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Why You Should REFILL Your Grooming Products | Mens Grooming

Let’s repeat a pattern here. You buy a new shampoo, conditioner, beard wash, etc. You use it religiously and benefit from its magical powers. Then you run out and end up throwing a perfectly useful large plastic container away. I mean, you could refill it. But then again, that company doesn’t sell refills at a discounted cost. But, here’s the thing. That’s not your fault, it’s the company who sold you that containers fault. How could they…

And here we come to the root of the issue. Too many brands out there are willing to put their products in large plastic containers that, at best, are recycled twice before the polymers are to weak to become useful plastic. Where do they go from there? You guessed it, landfills.

That’s right. ALL PLASTIC ends up in landfills eventually. Plastic can only be recycled so many times.

This is why we’re making such a jump into, not only refillable containers, but ALUMINUM refillable containers for Volt’s men’s grooming products. Aluminum, even when thrown away, is infinitely recyclable, because its quality does not degrade when it is reprocessed.

Not only that, but let’s face it, our blacked out aluminum bottles are way sexier than any plastic bottle out there. That’s right, we said it.

Overall, refilling your men’s grooming products is the way to go. Whether it’s shampoo, body wash, beard wash, shaving gel, you name it, refilling is not only better for the environment, but cheaper for you.

How? I’m so glad you asked. Let’s get into it.

Why Refilling is Better Than Recycling

Recycling doesn't work.

Let’s take a moment to do the math, shall we? Volt’s large aluminum beard wash bottle is 150 ml. Volt’s eco-refill pouch of beard wash is 900ml. That means that a single Volt bottle and eco-refill pouch is the equivalent of 7 full bottles of product. And the only waste there is is an infinitely recyclable aluminum pouch.

Seems pretty clear to me. Refilling is better for the environment. Not only does it keep 7 plastic bottles, which always end in landfills, out of our environment, but the cost is less because you are not paying for packaging every time you purchase the product.

That’s the real kicker. 150ml of beard wash averages around $12 per bottle on the market for premium brands. With our aluminum Volt bottle and refill pack, you can get those 7 bottles at an average of $6.20. And that’s for 100% natural, sulfate-free, premium scented beard wash.

I know right, epic.

Here are the refill packs in all their glory.

Volt grooming eco Refill packs grass

So, now that we know why refilling is not only better for the world, but also for your wallet, let’s take a look into all the men’s grooming products you can now refill with your advanced knowledge. And yes, they are all as great as the beard wash.

Volt’s Refillable Men’s Grooming Products

Voltsquare Refills 010 (2)

Now, there are 4 of Volt’s refillable products in total. All of which are made with natural, premium ingredients. And all of which are better for the world and your wallet.

Keep in mind that all Volt refillable aluminum bottles have locking pump caps. These make it easy to store, travel, and use your bottles anytime without fear of spills or mess. Don’t believe us? Check these bad boys out.

Volt Refillable Shampoo

Volt grooming shampoo

There’s one thing you need to be deathly afraid of when it comes to shampoos. The dreaded “S” word. Sulfates.

Sulfates are the chemically-synthesized cleaners that work to strip away dirt, debris, and add some foaming to the mix. But here’s the deal. They’re pointless and cheap.

There are far more natural, far more gentle ingredients out there that do exactly the same thing without all the harm. The only caveat? They cost a tad bit more.

For example, Volt’s foaming agent is actually a naturally derived byproduct of coconuts. How much more natural can it get? Combine that with moringa oil and panthenol, both of which help strengthen and rejuvenate hair, and you have an incredibly natural and gentle shampoo that smells awesome and foams well.

Available in these refillable aluminum bottles:

  • Large: 400ml
  • Travel: 80ml (GoPack)
  • Eco-Refill: 900ml

Volt Refillable Body Wash

Voltwebnewhghl 0002 Layer 9

For a beard company, we sure do make awesome body wash. And it’s CAFFEINATED. That’s right, our body wash gives you a small dose of energy and helps brighten the skin with some anti-aging properties. Oh, and it smells awesome. What more could you ask for?

Just like our shampoo, our body wash is sulfate-free, as they all should be. This body wash also has aloe in it to help soothe, hydrate, and protect the skin from damage or dryness.

Available in these refillable aluminum bottles:

  • Large: 400ml
  • Travel: 80ml (GoPack)
  • Eco-Refill: 900ml

Volt Refillable Beard Wash

Beard Wash

Ah the famous beard wash that we used as an example earlier in the article. Oh, how we love this beard wash. As a beard company, we understand the importance of a good beard wash, and soon, hopefully, you will too.

But here’s the kicker. It’s not only a beard wash, but a face wash too! It’s exciting, I know. Calm down.

Our beard wash is much like our shampoo, but gentler. It is still sulfate free, obviously, but combined with argan oil and caffeine to amp up your beard and skin. It doesn’t really get much better than that when it comes to a beard and face wash, and we’re proud to make one of the best.

Combine the features of this beard wash with the refillable bottles, discounted refill packs, and space-age modern aluminum look and you can see why Volt stands out. And yes, it saves you money.

Available in these refillable aluminum bottles:

  • Average: 150ml
  • Travel: 80ml (GoPack)
  • Eco-Refill: 900ml

Volt Refillable Shave Gel

Voltwebnewhghl 0000 Layer 6

Blah Blah Blah, shave gel this and shave gel that. You probably already know or use some kind of shaving lubricant. And if you don’t…that’s kind of weird. But hey, we’re not judging.

Here’s the key difference though. How do you know what or where you have to shave, when the darn shaving cream covers everything?! Seriously? Who though of that?

Volt’s shaving gel, also called Volt Clear Shave, is exactly that. It’s clear. Why? Because we want you to see and spot every pesky stupid little hair that you want to get rid of with a fiery passion.

Oh, and you can craft and sculpt the sharpest beard lines ever because you can see exactly where your razor goes and where your razor might need to go again. All of this simply because we made the slickest, clearest shaving lubricant in the west. (or the world?) Maybe.

P.S. Not to mention, Volt makes epic healing, face-stinging, aftershave too. Just saying.

Available in these refillable aluminum bottles:

  • Average: 150ml
  • Travel: 80ml (GoPack)
  • Eco-Refill: 900ml

The Volt GoPack

Volt grooming Go Pack Closed

You may have noticed that each of these products comes in a special “travel” sized bottle of roughly 80ml. This bottle was designed specifically to be thrown easily into any toiletry bag or dopp kit! But more specifically, it was designed for the Volt GoPack.

The Volt GoPack is the last word in men’s toiletry bags. Instead of the single huge pocket, which turns into a black hole-like void whenever you’re trying to search for your tweezers or nailclippers, the Volt GoPack has a fold-out design with a variety of storage options.

Here’s what we mean:

  • Multiple hanging options via carabiner and straps
  • Multiple storage options (clear pocket, storage bag, mesh pouches and elastic bands)
  • Transparent compartments (see it, grab it)
  • Removable storage bag (keep in on the counter, hang the rest in the shower)
  • Durable and easy to clean military grade Cordura material
  • Adjustable strap to keep everything secured

For more epic info on the GoPack and why it’s special, read the blog post below.

the best men's dopp kit toiletry bag

So, that’s it. Now you know all about why refilling is superior in every way, and what makes some men’s grooming products so clearly better than some others. That’s ultimately why we do what we do here at Volt. Because we want to make a difference and provide value while doing it.

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