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How To Make Your Beard Color Look More Natural

Most men discover Volt by searching for “beard color” on google, especially after trying some other beard dyes and colors, and being less than ecstatic with the results. So, it’s no surprise to us that the issue most men have with coloring their beards is making that beard color look natural. Luckily, that’s what we’re going to talk about today!

For those who don’t know, Volt Instant Beard Color is a 1-day beard and brow color that goes on quick, is made of hypoallergenic and skin-safe ingredients, and is completely customizable. Today, we’re going to use Volt to get the most natural beard color application possible.

Here are 3 tips on how to get the most natural beard color possible. Every beard is different, so with these tips, you’ll be able to color your beard and make it look natural in a way that is specific to you.

  1. Don’t Overdo It
  2. Use Two Colors
  3. Fill In Thin Spots

Now, let’s dive into how to get the most natural looking beard color for you with these quick tips.

Don’t Over Apply Beard Color

Volt Beard Color Styles

If there’s something that we often hear from people who have tried beard dyes, it’s that the dyes are too dark. More often than not, the application process of beard dyes can cause issues such as applying the dye too dark, not applying in all the right spots (therefore causing non-colored patches, and causing allergic reactions.

The key to making any beard color look natural, whether that’s dyes or brush on instant beard color like Volt’s Beard Color, is applying less than you likely think you need.

Over-applying any beard color causes the entire beard to look unnaturally dark. The problem is, it’s almost impossible to control how opaque beard dyes will end up looking on your beard because you don’t get to see the result before the damage is done.

That’s why, for the most control, we usually recommend using a brush-on beard color like Volt’s beard color that is more customizable in terms of opacity, darkness, and placement of the color.

Use Two Beard Colors At Once

1 day beard and brow color

Have you ever taken a look at your beard? like seriously looked at it? If you have, you’ll probably notice that, unless every single hair you have is white, you probably have multiple different shades of color in your beard hairs.

Personally, I have red, brown, and blonde in my beard. This causes my beard to appear much lighter in color than my hair does. And if I were to color my beard, I would have to make sure that that natural diversity in color remains in tact.

Having that diversity in your beard keeps it looking very natural, because at no point will it represent the dyed “shoe-polish” beards that most beard dyes give by fully coloring each and every hair the exact same shade.

When brushing on Volt instant beard color, what I like to do is put on a very light layer of the lighter color first (personally my lighter color is toffee) before applying another light layer over that with the darker color (chestnut).

This makes my beard look completely naturally colored, because through the gaps of the darker color, there is a lighter color that shows through.

To find your closest two colors, take this quiz HERE twice and choose a Volt Sample pack to try each when blended together!

Use Beard Color To Fill in Thin Spots

Beard Filler Blog Before and After

One thing that puts people off to beard dyes in particular, is the fact that you can’t color a beard where there is no beard to begin with.

In order to have the natural fully-colored and fully-bearded look, you’ll need to choose a color that can be applied to bare skin and look like natural hair where there are patchy areas.

Volt’s Instant Beard Color can be applied directly to bare skin, and the brush used to apply the color imitates natural hair strokes to make the color appear like natural hair.

This allows you to fill in thin or patchy areas of your beard to make it blend naturally with the colored hair you already have. Or, you can shape and style your beard to make it fuller or appear more naturally full that in already does.

Just check out some of the images above to see what we mean!


Volt Instant Beard Color

Overall, when attempting to get the most natural beard color possible, there are three things you’ll want to keep in mind. 1) Don’t overdo the color. 2) Use two colors, and 3) Fill in thin and patchy spots.

If you’re curious about how to get started coloring your beard in a natural, safe (allergy-free), and simple way, than click the link HERE to find your two shades and grab a Volt sample pack to try it out for yourself!

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