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Why The Volt GoPack Is The Best Men’s DOPP Kit

Picture this: You’re on vacation and unpacking your suitcase in the new hotel room, you toss your toiletry bag/DOPP kit on the bathroom counter and zip it open to sort through the contents only to find an endless mess of unsorted toiletries thrown about without a rhyme or reason. Even worse, you can’t find your floss. What a mess.

This is the main problem with those big “single-pouch” toiletry bags. There are no specific places or holders for your common toiletries that everyone needs.

Large single-pouched toiletry bags require you to throw everything in the same pocket and dig through everything just to find what you actually need.

There’s got to be a better, and more convenient, way to pack your toiletries.

So, today, we wanted to talk about the anatomy of the Volt GoPack, which we created as a the solution for the inconvenient and messy single-pouch toiletry bag designs out there that make life harder.

If you’re curious about the GoPack and just how easy it is to organize and sort your toiletries, just read a little bit further!

Here’s how we’ve innovated the GoPack to improve upon the traditional single-pouch toiletry bag design.

  • Open style design to access all your tools with ease
  • Multiple hanging options via carabiner and straps
  • Multiple storage options (clear pocket, storage bag, mesh pouches and elastic bands)
  • Transparent compartments (see it, grab it)
  • Removable storage bag (keep in on the counter, hang the rest in the shower)
  • Durable and easy to clean military grade Cordura material
  • Adjustable strap to keep everything secured

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What’s Inside Our GoPack DOPP Kit?

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Here’s what we’ll be talking about today, and what makes the Volt GoPack unique!

  • Clear Zip Pocket
  • Elastic Bands
  • Transparent Mesh Pockets
  • TSA Removable Clear Pouch
  • Carabiner Clip for Easy Hanging
  • Twill Polyester Interior, Cordura Exterior
  • Nylon Strap For Fold-Out Design

Let’s deep dive into each of these key features to help you understand why the Volt GoPack DOPP Kit is so convenient.

Clear Zip Pocket

Go Pack Zip Pouch

As you’ll see, most of the pockets and pouches in the GoPack are clear or see-through in some way. This is to make things easy to find and easy to organize. The top clear zip pouch is perfect for holding razors, Q-tips or anything else you want to keep from getting wet when hanging the GoPack in your shower.

Elastic Bands

Go Pack Elastic Bands

These elastic bands help you store your thin and long toiletries that would otherwise get lost in the huge single pouch. Chapsticks, toothbrushes, tweezers, combs, nailclippers, and more. All of which can be found and used without having to dig through all of your other toiletries!

Transparent Mesh Pockets

Go Pack Mesh Pouches

These pockets have elastic tops that allow them to stretch and contain a variety of bottle sizes. Perfect for shampoos, body washes, shave gels, sea salt sprays, and more. These pockets fit travel-sized 80ml bottles like a glove, especially Volt’s refillable aluminum bottles. Check all those out here!

TSA Removable Clear Pouch

Go Pack Removable Pouch

Why don’t they make more toiletry bags clear? Like seriously, a clear pouch let’s you see what’s inside without having to open up and dig around! Seems obvious to us, which is why we’ve made a TSA-approved removable clear pouch for the toiletry bag that allows you to store practically anything. Fit full bottles of cologne, sticks of deodorant, bottle of toothpaste, and anything you can’t fit anywhere else. The pouch is huge.

We also made it removable so that when you hang up your GoPack in the shower or anywhere that’s convenient, you can remove the large pouch easily to avoid getting your things wet. And speaking of hanging up your GoPack…

Carabiner Clip For Easy Hanging

Volt GoPack Hanging Hook

The carabiner clip is the game changer here. Loop it around any towel rack, shower curtain rod, tree branch, or anywhere else you need to hang the GoPack to keep your things clean and within easy reach.

Twill Polyester Interior, Cordura Exterior


The GoPack is made to withstand the test of time as well as the hardship of travel, even camping and outdoors activities. Polyester twill is a strong waterproof fabric, and Cordura is a military-grade woven fabric that is meant to be wear ad tear resistant. I mean, they use Cordura to make motorcycle clothes, for example.

All this to say, the GoPack should handle anything you throw at it.

Nylon Strap For Fold-Out Design

The GoPacks fold out-design is the key to it’s convenience. With a fold-out design (and the clear plastic pouches) you can lay all your toiletries and men’s grooming accessories out plainly and easy to find. A much more useful design than the typical huge pouch.

Ultimately, the GoPack is the convenient travel solution for men’s grooming accessories and toiletries. with a fold-out design, clear zip and removable pouches, multiple storage options, and elastic straps for storing smaller items, the GoPack innovates on the DOPP Kit/toiletry bag in big ways!

If you’re interested in grabbing your own Volt GoPack, click the link here, and sign up for Volt’s free Amp-It-Up rewards program so you can start earning points to redeem for free products, discounts, and more.

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