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The Days Of Grays Are Over: Introducing the Revolutionary VOLT Instant Beard Color

The Days Of Grays Are Over: Introducing the Revolutionary VOLT Instant Beard Color

More than ever before, men feel increased pressure to look good. This pressure seems even more intense amongst middle-aged men who feel the need to compete with younger guys in the workplace, on the basketball court, and even on online dating sites. This growing focus on personal image has led the male grooming industry to grow exponentially in the past decade.

The intensified focus on male appearances and the growth of the men’s grooming industry coincides with the rising popularity of facial hair. Today, there are millions of men rocking beards, mustaches, and other types of facial hair; a recent study found that 67% of men in New York have facial hair. Whether facial hair is here to stay or is merely a trend, who can say? But we certainly aren’t complaining! This growing community of bearded-men is leading to better technology, more skilled barbers, and thus better maintained and groomed beards!

Facial hair can pose personal challenges, though, because that’s where men typically see the first greys. Grey hair is an unavoidable sign of aging and can happen as early as age 25 when most men feel they are at the top of their game. No matter their age, men want to look as young as they feel.

Until just recently, men have not had access to a dye-free men’s beard and mustache color that can be applied quickly, look realistic, and stay on even when exposed to water and sweat.  Men also haven’t had the freedom to easily change their looks to match their mood or situation.

What if you had the flexibility to leave their grey beard looking natural when surfing the waves, rock the salt-and-pepper look at the gym, or quickly cover the grays to look ten years younger for their next business presentation?

It's Just Better When You're Outside

Well, thanks to the innovative team at Volt Lifeproof Grooming, now they can! Volt Beard Color was originally designed for the TV and film industries to cover performers’ grey hair, match a stuntman’s beard color to an actor’s, and fix imperfections like thin hair or patchy beards.

Developing Volt Instant Beard Color was not easy. To work well for the film and TV industry, it had to be dye-free for actors with sensitive skin, water- and sweat-proof for shoots in the rain or saltwater, and natural-looking, even under intense HD camera lenses. As if that weren’t enough, it also had to be applied quickly with even faster drying times. To meet all these challenges, the Volt Lifeproof Grooming team spent nearly two years developing and perfecting their formulation.

Because of the product’s success in the film industry, Volt Lifeproof Grooming quickly introduced Volt Instant Beard Color to the consumer market. Just a few months later, men discovering Volt Instant Beard Color were calling it the beard color saver, the answer for men allergic to dyes, the best option for temporary beard coloring, the beard coloring you cannot live without, even the Babe Ruth of beard coloring, and more.

Men like Volt Instant Beard Color because it is self-contained and easy to use. There’s no need to mix part A and part B, rinse off the color, or clean your face after the application like you must do with harsh hair and beard dyes. Just shake it, brush it on, and go…all in less than 60 seconds. And, because Volt Instant Beard Color fits in the pocket of your jeans, you can apply it anytime and anywhere to keep your beard always looking its best. If needed, Volt Instant Beard Color can even be used as a quick touch-up between beard dyes. The color can be applied on hair as well as the skin underneath to create the appearance of a fuller beard. For example, just follow this link on how to make a thin or patchy beard appear fuller!

Volt Instant Beard Color does even more than just covering greys. The product contains only FDA-approved ingredients and is enriched with argan oil and Vitamin A to make sure your beard always feels fresh. With its fresh scent and light hold, Volt Instant Beard Color makes your beard smell good and keeps every hair in place.

Lastly, Volt Instant Beard Color is available in TEN unique shades to make sure everyone finds the right match.

To learn more about Volt Instant Beard Color or to find your best color match, visit or @voltgrooming

Find your shade of instant beard coloring with VOLT’s new waterproof, sweatproof, and LifeProof Instant Beard Color.



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