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5 Body Language Tips For Men’s Confidence

As a man, there’s little else you could do to signify to others that you’re confident and capable in your own skin than to practice excellent body language. Body language not only presents the best possible image of yourself to others, but also has hidden affects that can alter the way you view yourself and your behavior.

In this way, a slight alteration in body language can be one of the most simple, yet powerful, things that any man can do to affect positive changes in his life. In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 simple body language tips that can help aid a man’s confidence and appearance.

Here Are the summarized tips:

  1. Open Body Language = Confident Body Language
  2. Maintain Eye Contact
  3. Fake It ’til You Make It
  4. Stop The Nervous Gestures
  5. Face Who You Talk To

Most of these tips are completely self-controllable, however some of them are only usable in social situations. Let’s dive into the first of these 5 tips for more confident male body language now!

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1. Open Body Language = Confident Body Language

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It’s safe to say that this is a fairly hard and fast rule of body language, that the more open you are, the more confident and secure you appear.

Open body language can be characterized as relaxed, unguarded, and attentive. This combination of things makes people with open body language appear more friendly, communicative, and secure.

Closed body language, however, causes people to look anxious, guarded, and somewhat hostile, as if they are on automatic defense mode. This can come across as fearful, unfriendly, and guarded. For example, crossing your arms and legs when sitting is a perfect example of defensive, closed body language.

To open up your body language, make a conscious effort to keep your hands by your side, with your shoulders rolled back and chest out as if you were saying to the world “show me what you got!” Keep your feet shoulder width apart, and if you cross your legs, cross them by putting your ankle on top of your knee and not fully crossing your legs.

It’s this open willingness to tackle what the world has in store for you that makes you appear much more confident and secure in who you are, and chances are your relationships and communication will improve alongside it.

2. Maintain Eye Contact

maintain eye contact

One of the hardest body language tips to learn and practice mindfully is the classic “look people in the eyes” when you are speaking to them.

Eye contact is frightening and intimidating for lots of people, but can actually be a great tool for aiding you in your communication style and improving the sense of connection and confidence that people have with you.

Eye contact is a primate defense/survival response. This means that, traditionally, eye contact was something more like a challenge than a sign of respect. And while it can still be intimidating to people, it’s become more of a sign of mutual respect than anything else.

Maintaining eye contact with other men is a good way to indicate that you’re confident, that you aren’t a pushover, and that you believe in yourself and what you say. With women, it’s a good way to indicate and build attraction, mystery, and signal confidence.

3. Fake It ’til You Make It

confident body language

One of the most interesting things about body language is that it can affect the way you think. Typically, people believe our thoughts control our actions, but this is a two-way street. Your actions can also control your thoughts.

For example, studies have shown some indication that people who adopt a “power-pose” for even just 30 seconds feel increased levels of confidence and “power” in and out of their daily life. Other studies have shown that power-posing indicates slight increases in testosterone (the masculine hormone) and lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone).

Often, during hard times people will tell you to laugh when you cry, smile when you’re sad, and stand proud when you’re scared. Sometimes doing the opposite of how you feel, or simply acting in the way you want to feel is enough to cause powerful ripples in your mood.

These kinds of things are simple ways to trip a wire in your brain to alter your mood without needing the external stimulus to do it for you.

4. Stop The Nervous Gestures

closed body language

Most people have some kind of nervous gesture. Whether it’s bouncing your leg, biting your nails, picking at your nails, clicking your pen, pacing around, or generally “fidgety” movements, chances are you know what we are talking about.

Nervous gestures are exactly that: nervous. They indicate a need for some kind of controlled stimulation that helps us feel like we can better control our stress. While they don’t typically alter or affect our quality of life, they still can indicate a lack of confidence or security in our position, location, or some kind of mental state to those around us.

Most times, stopping these behaviors is as simple as recognizing when we are doing them, and consciously putting an end to it. If you can do this enough, pretty soon you won’t need to act out these mannerisms in the first place. And generally speaking, someone who appears relaxed and still, yet attentive, is considered more confident.

5. Face Who You’re Talking To

Face who you're talking to

Now, let’s talk about a good tip for social situations. Whether we know it or not, we are picking up lots of information about what others think of us from cues other than verbal speech, for example, the body language of those we talk to.

People who tend to face the person they’re speaking to and make eye contact as they speak are considered more charismatic, charming, and confident because these are signs of giving someone your full attention.

Giving someone your full attention is a form of flattery that indirectly states that you believe they are worthy of giving attention, mutual consideration, and respect towards.

Have you ever noticed how you feel when you’re speaking to a person who is always on their cell phone or distracted by other things? It often doesn’t feel much like a conversation, let alone a respectful one to you. Turning to face someone and making eye contact when you speak to them is a simple, but extremely effective, way to increase your perceived level of confidence and charisma.

So, all in all, here are 5 tips to help you adopt more masculine confident body language. 1) Make sure your body language is open and not guarded. 2) Maintain eye contact with people you speak to and who speaks to you. 3) Fake it ’til you make it by adopting positive body language until you feel more positive. 4) Stop the nervous gestures. And 5) Give the person you speak to your full attention by facing them and speaking without distractions.

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