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The Most Convenient Men’s Toiletry Bag DOPP Kit | Volt GoPack

If you don’t have or know what the GoPack is, then get one. Seriously, it’s the most convenient travel bag/ toiletry bag Dopp Kit out there and you can fit all your stuff in it. But, how does it accomplish this feat? That’s what we’re here to discuss today.

Check out all these ways you can rock out with your Volt GoPack and what makes it super cool to begin with. We’ll talk about the largest features of the GoPack and why it’s so different than those regular single-pouch designs that inevitably lose all of your small toiletry items.

So, let’s dive into it!

1: The Removable Toiletry Bag Pouch

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Yeah, this one is a bit of a secret, but what ISN’T a secret is that…yes, some of your toiletries shouldn’t go near the shower. Things like Q tips, deodorant, Electric shavers, beard brushes, etc. Essentially, things that can get damaged or useless just being wet.

The GoPack has a big clear storage pouch for all these things. This pouch clips off and can be put on the counter while the rest of your shower supplies can be hung up on the curtain rod or towel rack so you have everything right where you need it.

2: The Hanging Options

Volt GoPack Hanging Hook

Speaking of having everything right where you need it, let’s talk about the GoPack’s hanging options.

Whether you have shower curtains, glass shower doors, towel racks, or anything else, there’s a way for you to hang up the GoPack to have it within reach while you’re in the shower.

This is thanks to the metal carabiner clip that can be hooked on tings or looped around and hooked onto itself.

3: The Adjustable Fold-Out Design


The problem with typical toiletry bags is that they just suck.

Usually, it’s a single big pouch that you’re expected to just throw everything inside of, which makes it nearly impossible to find anything, especially smaller things like your tweezers, nailclippers, chapstick, whatever.

The fold out design of the GoPack changes the game that way. Including the clear pouches, it makes anything and everything you put in the pack not only visible but reachable without digging or removing other things.

Grab what you need and nothing you don’t.

4: The Most Durable Toiletry Bag

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I’m a motorcyclist. I often ride here to work thanks to the lovely southern California weather.

And everyone who rides and especially rides in a highly populated place like southern california knows that wearing gear can save your life. I’m not joking when I say that the best piece of riding gear I have are armored pants made of a material called cordura.

Now, Cordura is a nylon-based fabric ideal for making protective gear used by military, police, and motorcyclists.

So, let me ask. If that stuff is good enough to handle a slide on rough sandpaper-like asphalt at 60 mph, then don’t you think it’ll last forever when you make a toiletry bag out of it? That’s why the GoPack is made of Cordura.

5: Toiletry Bag Storage Options

Gopack Set 0001 Img 5549

Now, we’ve touched on this before…slightly. but check this out. Part of the benefits of a fold out design is that we can add a multitude of storage options to the bag.

There are mesh pockets for your Volt refillable bottles (Which help you save money and reduce plastic waste…not a combination of things that many companies can claim there products do, that ours do) and don’t forget the clear plastic pouches we mentioned earlier, there are two of them.

But the big one, and the ones that makes it so convenient are these small little simple elastic bands. That stretch out and hold all the small thin items that get sucked into the black hole that is the typical single big pouch toiletry bags that we often see.

Go Pack Elastic Bands

So, to make a long story short, the GoPack is innovating the toiletry bag space and making it easier (and honestly more affordable) to have a better traveling bathroom experience anywhere you go. So, take that for what you will.

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