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Kiss The Awkward Beard stage Goodbye: Tips for Smooth Growth

Embarking on the journey of beard growth can be both exciting and absolutely terrifying…ok maybe not that bad. While a well-grown beard can enhance your style and personality, You’ll first have to venture through the mystifying and daunting waters of the awkward beard growth stage.

But not to fear! In this handy guide, we’ll dive into what the awkward beard stage is, its signs, and most importantly, how to overcome it with ease.

Understanding the Awkward Beard Stage

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The awkward beard stage marks the phase in your beard-growing journey where the hair is no longer short enough to be stubble, but has not yet filled out to form a complete beard.

Typically, this occurs around 2 weeks after you stop shaving and can last for 2-3 weeks afterwards.

So, what are the signs you are in the dreaded awkward beard growth stage?

Signs of Awkward Beard Growth

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Here are some tell-tale signs of awkward beard growth. If these describe you at all, don’t be discouraged! We’ll discuss the remedies and solutions for them later.

  • Unconnected mustache/beard
  • Uneven beard growth
  • Patchy cheeks
  • Wavy cheeklines
  • Itchiness
  • Ingrown Hairs
  • Flaky Beard

Now keep in mind that although these signs may indicate that you are entering the awkward beard growth phase, if you are starting to experience some of these things, it may also simply be an indicator of your overall beard health.

For example, any beard out there can get dry and itchy depending on how well that beard’s owner moisturizes (or doesn’t).

So, take these indications with a grain of salt. If you,re first starting to grow out your beard, then chances are these apply to you.

Now that you know what the awkward beard stage entails, what actions can you take to mitigate and eliminate the issues mentioned above for a smoother and more rewarding beard-growing experience?

Tips to Avoid the Awkward Beard Stage:


Here are some key tips for avoiding and circumnavigating the awkward beard stage entirely.

  1. Patience is Key: Avoid the temptation to trim your beard too soon and give up completely. Give your beard at least a month to grow before deciding on a dedicated beard style for yourself. This allows you to assess your beard’s potential much more accurately.
  2. Combat Itchiness: Itchiness is (unfortunately) common during the awkward stage due to hair curling in on itself and poking the skin. Combat it by using high-quality beard oils or balms with natural ingredients that are absorbed quickly.
  3. Combing is Your Friend: Another handy trick for avoiding those nasty ingrown hairs is to regularly comb and/or brush your beard. Doing so removes the hair from the area of skin that it may be irritating, ensuring that no hair starts the “ingrowing” process.

Another thing that you might be experiencing is “beardruff.” This is, quite literally, dandruff from your beard. It’s relatively common, and is often found in tandem with other symptoms such as itchiness.

Curing beardruff is easy, just regularly use a beard moisturizer like beard oil and beard balm, especially when your skin may get dry (after showers, sin the cold, etc.) This will also help the itchiness.

A Pro Tip to Navigate the Awkward Stage:

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If you’re struggling with uneven growth, here’s a trick to maintain a more uniform appearance.

Trim the longer beard hairs to match the shortest ones without completely shaving everything off. For example, most often a man’s goatee area will grow slightly faster than the rest of his beard.

Instead of assuming that the rest of his beard will not grow or be patchy, he should use clippers with adjustable length guards to trim his goatee area more often without touching the rest of his beard.

What this does is it keeps your beard looking neat and prevents one part from growing significantly longer than the rest. Over time, as your beard fills out, you’ll achieve a fuller, more balanced look without your beard ever looking unkempt or awkward.

It will only take slightly longer to grow due to the trimming of those certain areas.


Embracing the awkward beard stage as a natural part of the beard-growing process is the first step towards achieving the beard of your dreams.

By following these expert tips and being patient, you can effectively manage this phase and emerge with a beard you can truly be proud of!

And if you’re looking to elevate your beard care routine, consider checking out Volt’s line of epic and natural beard-centric products. Say goodbye to the awkwardness and hello to beard perfection!

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