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Beard Coloring: A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Beard Color

Whether you are new to the art of beard grooming or a seasoned beard-veteran with the experience to match, choosing the right beard coloring that meets your needs can be extremely difficult. After all, your natural beard color is an extremely personal and diverse thing, almost like a fingerprint!

This means that choosing a beard color that not only looks natural but is comfortable and customizable is very, VERY important. We’ll talk more about what “customizable” color is later, but for now, keep in mind that your beard color is very unique, and not every color or dye out there is suited for it.

We here at Volt understand how difficult it can be to find the right shade or color profile for your beard. So, we created this quick article to inform you of what to look for and how to find the best beard colors and shades that work for you! We’ll go over some key considerations for choosing the right color for you as well as the options available to you as far as different styles (Full-color, salt and pepper, etc.)

And by the end of the article, you will know exactly how to choose the perfect color that matches your style and looks natural doing it!

So, let’s begin!

Choosing a Beard Color

Alright, right off the bat it is important to note that color and shade are NOT the same thing. Colors lie upon the ROYGBIV spectrum. Shades refer to darker or lighter colors (black and white).

For example, you can have the same color but in different shades. For example, Brown is the color. But, dark brown is a shade of brown. This will make a difference when choosing a natural color for your beard!

Keep this important distinction in mind, because I will use those words very carefully throughout this article when referring to choosing the perfect color and shade for you!

There are generally two boats that every beardsman falls in when choosing beard coloring: Those with fully grey beards, and those with some color left. This will determine how limited you are in options when choosing a color, as we’ll explain right now!

Fully Grey Beards:

If your beard has very little to no natural color left in it, then you have a greater variety of options when choosing beard coloring. Think of a grey beard as a clean slate with which you can do whatever you want.

This is because a grey beard has no dark color with which to overpower lighter shades, thus allowing you to achieve natural results from almost any color.

To put it simply, a man with black hair in his beard will have a hard time coloring that hair blonde. But a man with a grey beard can certainly color his beard blond or black or anything else.

If you have a fully grey beard, then the question you need to ask is “What will give me the most natural results?”

Here’s are some options that we at Volt recommend:

1. Match the beard color to your hair color.

If you have color left in your hair, then this will give you the most natural-looking results when choosing a color for your beard. With matching beard and hair color, the symmetry in your face will be maintained, and the results will look far more natural than if you had radically different colors between your hair and beard.

2. Match the beard color to your eyebrows.

The other option is for those who either don’t have hair or don’t have color in their hair. The most natural way to go in this case is to choose a beard coloring that is similar to your eyebrows. Here’s why: Choosing a black beard dye when you have tan eyebrows will cause your eyebrows to look lost (or even shaven) due to the stark contrast. On the flip-side, choosing a tan beard coloring when you have black eyebrows will simply look unnatural if the colors aren’t complimentary.

Ok, now that we’ve talked about choosing a color for fully grey beards, let’s discuss the options available to those with some color left in!

For a quick and easy way to find your shade, take the VOLT Beard Color Shade Quiz by clicking the button below!


Beards With Color

If your beard has some color remaining then you likely fall into one of these categories:

you either:

1. Want beard coloring to cover some gray hairs


2. Want beard coloring to fill in patches or empty/thin areas.

Depending on what you are looking for, your beard coloring options are as follows.

1. If you want to cover grays, then find a color that matches your hair.

Generally speaking, a person’s beard is always a lighter shade than their natural hair color. This is important, because your hair color will then be the determining factor for the color you choose for your beard. Never choose a darker color (like black) when you have brown hair because the results will look completely unnatural.

In essence, if you are trying to cover gray hairs, then you can choose a color and shade as dark (but NOT darker) than your hair color to do so.

2. If you want to fill patches, match your color to your existing beard’s color.

Now, let’s say you don’t have any grey in your beard, but you would like to find something to fill in patches or empty areas. It’s best, in this case, to match the color you choose with your existing beard color to keep the patched areas natural-looking. A black patch in a tan beard will look strange. But a black patch in a black beard will look natural.

Customizable Beard Color

One thing that puts most men off beard color is the idea that you have to PERMANENTLY dye your hair a single color. This is untrue.

Nowadays, you can “tint” your beard with Volt beard color that:

  1. Applies Instantly within 60 seconds.
  2. Let’s you customize styles (full coverage, salt & pepper, etc.)
  3. Is durable when you need it, but removable when you don’t.

This occurs because Volt is applied with a brush, and not a messy paste like most dyes are applied with. Just brush on the color where you want it, and you’re set! Here’s what this means for us beardsmen out there who are looking for good beard color…

Try a color you don’t like? Wash it off when you want. Need to touch up your color on the go? No problem. Need it to handle blood, sweat, and tears? We’ve got you (and your beard) covered.

Want to show off your experience for a job interview? Apply less color and rock the salt & pepper look! Want to take years off your face? Apply full-color coverage to your beard for a night on the town! The possibilities are endless. You can’t get that with beard dyes.

Men who have tried beard dyes, and have unfortunately dealt with the shoe-polish, dark, and unnatural-looking beards will know how amazing it is to have a product that you can customize and apply on the go.

It used to be that you’d have to chemically dye your hair in a non-reversible and non-customizable way. You’d end up with what we call in the beard color industry a “Shoe-Polish Beard”…yikes. And the only way to get rid of the dye was to shave off your precious work-of-art beard and wait for a new one to grow. At Volt, we thought this was unacceptable, so we created VOLT Instant Natural Beard Color. You can also grab a Volt Sample Pack where you get to choose 2 different colors for a heavy discount! Just sayin’…

Volt Instant Beard Color

So, let’s recap some tips for choosing the right color for you…

Beard Color Quick Tips

1. Always Start Lighter

It’s much easier to make a light or grey beard darker than it is to make a dark beard lighter. When in doubt, choose a lighter shade and build up the darkness of the color in layers. Going too dark at the beginning is hard to reverse. Don’t go too dark!

2. Match Colors Before Shades

Finding the right shade won’t help you if you choose the wrong color in the beginning. Luckily, Volt Instant Beard Color allows you to control the darkness (shade) of your color by simply applying more coats to your beard. And we carry 10 unique colors that fit every beard color profile!

All in all, your beard’s gray-ness will be the determining factor in the options you have for choosing the right beard color. If it’s Volt Beard Color, then you will also have the ability to customize any style and color that suits you!


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