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How To Optimize Your VOLT Instant Beard Color


Since the launching of Volt Instant Beard Color last fall, thousands of men have become addicted to the innovative beard color touch-up solution that is changing the face of men’s grooming (pun intended). The product’s unique formulation, which was developed for the film and TV industry, solves the challenges men face when using dye-based colorants and other types of beard coloring.

In this guide, we provide important information and suggestions for getting the best results from your Volt Beard Color!

What is Volt Instant Beard Color?

Volt Instant Beard Color is a dye-free, water-resistant beard color that brushes on in seconds, dries instantly, and looks natural. One tube of Volt can be used for multiple applications (around 30 for short-medium beards), including touching up grey hair, fixing discolored beards, and adding volume to thin and patchy beards. Because the product provides a light hold, it keeps beards looking neat and clean at all times.

How Long Does Volt Beard Color Last?

There are a few conditions that can affect Volt’s longevity:

Volt Instant Beard Color is not a dye; thus the color does not dye (stain) the hair or the skin. Instead, the color temporarily adheres to the hair. As a result, longevity can vary for each customer. Volt Instant Beard Color generally wears out faster, for instance, on oily hair.

Volt Instant Beard Color will adhere to anything on top of the hair (oils, dirt, or food). To ensure the color adheres well to the hair and lasts longer, it’s best to first wash and completely dry your beard.

The second and most important step in applying Volt Instant Beard Color is to shake the container well for a minimum of 20 seconds. This must be done prior to each application to disperse the ingredients in the formula evenly. Missing this step can limit how long the color lasts and lead to inconsistent color coverage. This is the most common and easiest solution to getting the best longevity out f your Volt Beard Color product,

Next, we recommend applying more color to areas you frequently come into contact with, like your chin if you tend to rub it absentmindedly while concentrating. A heavier dose of color in such places enables the color to last longer.

Lastly, we do not recommend applying other products, like lotions, oils, creams, or aftershaves, under or over Volt Beard Color as they may interfere with the product’s adhesion to the hair. Such products are unnecessary because Volt Beard Color is already enriched with argan oil, castor oil, shellac, and Vitamin A to keep your beard feeling and looking its best!

Is Volt Beard Color safe for me?

Because it is completely free of dyes and harsh chemicals (unlike beard dyes), Volt is great for sensitive skin and is considered hypoallergenic. That said, as with any hair or skin product, it is recommended that you carefully read the list of ingredients and, before applying, test the beard color on a small patch of skin. All of the ingredients used in Volt are FDA approved for use on the skin, so the product can be applied directly onto the skin underneath the hair for a fuller-looking beard.

How do I remove Volt Beard Color?

Volt Beard Color does not stain your hair or skin, so you can remove it whenever convenient by using shampoo or soap to rub it off or by using our Volt Prep & Remove cleaner.

What can I do to wear Volt Beard Color longer?

Certain conditions such as scalp exfoliation, excessive rubbing, outside dust, and hair oil deposits may affect the longevity of Volt Beard Color. However, because Volt never comes off all at once, it is extremely easy to touch up. The product has been tested in gyms, swimming pools, ocean water, and snow and is water-resistant.

We recommend you do the following to get the most out of your Volt Beard Color:

  • Avoid lotions, oils, and creams under or over the color. (Volt is already full of beard-enriching ingredients!)
  • Avoid rubbing the beard excessively, especially after it has been exposed to water.
  • After showering, pat-dry the beard. Rubbing a towel over the hair may remove the color.
  • Keep your Volt Instant Beard Color handy in case you need a touch-up.


To learn more about Volt Instant Beard Color and to find your best color match, visit or @voltgrooming


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