel good, and have those around you feel good with you too!


Jaro, Creator of Volt Instant Beard Color.


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