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How to Make Beard Dye Last Longer

Beard dye and beard color (Note: they’re NOT the same) have grown in popularity due to the growing trend in bearded men’s styles! And one of the most common inquiries that we get here at VOLT is how to make beard dye and beard color last longer. So, we’ll help you achieve a longer-lasting natural beard color in this short article!

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Beard Dye Vs. Color

One of the largest factors that determine the longevity of your beard color is whether you are using beard dyes, or what we call a “temporary” beard color.

Temporary beard colors like Volt Instant Beard Color are NOT dyes. Dyes soak into and permanently stain the color into your hair itself, whereas temporary beard colors tint the outside of your hair and are removable. This is important because these two beard coloring methods behave very differently in terms of longevity.

Let’s start with temporary beard color and how you can make your beard color last longer!

Temporary Beard Color

Volt Instant Beard Color

Temporary beard color is made with a blend of ingredients that cause pigment to attach to the outside of your beard hair, tinting the beard itself without actually staining or dyeing the hair color. The benefit of temporary beard color is that it looks more natural (because you can customize the color: Salt and pepper, full coverage, touch-up, etc.) and that it’s quicker and easier (no blending, mixing, etc.). In fact, temporary beard color can be put on in less than 60 seconds and last for days at a time. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’d like to make your beard color last longer!

1. Make sure your beard is clean.

Because beard color only tints your beard hair by coating the hair itself, you’ll want to make sure there’s nothing on the hair to get in the way of the adhesion of the color. Put simply, clean your beard using Volt’s Prep and Clean solution or with a simple face wash to rid your beard hair of oils that could affect the longevity of the beard color. Don’t worry, Volt beard color contains vitamin E and argan oil to hydrate and keep your beard healthy in the meantime.

2. Shake the vial VERY well.

Volt is made with a mixture of ingredients, and sometimes those ingredients separate from each other if left alone for too long. Make sure you get the most even application of beard color by shaking the vial for a minimum of 20 seconds to blend the ingredients.

3. Apply heavier color in areas that get rubbed.

Certain areas of your beard will be rubbed, scrubbed, and put through more use and abuse than the rest. Strengthen these areas by applying more beard color for a longer-lasting coverage that holds up well with the abuse.

4. Use VOLT Lock.

Volt Lock is a shellac-based “clear-coat” of sorts for your beard color. By applying Volt Lock over your Volt beard color, you are sealing in the color underneath and making your beard color more durable and longer lasting.

5. Apply other beard products BEFORE color.

Be sure to apply other beard products such as beard oils, balms, or waxes BEFORE you apply beard color to avoid rubbing and scrubbing your beard after the color is applied.

How To Make Beard Dyes Last Longer

Beard dyes are going to be a more permanent, less customizable coloring solution for your beard. They work by actually penetrating and staining your beard hair into whatever color you choose. Although beard dyes are “permanent” (they show roots when hair grows), there are still some key considerations you’ll want to make before applying the dye so that you can make your beard dye last longer!

1. Make sure your beard is clean.

Volt Cleaner

Although beard dyes penetrate your beard hair and permanently change the color of your hair, you’ll still have to ensure that your beard is clean before applying the dye. This is because small things that get caught in your beard (such as skin, food, etc.) can cause beard dye to leave splotches of uncolored hair.

2. Blend color and developer VERY well.

Most beard dyes come with both color and developer for you to mix before applying to your beard. Mixing these two ingredients very well is a crucial part of applying beard dye correctly. Failure to do so will result in either 1) a color that doesn’t last because it has not set into your hair, or 2) a color that does last but is not dark or light enough to look natural.

3. Do not leave the dye to soak for too long, or too short.

Similar to tip #2, this is an important point to consider about beard dyes. Leaving the dye in your beard for the appropriate time before washing out is critical. Washing the dye solution out too quickly will likely leave you with an unfinished-looking beard because the dye will be too light. However, leaving the dye in too long will leave no natural variation between your beard hairs, and you will look as though you painted your beard an unnaturally dark color.

4. Deal with white roots.

The benefit and problem with beard dyes is that the color is permanent. This is good because it will last longer, but bad because after less than a week, you will notice your natural beard root color coming back as your hair grows. This leaves you with a few options. You can 1) Go through the process of re-dyeing your beard for another week. 2) Shave. Or 3) Use temporary beard color to cover your roots while your beard dye is still in play and save some valuable time by avoiding the re-dyeing process.

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All in all, getting your beard dye to last longer comes down to preparation and tools. Depending on what your beard-coloring preference is, you can deal with a beard dye that is more permanent but not customizable, or a beard color that is semi-permanent but customizable. Either way, with these tips you’ll be able to benefit from a cleaner and longer-lasting beard color!


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