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Why The Best Beard Tool Is FREE

What if we were to tell you that one of the best beard styling tools is absolutely free, and you carry it around with you wherever you go? So what is the best beard tool out there that is free of charge? Your hands! Now, before you click away, hear me out so we can explain our reasoning.

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Why You Should Use Your Hands To Style Your Beard

Your hands are a wildly underutilized beard tool for your beards’ overall health and wellness. Apart from the pensive tugging or picking at your beard, your hands, when paired with the right beard moisturizer, can be all you need to maintain and improve your overall beard health.

Picking and tugging at your beard constantly can be damaging, so you don’t want to over do it. But the point is, using your hands throughout the day to lightly style and maintain your beard shape is simple, easy, and can be done anywhere in no time at all.

If you are like most men, chances are you don’t carry a pocket comb or brush with which you can style your beard. But these luxuries aren’t exactly necessary to keep your beard in tip-top shape. They might make things lightly easier, but soon we’ll talk about how you can shape up and maintain your beard using nothing but your hands and some high quality beard products like Volt Beard Oil or Volt Beard Balm.

So, without further adieu, here are some examples of when to use your hands to optimize your beard style and health:

Reason 1: To Give Your Beard Volume

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Throughout the day you may find that your beard starts looking a little flat or thin, as if the day sucks the energy right out of it. The easiest way to give your beard a little pick-me-up is to ruffle it up a bit with your fingers. Depending on the length of your beard, there are a few ways to do this.

For short beards, you’ll want to apply a little beard oil or beard balm to give your beard some shine and hold. Then run your hands down the sides of your cheek and chin to line up the beard hairs and keep the beard orderly. As the moisture is absorbed, your beard will plump back up and look much more lively!

For longer beards, you’ll want to stick your fingers in and shake your beard up a little bit. Slightly separating the hairs will provide some volume and life to any longer beard!

Reason 2: Training Your Mustache

Throughout the day, using a little beard oil or beard balm with your hands can help you train your pesky mustache to stay out of your mouth. Apply a small amount of balm or oil to give your beard some hold, and use your hands to pinch and pull your mustache to the sides of your mouth as opposed to the center where it often gets in the way.

Doing this often enough will eventually train your mustache hairs to stick together and grow out to the sides instead of directly down the center.

Reason 3: Managing The Beard Split

Screen Shot 2021 11 22 At 10.54.33 Am

Over time, especially for those with longer beards, the hair around your adam’s apple will grow longer and stick further outward. This creates a special problem for longer-bearded folks where the center of their beards start to part and “fork” to the left and right.

Eventually, you’ll need to use your hands throughout the day to “squeeze” your beard back into shape otherwise it will begin to part itself and appear unkempt and unruly.

Overall, if you find yourself needing some more beard maintenance throughout the day, but don’t want the hassle of keeping any dedicated beard tools on you at all time, then your hands are a perfect beard tool alternative. By using some Volt Beard oil or Volt Beard Balm to give your beard some hydration and hold, you can shape and style your beard with your hands in any way that suits you.

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