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Top 5 Men’s Fall Outfit Essentials

Fall is probably the best season when it comes to men’s fashion and accessories. The colder air and cloudier days make it the perfect compromise between cold layering and warmer, lighter clothing. So, we here at Volt thought that we’d help you make your awesome style choices when choosing the perfect fall outfit essentials!

We won’t be going over full outfits today, but we will be choosing the most versatile, fashionable, and attractive clothing pieces that can be used with most outfits to up your game and style. Most of these pieces can be used together, dressed up or down, and aren’t “trendy” so you can ensure you get the most out of your clothing investment year after year.

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Men’s Fall Outfit Essential #1: Leather Jacket

There are few pieces of clothing that have the same transformative and perceived masculinity as the leather jacket. Take one look at Marlon Brando in The Wild Ones, and you’d see the image that started the perception of the “bad boy” leather jacket image.

Nowadays, leather jackets have become the “rebel” icon. They carry with them an air of mystery and excitement, and this comes across to those around you as well. A leather jacket is seen as a masculine piece of clothing because, since the time of neanderthals, men have used pelts and tanned animal skins as clothing and symbols of strength. To the people around them, it showed that a man was capable of hunting, defending, and providing for his people. Which are known to be extremely attractive qualities in a man.

There are many types of leather jackets out there; From cafe-racer styles to the traditional “perfecto” asymmetrical style that became so famous in the 40s. It’s worth spending some time to try many different styles and find the one you feel fits you and your personality the best.

Leather jackets are best kept in neutral and earth-tone colors. This way, they can be used with almost any outfit without looking too flashy or trendy. Not to mention, quality leather jackets are notoriously expensive, so it’s better not to choose something that will date quickly. Stick with black and brown.

So, here are some awesome Leather jacket outfit ideas! Keep in mind, leather can be dressed up, down, and all around. Don’t be afraid to wear a leather jacket with almost anything, as long as you aren’t wearing shorts.

#1: Leather jacket, t-shirt, jeans, Chelsea boots.

#2: Leather jacket, button-up shirt, slacks, dress shoes.

#3: Leather Jacket, Hoodie, Sweatpants, Sneakers.

Men’s Fall Outfit Essential #2: Hoodie/Pull-Over


Hoodies and pull-over sweaters are one of the most popular, casual, and diverse fall garments for men. This is because the term “pull-over” is so diverse and houses a range of meanings between your casual hoodies, and formal sweaters/vests. Therefore, the style you choose should be dictated by the formality of your normal outfits.

Pull-Overs, Cardigans, Hoodies, and Sweaters come in tons of shapes, colors, and sizes. Stick with ones that fit you snugly, but not uncomfortably, defining your outline helps increase your masculine look, and choose colors that compliment what you normally wear.

Here’s an example of some outfit ideas:

Casual: Hoodie, Jeans, Sneakers

Sporty: Hoodie, Sweatpants/Joggers, Sneakers

Formal: Quarter-Zip Sweater, Dress Shirt, Slacks, Dress Shoes

This is why the term “pull-over” is so broad, but when you find the style you like, you can pair it with almost anything in that level of formality.

Men’s Fall Outfit Essential #3: Chelsea Boots

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 At 1.51.51 Pm

Chelsea boots are, personally, one of my favorite footwear options ever. They are comfortable, easy to wear for long periods of time, quick to put on, and extremely fashionable and diverse. For those who don’t know, Chelsea boots are close-fitting, ankle-high boots with elastic side panels. They are not meant to be zipped or tied, they simply slip on (hence how easy and comfortable they are).

These boots date back to the Victorian era and have dominated the men’s style market for quite some time. They are simple enough to be matched with almost any formality level of clothing, and are professional enough to add an edge of style and class to any gentleman who wears them.

When it comes to shoes, we always recommend sticking to neutral colors, as they will be more versatile for a wider array of outfits. So, a pair of black and brown boots work perfectly.

Here are some examples, in fact, we’ve already mentioned some before!

Edgy: Leather Jacket, Jeans, Chelsea Boots

Formal: Button Up Shirt, Sport Coat, Slacks, Chelsea Boots

Casual: Long-Sleeve Shirt, (Optional Coat), Chinos, Chelsea Boots

Men’s Fall Outfit Essential #4: Sweatpants

You think we’d mention a fall fashion list without the king of comfort wear? No way. Sweatpants are some of the most comfortable, common, and casual garments you can wear during the fall and winter season. They remain strictly casual, meaning they are perfect for relaxing, going to the gym, or combining with other fall essentials.

Sweatpants and pajamas are NOT the same. Sweatpants are typically thicker, warmer, and have a strong and obvious taper that head down towards the ankle. This taper often makes us look more athletic by slimming down our ankles and causing our upper bodies to look larger by contrast.

Sweatpants can be worn in any color you enjoy, but make sure only to wear them casually! Here are some fall outfit ideas:

Athletic: Sweatpants, Sneakers, Long/Short-Sleeve Shirt, Hoodie

Casual: Sweatpants, Sneakers, long/Short-Sleeved Shirt, Quarter-zip Sweater.

Casual/Edgy: Sweatpants, Long/Short-Sleeved Shirt, Leather Jacket

Men’s Fall Outfit Essential #5: Flannel Shirts

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 At 1.54.57 Pm

Flannel is a soft woven fabric of various fineness, originally made from carded wool or worsted yarn, but is now made from wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers. Flannel shirts are probably one of the most iconic “90s” fashion staples and are undoubtedly some of the most comfortable as well!

Flannels are rarely seen in any print other than plaid, but they can be any color you like. The most popular being the traditional red plaid, blue, and a muted green.

Interestingly enough, the right flannel can be dressed up or down all throughout the formality range! let’s take some of these examples, for instance:

Casual: Flannel, T-Shirt, Joggers, Sneakers.

Formal: Sport Coat, Flannel, Slacks, Dress Shoes.

Semi-Casual: Flannel, Undershirt, Jeans, Chelsea Boots.


So, there you have it! Some of the most popular must-have items for your fall men’s wardrobe. Remember, these are nothing but suggestions, and your ability to mix and match clothing pieces together ultimately comes down to what you like and what your unique style is!

With these pieces, you’ll be ready to take your style and appeal to the next level and take fall by storm!


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